Whoever girlfriend think the finest character in It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia is, you’re wrong: It’s actually Charlie. Yep, glue-sniffing, illiterate Charlie, a man who is at as soon as the many depraved member that the gang and the many adorable.

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Throughout the show’s 13-season run, Charlie has had actually plenty that memorable moments, plenty of of which regularly see the screaming, singing, or otherwise flying into some sort of confused rage. Sure, the other characters have their parts to beat — the show definitely wouldn’t be the very same without Dennis’s sadism, Frank’s selfishness, Dee’s anger, or Mac’s self-delusion — however Charlie is the just one who’s virtually (almost) likable. His high-pitched voice, regular uniform of Vans and also a eco-friendly jacket, and also inadvisable penchant for singing often tend to elevate basically any type of scene.

Given the Charlie has been responsible for few of Sunny’s many ridiculous and often most endearing moments, we’ve rounded up simply 25 that them to revisit ahead of the show’s 14th season.

25. RIP Charlie

“Mac and also Charlie Die: part One” (Season 4, episode 5)

When Mac’s dad is released from prison and they believe he desires revenge on them, they decide that they need to kill themselves. Realizing the that setup is a … tiny much, they opt to fake their deaths, therefore they steal Dee’s credit card and also car. Some great Mac moments here, also (as he gets high top top poppers and also insists on attract a wedding dress), yet Charlie is of course the star here: that reveals himself as a coward by, well, faking his fatality in the an initial place but likewise by jumping out of the car as it crashes right into the wall, both an excellent gags in their very own right. Plus, the means his teeth just slip out of his gums has provided us every nightmares ever before since. Bonus points for the funeral video clip that reflects the pair ~ above a motorbike wearing cowboy hats v the indigenous “Goodbye cruel World” top top them.

24. Analysis Dee’s diary

“Dennis and also Dee’s mommy Is Dead” (Season 3, episode 3)

It’s rarely that any of the gang have actually sympathy because that one another, therefore this Charlie moment is key for that really reason. As soon as the gang have a party at Dennis and also Dee’s mom’s house, Charlie invites a stranger dubbed Ernesto to come. After Charlie stumbles upon Dee’s diary, he has actually Ernesto read it to him (naturally) and also finds self laughing at it. The is, until Ernesto speak him turn off for being insensitive. He states that Charlie must see himself together Dee’s “soul girlfriend in pain,” so he does just that. Later, together the rest of the party drops apart for the gang, Ernesto and also Charlie embrace and weep ~ above the floor in a genuinely poignant moment: “I can’t protect against crying, Ernesto!” Charlie sobs.

23. Walk America

“Charlie walk America all over Everybody’s Ass” (Season 2, illustration 9)

Costumes? Check. Man song? Check. Great voice? Check! “Charlie goes America almost everywhere Everybody’s Ass” has all the hallmarks of a great Charlie moment, and also it absolutely delivers. After ~ deciding to placed on an anti-smoking street performance with Dee, Charlie gets fully into his role, donning a denim jacket and USA flag bandana to sing a variation (entirely improvised through Charlie Day) that “Rock, Flag and also Eagle”: “I’m gonna rise up, ns gonna absent a small ass / Gonna kick part ass in the USA!” His cast is genuinely bewildered, but we’re thrilled by the totality thing.

22. White garbage Charlie

“Mac and Charlie: White Trash” (Season 6, episode 5)

Obviously, the corridor aren’t high society. That’s part of your charm. However that pertains to a head in “Mac and Charlie: White Trash,” as soon as Mac and also Charlie obtain refused entry to a members’-only pool and are compelled to admit that they’re reduced class. “You can’t do backflips, you don’t understand karate, you white trash!” yells Charlie, and also when Mac accuses Charlie of gift white trash, Charlie opts come showcase the maneuverability the his denim warm pants. Charlie is best when he’s got a bit of a temper, and this episode is no exception.

21. Charlie rules the human being

“Charlie rule the World” (Season 8, episode 8)

Every time Charlie and also Dee gain together, chaos is guaranteed, and also “Charlie rules the World” is complete of remarkable instances. The pair join up come play an virtual game referred to as “TechPocalypse,” wherein castle married. The goes all megalomaniac with power, “psychologically annihilating” Dee and also buying she furs to save her on his side — till she cheat on that in the game, top him to scream at whole party of civilization until Dennis unplugs the whole thing. This episode additionally sees Charlie meeting a woman in genuine life simply to scream at her while he ruins her life in the game: “I’m doing great in the game so ns doing good in life!” that shrieks, covered in dirt and juice after work of subsisting ~ above “energy balls.”

