For five seasons everyone in America knew who was in charge: Scott Baio — and also that’s because he played the function of Charles in the classic sitcom Charles in Charge. However, now that the present has been turn off the air for close come 30 years, that time we answer her question: every little thing happened to anyone in the cast?

The series — which focused on Scott’s personality looking after part young kids after recognize himself through a family members — premiered ~ above CBS on October 3, 1984. The regime did not find success turn off the bat, and the network made decision to provide it the axe after ~ a season. However, some brand-new life was breathe into in during syndication — that’s since two years later it went back not just with a brand-new cast, however with four more seasons for every one of its fans. What a gift!


Scott Baio

Following his days together college student and also part-time nanny Charles, Scott, 59, graduated to an ext full-time job-related on Baby Talk, Diagnosis Murder and also See Dad Run, then ended up being a reality show star via VH1’s Scott Baio Is 45…and Single, as well as a conservative commentator. In 2018, he denied harassment insurance claims by Nicole and Alexander.

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Willie Aames

After play Charles’ not-so-bright finest friend Buddy, Willie, 59, had oh-so-much problem battling addiction — regardless of starring in the video series Bibleman and also the fact show Celebrity fit Club. Currently sober, he is made the finest of things as a cruise delivery director for Oceania Cruises.


Nicole Eggert

Though Jamie Powell want to be well-known at school, Nicole, 47, found global fame on Baywatch. She then appeared in a slew that TV movies and reality shows, including Splash, before beginning a new career as the owner that the boutique L.A. Ice cream van Scoops.


Josie Davis

While buy it Powell to be the resident nerd, Josie, 46, go on to take it up residence at the actors Studio before showing up in practically 50 TV movies and also series, including Beverly Hills, 90210 and Hollywood Heights. She also starred in Nicolas Cage‘s directorial debut, Sonny.

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Alexander Polinsky

Adam Powell might be a tad stroked nerves to his enlarge sisters, but Alexander, who turns 45 top top October 7, has actually been much more than agreeable as a voice actor — showing up on mirrors from Teen Titans come Ben 10. He’s additionally dabbled together a prop maker, developed the video game Avatarism and teaches an virtual acting course.