Whether you’re a nation music fan or not, everyone is acquainted with The Charlie Daniels Band’s struggle song, “The evil one Went down To Georgia.”

The fiddle duel and also iconic etc riff in the song is turn off the chain, and the track resonates the the end of this world storytelling ability of the late, great Charlie Daniels himself.

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Not to mention the song is the definition of a an excellent ol’ fashioned boots stompin’ jam.

And believe it or not, top top this date ago in 1979, the group released the tune as a single, in addition to another one of their great ones ~ above the B-side, “Rainbow Ride.”

ON today in 1979, "The evil one Went down to Georgia" released as a single with the track "Rainbow Ride" as the B-side. TDWDTG would certainly be the band's signature track for decades to come. – TeamCDB pic.twitter.com/kyfVn3F060

— Charlie Daniels (
CharlieDaniels) might 21, 2021

The tune saw prompt success, together it got to number one ~ above both the U.S. Billboard Hot country Singles and Canada nation Tracks charts.

Who knew earlier then the a song about a “good ol’ boy” Georgia fiddle player whoopin’ the devil’s arse in a fiddle duel would aid solidify The Charlie Daniels Band’s name in country music call forever.


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