20. Charlie’s illiteracy screws the gang

“The corridor Dances their Asses Off” (Season 3, episode 15)

Charlie’s illiteracy is a recurring trouble for the gang, and something that makes him seem less dangerous 보다 the others. Remarkable examples encompass his picture-filled dream book, the illiterate manuscript of “The Nightman Cometh,” his misreadings of the law, leaving cryptic messages for Frank in the vents, nonsensical scriptwriting, and also attempting to leaving mysterious hostage notes. Still, it reaches hilarious heights as soon as he coincidentally puts under the bar itself together the prize in a dance-off contest since he thought words was actually “pride” — as in, he is proud of the bar. Cue part truly impressive dance moves and Mac crying, “Your illiteracy has actually screwed united state again!”

19. Ryan Gossshling

“Pop-Pop: The final Solution” (Season 8, episode 3)

Charlie has a … uh … questionable connection to Nazism, as viewed in “The corridor Finds a Dead Guy,” wherein he wears Pop-Pop’s old Nazi uniform. In “Pop-Pop: The final Solution,” Charlie expose that when the gang burned every one of Pop-Pop’s Nazi memorabilia, he preserved a painting of a German shepherd the he believes could be “Nazi treasure” … however Frank threw it out. ~ visiting a dentist to track it down, Charlie gets high top top laughing gas and decides the the original painting should be destroyed as it “causes madness.” Dribbling v braces, Charlie also mocks Mac for believing Ryan Gosling would certainly play the in a movie when slurring. It’s yes, really something come see.

18. Genius Charlie

“Flowers because that Charlie” (Season 9, illustration 8)

Charlie is a lot of things, however a genius is probably … not among them. In “Flowers because that Charlie,” a “Flowers because that Algernon” homage, Charlie is provided an knowledge pill (well, a placebo) and also suddenly i do not care a “genius,” leave the remainder of the corridor to finish his “Charlie work.” Charlie gets paraded in front of a course to display off the results of the placebo and his invention, which enables “spiders come talk with cats.” It transforms out the his intelligence was not increased, however his arrogance was, top him to think he had learned Mandarin in two days. When all of this is revealed, Charlie seems genuinely surprised.

17. Acquire a job!

“The gang Sells Out” (Season 3, episode 7)

In “The corridor Sells Out,” the gang blames Charlie for a chain-restaurant transaction falling through for Paddy’s. When they shot to convince him to obtain a job, the goes off on one eternally relatable rant for all millennial task hunters: “Oh, obtain a job? Just obtain a job? Why don’t i strap top top my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and also fire off into job land, wherein jobs thrive on jobbies?!” he yells, in a hilarious rant-speech v the physical comedy of him miming strapping himself into a job cannon, all set to blast almost everywhere the job market.

16. Charlie Kelly, cat expert

“Mac and Dennis rest Up” (Season 5, episode 9)

Charlie loves cats, in spite of being forever harassed by them, together he insists on eating cat food and gluing cat hair come his body. In this episode, the goes to cave out with Dee after Mac moves in with him and also makes points too clean. Dee has a cat stuck in her wall and Charlie breaks out that perfectly high-pitched voice to aid her out through it, revealing himself as not simply a cat enthusiast however an expert. “Cat in the wall, huh? currently you’re talking my language!” His solution? To put a “shit ton” more cats in the wall, the course.

15. The glue dance

“How Mac got Fat” (Season 7, illustration 10)

Same deal as the one below, however with much more David Lynch vibes, and a good deal an ext glue huffed. Eerie fairly than adorable, however still very easily watchable on an endless loop again … and also again … and also again …

14. Butt dance

“The gang Gets a new Member” (Season 6, illustration 8)

Let’s every hear it because that Charlie’s butt dance. Sure, this illustration doesn’t go so well because that Charlie. Yet it still ranks up there as one of TV’s biggest dance moves of every time, right after Elaine’s “little kicks” on Seinfeld. After wowing the gang through it his “butt dance,” Charlie make the efforts to admire them again after someone new threatens to replace him in the group. They no watching, yet are impressed by Jason Sudeikis’s poor, try-hard imitation. Negative Charlie. Still, this boundless loop is a great antidote.

