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The salesman of Court's employee is not allowed togive legitimate advice nor have the right to we help you in preparing courtfilings. If you need help, you should consult one attorney.While friend are permitted to represent yourself,self-represented litigants are held to the same standards asattorneys. You need to follow and be knowledgeable of all theappropriate rules of court, statutes, and also case lawthat apply to your case.

A. The salesman of Court is prohibited indigenous referringyou to an attorney. Girlfriend can call the southern Carolina Barwhich has actually a Lawyer Referral Service. Defendants incriminal proceedings are entitled to have counsel appointedat government price if they room financially unable toobtain adequate representation by private counsel. TheCharleston county Public Defender's Office gives legalrepresentation to low income citizens charged v seriouscrimes, and also represents youth defendants fee withcrimes in family Court. However, over there is no ideal to freelegal assistance in polite proceedings. In some cases, such asDSS Abuse and neglect cases, indigent defendants might qualifyfor a court-appointed attorney. The Affidavit ofIndigency and Application because that Legal Counsel isavailable ~ above the SC Judicial room website.

Q. Howcan i get duplicates of court documents? have the right to I review situation files?

A. Generally, documents and exhibits filed in basic Sessions, usual Pleas, and also Family Courtare obtainable for the town hall upon request in person duringnormal business hours. Duplicates maybe acquired in human being or through mail. Over there is a perpage fee and a fee for certification if you need an officialcopy through a raised seal. Most instance filings in the Court ofCommon Pleas are available complimentary of charge on the CircuitCourt search tab of this website. However, some records orcases space not obtainable for public viewing because they aresealed by court order or room confidential through the nature of theaction. Juvenile files, Abuse and Neglect files, and also GrandJury products are confidential, meaning access isrestricted to certain individuals. Adoptions and also Terminationof Parental Rights papers are sealed and also may only be accessedby court order.

There is a fee of $0.11 per page for copies and $1.00 for certification. Please do cashier's checkor money bespeak payable come Charleston county Clerk that Court.

Requests because that court documents must encompass a certain casenumber and the name of the next involved. Requests have the right to be do in human or by letter tothe ideal court in ~ the deal with below.

Clerk of Court/Common Pleas, 100 broad Street, Suite 106,Charleston SC 29401

Clerk of Court/General Sessions, 100 wide Street, Suite106, Charleston SC 29401

Clerk that Court/Family Court, 100 vast Street, Suite 143,Charleston SC 29401

Q. How deserve to I examine on the condition of my case?

A. The Circuit Court Search and also Family CourtSearch tabs the this website provide basic information top top thespecific instances such as filing data, party information,document indexes, and event data (Juvenile, Abuse andNeglect, Adoption, and Termination of Parental legal rights casesare not easily accessible online).

If you have furtherquestions, friend should examine with your attorney or the agencythat is controlling your case, i.e. Solicitor, publicly Defender,Department of social Services.

Q. just how do ns enroll my notary?

Q. What forms of payment are embraced by the clerk of Court?

A. Cash, money order, cashier's check and also credit cards space accepted. Cashier's checks need to be do payable to,"Clerk that Court."

Q. What credit transaction cards are accepted?

A. In Circuit Court we accept Visa, grasp Card, American Express and Discover are embraced in person only. A $1.00 non-refundable portal fee and a 1.7% convenience fee will be included to the complete by SCGOV. Credit transaction cards may not be supplied for posting a cash bond.

Q. Where execute I walk to salary my web traffic ticket?

A. call the court provided on the ticket or call the arresting agency.

Q. Where deserve to I obtain a Criminal lift Check?

A. sledge’s CATCH

Q. have the right to I it is registered to poll at your office?

A. No. Voter registration in Charleston county is taken on by the board of Elections and also Voter Registration.

Q. how do I know if I've been connected in a jury scam?

A. individuals claiming to be court policemans or regulation enforcement officers may contact you stating a warrant has actually been issued for your failure to show up for jury duty. These people will also try to verify your personal information and/or call you that the warrant have the right to be taken treatment of by paying a fine v your credit card or through obtaining a pre-paid debit card.

Do not give out any type of sensitive personal information. Court officials will not ask for confidential information or money over the phone. If you believe you have actually been a victim that a jury scam, contact your local police agency to file a report around the incident.

Common Pleas

Q. What is the expense for filing a civil case?

A. filing fees are set by south Carolina Court Administration. Parties initiating a civil activity in the Court of typical Pleas are compelled to salary the proper fee at the time the instance is filed. Together of July 1, 2004, the fees is $150.00 for most civil actions; a dues of $10.00 is assessed for the submit of a Lis Pendens.

Q. What is the difference between small Claims and also Common Pleas?

A. Generally, when the quantity or worth of residential or commercial property in conflict is less than $7,500.00, the issue is filed and heard in tiny Claims Court. If the lot in dispute is more than $7,500.00, the matter is filed and heard in the Court of usual Pleas.

