Title: Charlie’s Angels – Terror top top Ward One

Throwback Thursday bring away us back to the tale of 3 beautiful previous police officers turned exclusive detectives functioning for a faceless boss well-known as Charlie. Jill (Farrah Fawcett) and also Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) walk undercover together student registered nurses at a hospital where numerous women have actually been assaulted by an unknown assailant pull on in doctor’s scrubs. Through Sabrina (Kate Jackson) undercover as a reporter interviewing staff and also Bosley (David Doyle) as a patient, the Angels deserve to keep tabs on their 3 leading suspects: a pill-popping operated doctor (Jack Bannon), an ornery patient (Arch Johnson), and also the ward’s resident gigolo (Robert Lipton).

For those unaware that how huge of a sex price Farrah Fawcett was at the time, the episode will certainly leave you through no doubt as among the more memorable moments consists of her flirting across the hospital cafeteria in bespeak to gain the fist of one of the doubt (she’ll likewise crush the man’s ego later on while attempting come elicit a solution that would suggest his guilt as the would-be rapist). Despite what the initial hints suggest, nobody of the doubt is responsible (although one does rotate out to be a victim). Kelly and also Sabrina each take down among the attackers in the episode’s tenser moments whereby both women space isolated by the equipped criminals. While the present laughs it off, Bosley’s time together a patient ends v him having pretty an excellent grounds for a malpractice suit offered the unnecessary surgery he’s provided while the Angels’ attentions space elsewhere.

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