13. Happy for God

“The corridor Exploits a Miracle” (Season 2, illustration 7)

Costumes, songs, power … these are all standard Charlie staples. When he no wearing his uniform the a environment-friendly jacket and Vans, the prefers to go all out with a real resources O Outfit, together in this episode, which find the gang learning a stain the Mac to trust is the Virgin Mary. The rest of the gang, naturally, see the stain together an chance to exploit. When visitors concerned Paddy’s, Charlie puts on an all-white suit and offers a “confession” that he’s in love with a man, “a man dubbed God” — and adding, for emphasis, the he’s gay for God — every one of which annoys Mac, a foreshadowing the his confused Catholic future.

12. Furious Charlie

“Hundred dollar Baby” (Season 2, illustration 5)

 One that the many notable examples of Charlie’s hilarious, terrifying fury is in “Hundred disagreement Baby,” when the gang get Charlie to into boxing matches because of his remarkable capability to take a beating. He and also Dee obtain addicted to steroids in order to improve their fighting abilities and also end up going certain loco. In one particularly good moment, Charlie furiously eats a sandwich, sobbing together he alternates between devastating atmosphere swings, while his friends look at on, perplexed. In another, he and also Dee face off, threaten each other viciously. It’s every top-notch Charlie behavior.

11. The Nightman

“The Nightman Cometh” (Season 4, episode 13)

Of every the Sunny episodes and also references that can actually be recognizable to non-fans, “The Nightman Cometh,” in which Charlie writes and also puts top top a musical to success over the waitress, is absolutely up there. “The Nightman Cometh” is a perfect Charlie-centric episode for numerous reasons. One, he is a rage-filled manager who intimidates to smack everyone into tiny tiny pieces. Two, he’s a how amazing gifted singer, director, and producer. When his actors leave a lot to be desired, the tune in i m sorry he, together the dayman, comes down on a giant yellow sun in bespeak to straight his words at the waitress in the front row is peak Charlie, and virtually an emotionally number contrasted to “boy’s hole.” Almost.

10. Charlie’s date of birth

“Charlie Kelly: King that the Rats” (Season 6, episode 10)

Nobody in the Paddy’s corridor is through any way a “good” person, but Charlie is perhaps as deserving of joy as they come. In “Charlie Kelly: King that the Rats,” the remainder of the group wants to give him a decent birthday to cheer him up, starting with Dee’s effort to take it him come a spa, much to his confusion. He supposedly … doesn’t recognize what a spa is. He’s convinced that she talking about spaghetti, for this reason attempts to take a bag that spaghetti into the steam room: “What’s her spaghetti plan here?” he asks. Still, the corridor come with each other in the end to re-create scene from Charlie’s dream book: denim chicken, worm hat, and bird v teeth, in one actually practically heartwarming scene that has actually us every cheering because that Charlie and his new rat-bashing stick.

9. The sun block

“The gang Goes come the Jersey Shore” (Season 7, illustration 2)

Charlie’s entire trip come the Jersey coast is nice adorable, native his fear of travel to his amazement in ~ the ocean and the pleasure that Europe is just throughout it (“Do not try to swim to Europe!”). He ends up having a far more magical time top top the Shore than his friends, also meeting up v the waitress for a exorbitant night the sea-jewel collecting, yet the thing that yes, really epitomizes the entire trip is once he tries come copy Dennis and Dee’s “sunblock drink.” just he doesn’t swap the end sunblock for booze, he simply gets messed increase on sunblock. All in all, it’s sweet, and also probably the perfect “Out that Office” GIF.

8. His digital dating file

“The Waitress Is gaining Married” (Season 5, episode 5)

Online date is hard, and it every starts with what to placed on that profile. Space you honest? perform you twisted the truth just a tiny in your favor? Well, before Charlie’s disastrous date (see: No. 5) comes his digital dating profile, i beg your pardon Mac and also Dennis help out with prior to deciding to simply lie. There are so countless gems here ready come steal because that your own Tinder: favorite food? Milk steak. Hobby? Magnets. Likes? little green ghouls. Dislikes? People’s knees. Through all that, and the photo to match, this could be among Charlie’s best — and most relatable — moments.

7. Wild card, bitches!

“The corridor Solves the Gas Crisis” (Season 4, episode 2)

Charlie pan might call him the love of the group, however in “The corridor Solves the Gas Crisis,” the gang have other ideas. When they decision to start marketing oil door come door, Charlie gives us, and also one frightened woman, the very first look in ~ his Texas oil-merchant character. The gang number out what role he plays: he is the wild card. Ever keen come prove his location in the world, Charlie cuts the brakes ~ above Frank’s van and screams, “Wild card, bitches! Yeehaw!” prior to throwing himself out of the ago of the van. There goes ours hero, once again inserting a brand-new quote right into our cumulative vocabulary.