Q. execute you provide case and also judgment information to companies such as credit transaction bureaus?

A. The clerk of Court does no directly provide case info to credit bureaus or any other companies. However, every public records are obtainable for any kind of interested party come research. Public records in civil cases are obtainable via public access computer terminals in our workplaces or v the court find features available on this website.

Q. space bankruptcy proceedings tackled in the Court of usual Pleas?

A. Bankruptcy proceedings are an action of theU.S. Bankruptcy Court for the district of southern Carolina.

Q. What if I desire to very nice one the result of a usual Pleas case?

A. Ended common Pleas cases are appealed come theCourt of Appeals or theSupreme Court of southern Carolina.

Q. deserve to you tell me how to appeal a case from another (lower) court?

A. The Court of typical Pleas hears civil and criminal appeals from small Claims, Magistrates and Municipal Courts, also as, some administrative agencies. There is a $150.00 submit fee for polite appeals. Appeals are scheduled as nonjury matters.

General Sessions

Q. how do I paper a criminal case?

A. If you feel choose you room the victim of a crime, girlfriend should contact the nearest police department in her area.

Q. execute I require a Lawyer?

A. You have the absolute right to represent yourself. If you intended to represent yourself, the Court will certainly advise you of the general dangers of self-representation. sources if you arrangement to hire an attorney:

Q. What if ns can’t bought to hire an attorney?

A. If you can not afford to hire an attorney, you may be screened because that a court appointed lawyer at the general public Defender’s Office, 101 conference St. Fifth floor, Charleston indigenous 9:00 am to 4:00 afternoon – Monday through Friday.

Q. exactly how do I gain my criminal document expunged?

A. all questions concerning expungements need to be directed to the Expungement Coordinator for the 9th Circuit Solicitor's Office in ~ (843)958-1900.

Q. What if ns don"t like the result of my general Sessions case? What if I want to very nice it?

A. finished General Sessions situations are appealed to theSupreme Court of south Carolina.

Q. What varieties of bail in lieu of bond are accepted by the salesman of court Office?

A. Surety Bond:

Cash deposit the the amount collection in lieu that a bond or a Cashier's Check.A Bonding company can likewise post the bail bond for you.An individual have the right to pledge residential or commercial property (land/house, mobile houses are no accepted) to the salesman of Court as collateral because that the bond. The property must be located in Charleston County.

personal Recognizance Bond:

A release letter through a PR Bond form attached is listed to the lawyer or a family member of the individual in custody. This relax letter is required to the Detention center to procedure the individual"s release. The defendant should sign the PR Bond kind acknowledging the conditions for his/her release.

Cash portion in Lieu that Bonds:

If the bond order permits, a cash percentage of the complete amount the bond might be posted v the clerk of Court in the amount ordered by the court.

property Bond:

Q. If ns deposit money in lieu the a bond through the salesman of Court, will certainly I gain that money back?

A. as soon as the problems established for the underlying bond have been met, and also the separation, personal, instance is released without additional liability, an application for the return the the deposit may be made v the clerk of Court.

Q. Where deserve to I make payments for general Sessions fines and also fees?

A. Payments deserve to be made in human or mailed to:

Charleston county Clerk that Court100 large StreetSuite 106Charleston SC 29401

Payments must suggest the defendant's name and also case number.

Q. Where have the right to I gain a Criminal background Check?

A. sledge’s CATCH

General Sessions Docket

Q. exactly how are cases being reserved in basic Sessions Court?

A. per theAdministrative bespeak signed by The chief Justice that the south Carolina supreme Court, The Chief governmental Judge for general Sessions has control of scheduling all general Sessions instances in Charleston County.

Q. Where have the right to I discover information about my case?

A. you can uncover information about your case atwww.courtplus.org.

Q. carry out I need to set up a CourtPlus account to watch information around my case?

A. No, you perform not need to set up an account to check out information about your case and CourtPlus is free to use.

Q. wherein is Initial illustration held?

A. Initial illustration is held in the Jury Assembly Room on the second floor in ~ the Charleston Judicial facility located at 100 large Street Charleston, SC 29401. Defendantsare required to attend Initial Appearance uneven they are stood for by an attorney who has filed a notice of Appearance through the Clerk's Office.

Q. If the defendant is in jail, will certainly they be transported for Initial Appearance?

A. No, defendants in custody in ~ the Charleston ar Detention center will not be transported because that Initial Appearance.

Q. once do I need to use the motion Cover Page?

A. every the bureaucratic Order, theMotion Cover web page is come be supplied for all movements filed through the salesperson of Court except dominance 5, Discovery, or Brady Motions.

Q. ns am scheduled for trial; exactly how do I recognize when or if I will be reached?

A. There will be a Docket Meeting organized every Tuesday before a booked Trial Week. You might attend in person or via thechat room.

