Jon Stewart broke his silence on the election in an interview with Charlie climbed on “CBS This Morning.”

While fostering his new book “The day-to-day Show: An dental History,” Stewart shared his thoughts on Donald Trump’s victory and also our country.

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“I don’t believe we are a essentially different nation today 보다 we were two weeks ago,” Stewart expressed. “The same country, v all that grace and also flaws and also volatility and also insecurity and also strength and also resilience, exists this day as existed 2 weeks ago. The same nation that elected Donald Trump, elected Barack Obama. I feel badly for the human being for who this election will mean much more uncertainty and insecurity. However I likewise feel prefer this fight has never been easy.”

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The previous “Daily Show” host ongoing by commenting onthe irony ofthe “cynical strategy” that Republicans choose Senator Mitch McConnell and House speak Paul Ryan, who maintained telling civilization the federal government doesn’t work, climate making certain it didn’t.

“They’re not draining the swamp. McConnell and Ryan – those men are the swamp. And also what they chose to carry out was, ‘I’m walking to make sure government doesn’t work and also then I’m walking to use its absence of functioning as proof of it,"” Stewart stated. “Donald trump is a reaction, not just to Democrats, come Republicans. That is no a Republican. He’s a repudiation of Republicans. Yet they will reap the benefit of his victory, in all of their cynicism.”

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During his interview Stewart also brought up exactly how he discovered it odd the nobody request Trump what actually makes America great in the first place and also commented ~ above howpeople define Trump supporters.

“I believed Donald trump disqualified self at countless points,” he said. “But over there is currently this idea the anyone who voted because that him needs to be identified by the worst that his rhetoric. Over there are guys in my neighborhood that ns love, that i respect, that i think have actually incredible characteristics who room not fear of Mexicans, and also not fear of Muslims, and not fear of blacks. They’re fear of their insurance premiums.”

Check out his interview in the clip below.

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