6. Kitten Mittens

“Paddy’s Pub: house of the initial Kitten Mittens” (Season 5, illustration 8)

The corridor have constantly been adept at, well, not making money, yet at comes up through schemes to at least try to make part money. Through Kitten Mittens, Charlie’s almost onto a winner — till a disastrous run-in through the gang least-favorite lawyer. Still, the video clip commercial for the Kitten “Mittons” is comedy gold, cut and edited simply so, to make it feel together hectic and also unprofessional as possible. Charlie’s acting here is key, as he struggles to acquire out the present he’s created for himself and puts his hands over his ear dramatically. “Is her cat constantly stomping around driving you crazy?” Charlie shouts. “Is your cat clawing at her furnitures?” He’s good in it, that course, however it’s the animalistic sound effects that yes, really seal the deal.

5. Charlie’s first date

“The Waitress Is acquiring Married” (Season 5, episode 5)

Charlie doesn’t have actually the simplest time with the ladies, and typically the only has actually himself to blame. Yet when the finds out the waitress is gaining married, the guys decide to odor him, for this reason they collection him up on a date with a woman from a dating website. Here’s where all that Charlie-ness works against him — when Mac and Dennis have lied for Charlie in bespeak to do a great impression, he’s no so good at pretending. Cue sweating, eating disastrous quantities of cheese, bleeding everywhere, and also scaring the woman by calling himself a “full-on rapist” fairly than a “philanthropist.” The ethical is: constantly be yourself.

4. “Did friend fuck mine mom, Santa Claus?”

“A very Sunny Christmas” (Season 6, episode 13)

This Christmas distinct really sees Charlie in ~ his best, as he and also Mac effort to rekindle the soul of Christmas past. It’s just with age that we realize our own holiday traditions aren’t quite choose anyone else’s, so as they delve right into their pasts, they discover that if Mac’s family members was robbing other kids of your gifts, Charlie’s mom was sleeping with guys dressed together Santa Claus to make money. As soon as Charlie comes across a mall Santa, he goes right into a full-blown screaming rage and bites chunks out of his neck. It’s truly gory and disgusting, but seeing Charlie Day’s confront contorted together he spits, “Did girlfriend fuck my mom, Santa Claus?” yes, really showcases his talents for play someone nobody else could.

3. “Go crap Yourself”

“The gang Desperately do the efforts to victory an Award”(Season 9, episode 3)

One that the best twists in Sunny lore is the Charlie is actually good at something. Regardless of being unable to review or write and also having few interpersonal skills, he have the right to at the very least write and also sing music. While “The Nightman Cometh” is maybe the most-referenced example, “Go posesthe Yourself” has an ext than earned a look-in. In a parody that other, cleaner sitcoms (like New Girl), in “The corridor Desperately tries to success an Award” Charlie ruins their opportunities by being gross and crass, similar to the display itself, and singing a curse-filled track while high indigenous sniffing paint. There’s a great remix the this tune on YouTube, too.

2. The blood capsules

“Frank’s quite Woman” (Season 7, illustration 1)

“Frank’s nice Woman” is currently a perfect episode, made so thanks to a stellar group effort and a brilliant (if brief) performance by Frank’s sex-worker girlfriend, Roxy. Cynical by Roxy, Charlie wants Frank to day someone who doesn’t desire his money, for this reason he pretends he is a millionaire that works in boiled denim. Charlie plans come skip out on the day so Frank, acting together chauffeur, can sweet talk her himself, yet the arrangement goes horribly wrong. ~ swallowing a ton that blood capsules, Charlie ends up vomiting blood everywhere and also screaming “I’VE to be POISONED BY mine CONSTITUENTS!” in his full oil-baron cosplay.

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1. Pepe Silvia

“Sweet Dee has actually a love Attack” (Season 4, illustration 10)

So good it’s end up being the topic of widespread memes and theories, Charlie’s conspiratorial Pepe Silvia malfunction is him at his squawky best. That believes he is cracked a conspiracy in ~ the heart of the company where he and also Mac occupational in the mailroom, persuaded that nobody he is collecting mail for actually exists. “This office is a goddamn ghost town!” he yells, eye red, a cigarette burning. If it’s most likely nobody in reality knows what Pepe Silvia yes, really means, most agree that the illiterate Charlie is probably misreading Pennsylvania. Brilliant.