From 1976 to 1981, a revolving door the starlets kicked target on TV display screens as the Charlie’s Angels cast. Ideal remembered because that the original trio the Farah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and also Kate Jackson, Charlie’s Angels is quiet a cult classic today, in spite of being canceled ~ only five seasons. Acquisition a look back at the old Charlie’s Angels plot lines, it’s not tough to view why.

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Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009)

Farrah Fawcett was the unquestioned star that the initial Charlie"s Angels while she played the stunning Jill Munroe because that the show"s very first season. After a contract dispute, Fawcett showed up on the present as a recurring guest, rather than a main actors member. Meanwhile, Cheryl Ladd joined the cast in the 2nd season together Jill"s sister Kris Munroe. When Charlie"s Angels finished in 1980, Fawcett went on come star in a collection of TV movies prefer The burning Bed and also Small Sacrifices, for which she to be nominated Emmy Awards. Sadly, she died in 2009 at age 62 after a painful battle with cancer.


Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn smith played Kelly Garrett because that all 5 seasons, making her the just Angel to appear as a main cast member throughout the whole series. Like Fawcett, Smith stayed in show business after Charlie"s Angels ended, appearing in several TV movies and also shows, and also she even made a cameo in the 2003 movie adaptation the Charlie"s Angels. She was constantly known because that jaw-dropping great looks, but pics of Jaclyn Smith this day prove she continues to dazzle at period 72. Her most recent film to be a Hallmark TV movie referred to as Bridal Wave, which come out in 2015. We can"t wait to check out what function she dram next!


Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson play Sabrina Duncan for three periods on the show. After departing the set in 1979, the Charlie"s Angels original actors member admitted that she to be happy to it is in "able to cave up the halo." It provided her the opportunity to increase her horizons and try other duties on for size. She go on to show up in TV shows choose Ally McBeal, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and also Criminal Minds. If she hasn"t appeared in any kind of shows recently, she certainly has an superior resume to her surname if she desires to revisit a collection anytime soon.


Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd play Farrah Fawcett's on-screen sister, Kris Munroe, for four seasons. After the show was canceled, Ladd likewise remained on TV screens, showing up on a wide variety of shows choose Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, and also NCIS. She's still acting today and regularly makes appearances in TV and also movies. Her most recent role was a "deliciously demented" grandm in the 2017 film Unforgettable. She's likewise working to raise awareness for cataracts surgical procedure after her husband had actually the procedure done. There's simply no avoiding her from making her mark!

Shelley Hack

Model and actress Shelley Hack was lugged on to change Kate Jackson, that departed after three seasons. But Hack, that played Tiffany Welles, it s long for just one season. ~ she left, she showed up on The Love Boat and L.A. Law, amongst other shows. While she hasn't appeared in a present recently, that definitely doesn't typical she's been less busy. Shelley Hack now is a co-president alongside she husband for the production company Smash Media, which develops and also produces contents for activity pictures, television, and new media.

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Tanya Roberts

It had to be a hard job to actors Charlie's Angels after so many changes, but the directors determined that Tanya Roberts would change Shelley Hack for what would be last season the Charlie's Angels. She play Julie Rogers, a street-smart model and fighter, but her strong talent i m so sad couldn't conserve the show, which to be cancelled the year. However, that didn't avoid Roberts native achieving various other remarkable accomplishments. Roberts went on come star in the James Bond movie A see to Kill and also joined the actors of That '70s Show.

David Doyle (1929-1997)

In addition to Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle to be the only other actors member to appear in all 5 seasons of the old Charlie's Angels show, play detective john Bosley. After the display was cancelled, he appeared on shows like Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and also Foofur. As time walk on, he opened himself up to a wide selection of acting opportunities — several of which turned out to be very memorable characters. He even lent hist distinctive voice come the personality Grandpa Lou Pickles ~ above the well-known animated children's present Rugrats until his sad death from a heart assault in 1997.