Q. how do ns submit a suggest scheduling order?

A. A suggest scheduling orders need to be it is registered via e-mail toGSDocket
elafilador.net because that the Judge's signature.

Q. My customer has a bench warrant issued, exactly how do I obtain it rescinded?

A. file a motion to Rescind Bench Warrant through the clerk of Court and the clerk or Court will respond in ~ three company days of filing to advise the status of the Bench Warrant.

Q. just how do i schedule a plea?

A. Pleas are booked after aPlea Acknowledgement sheet is submitted to the Clerk's Office.

Once the paper is obtained the plea will certainly be scheduled.

Q. how do I acquire a Date particular Trial?

A. Requests because that a Date particular trial should be submitted via e-mail toGSDocket

Family Court

Q. just how do ns make son or spousal support payments in Charleston County?

A. effective Tuesday, April 2, 2019, citizens right now making assistance payments come the Charleston ar Clerk of Court will make payment to the southern Carolina State Disbursement Unit and mailed to:

South Carolina State Disbursement UnitP.O. Box 100302Columbia, SC 29202-3302Note: The State Disbursement Unit will accept an individual checks.

If you have actually questions about when or how to do payments to the State Disbursement Unit, please contact the SDU customer service center at 1-800-768-5858. Agents are available M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm not included holidays.

For more information for Customers paying Support and the options available to make payments, visithttps://dss.sc.gov/child-support/state-disbursement-unit/.

Note: payment made come the SDU will certainly be applied according to federal guidelines.

Q. How have the right to I check to view if my child support payment has actually been made?

A. girlfriend may concerned our downtown office with a photo ID to examine on payments or acquire a printout. You might also access your last five payments up until April 1, 2019 by calling (843) 202-6888. Because that payments make after April 1, call the State Disbursement Unit in ~ 1-800-768-5858.

Q. I was in court recently and also I was ordered to do a lump amount payment or to salary a court cost that is different from my continuous payment. Should I salary the SDU?

A. No. Purge payments room specifically court-ordered payments that need to be made in ~ the Judicial facility in household Court in ~ 100 large St. Make sure you phone call the clerk that this is a PURGE payment.

Q. How can I get boost or diminish in my son support?

A. If your instance is through DSS, contact them concerning a testimonial for an increase. If not, you will have actually to document a brand-new case usingForm SCCA431 and also pay a $150 filing fee. If girlfriend have had a substantial change of circumstances and also would prefer the court to take into consideration reducing your obligation, girlfriend must document a brand-new case and also pay a $150 filing fee. In both cases, that is advisable to seek the advice of one attorney.

The adhering to website may be advantageous in modifying your kid support:http://www.modifychildsupportsc.com.

Q. Howdo I attain certified duplicates of family Court records, such as my Divorce Decree?

A. Generally, files filed in family Court are easily accessible for city hall upon request in person during normal organization hours. Copies may be derived in human being or by mail. Requests because that court documents should incorporate a particular case number, if known, and the surname of the parties involved.

Send your request come the household Court together with a money order because that $10.00. Encompass as much details as possible with her request together as complete names the both parties, the almost right month and year, if known, etc.

Family Court100 vast Street, Suite 143Charleston SC 29401

Q. once does child support end?

Q. What is the difference in between an bespeak of protection and a restraining order?

A. An bespeak of protection might be approve in family Court granting temporary alimony, child support, son custody, and possession of your home. The bespeak may likewise order no contact in between the parties. The purpose is to offer the plaintiff time to initiate extr legal action, such as divorce or separation. A restraining stimulate is approve by aMagistrate Court judge against a non-family member for situations involving abuse, harassment, or stalking. Please view our web page on this topic on this websitehere.

Q. how do I document for divorce, custody, visitation, modification of visitation, or adoption? are the forms available at household Court?

A. every one of these varieties of actions can be a complicated and an overwhelming legal process, especially if they are contested. That is recommended that you talk v an attorney prior to taking any type of action. If you pick to represent yourself, you will be hosted to the same standards as attorneys. You need to follow and be knowledgeable of all the ideal Rules of Court, statutes, and also case law that use to your case. If you room filing for a basic divorce, the south Carolina supreme Court has approved a"Self-Represented Litigant basic Divorce Packet". This, and also any various other Court administration approved forms, have the right to be discovered atwww.sccourts.org. Other resources because that legal services are the southern Carolina Bar's Lawyer Referral business at 1-800-868-2284 and the southern Carolina Legal help Telephone Intake company at 1-888-346-5592.

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Q. just how do I record for a name readjust for my boy or myself?

A petition for name changeThe results of a fingerprint and also criminal background check by the south Carolina regulation Enforcement division (SLED).A sworn statement or affidavit stating even if it is you room under an order come pay kid support or alimony.A screening statement native SLED stating whether you room on the sex offender registry.A screening statement from DSS stating even if it is you room on the main Registry of kid Abuse and Neglect.