The actor discussed his sexual history in an interview through Piers Morgan throughout a one-off show at London's Theatre imperial Drury Lane.

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Asked if he had actually had unprotected sex since finding the end he was HIV positive, Sheen said: "I never did.

His cases contradict allegations native previous sex-related partners the he had unprotected sex v them despite knowing he to be HIV positive.

Referring come previous partners, Sheen said: "They claim the sorrow and also the pity or whatever, but that's ~ above them, and again I recognize the truth."

The former Two and A half Men actor just went public through his diagnosis in November, but confirmed he had actually been diagnosed several years ago.

Asked what his prompt reaction come the diagnosis was, Sheen said: "I thought no, no, wrong, please twin check every the tests. Even among all the chaos you constantly think 'that'll just take place to somebody else'."

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But in spite of claiming no to have had unprotected sex due to the fact that his diagnosis - Sheen admitted he had actually not constantly told his partners around his sexuallytransfer infection (STI).

"The only couple of times i didn't tell someone was since the last 25 time I'd called somebody, they offered it against me, and also they used my medical condition for their own folly and also financial gain," the said.

Programmes handed the end to audience members on the night declared the actor has actually spent an ext than £7m on "hush money" in recent years - paid to former partners who alleged they contract HIV from him prior to threatening to go public.

Sheen told Morgan: "The variety of despicable charlatans the I assumed were allies, that then turned against me, they to be coming out of the woodwork, it was crazy."

The child of Hollywood veteran martin Sheen got his large break in 1986 in Oliver Stone's Vietnam movie Platoon.

He later appeared in Two and also A half Men, a sitcom for which that was supposedly paid about $1.8m (£1.23m) every episode in the direction of the finish of his run on the show.

An Evening v Charlie Sheen experienced the actor in conversation v Morgan, a former editor of the everyday Mirror, prior to taking questions from the audience.

The display started late, only lasted an hour and had a technical hitch once the opening video clip montage the Sheen's career did no play.

Morgan asked him about his career and also recent troubles, prior to handing the questions over to the floor.

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The audience inquiries were mixed- ranging from "What's her next large project?" come "Will friend marry me?"

His decreased the latter offer by saying: "Nothing personal when girlfriend suck the badly at something, choose I do with marriage... I wouldn't do that to you."

Asked by Morgan what the best movie he has ever made is, Sheen responded he "hasn't made it yet".

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When one pan asked: "Are friend still winning?" Sheen replied: "I mean, you all proved up this evening didn't you?"

One audience member request what he would desire written top top his tomb stone. Prior to Sheen had a opportunity to answer, one audience member shouted: "Winning!" - a reference to the collection of interviews the actor provided in 2011, where he claimed to be a "warlock" with "tiger blood" who was "winning" in life.