RHOBH: Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen relationship Timeline The real Housewives the Beverly Hills alum Denise Richards had a tumultuous marital relationship with actor and also father of her children, Charlie Sheen.

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Denise Richards shared her married life through husband Aaron Phypers on The actual Housewives of Beverly Hills before her exit last year. Aaron to be tossed right into the mess as soon as Brandi Glanville shared insurance claims of him and also Denise having an open marriage, amongst other shocking allegations. However, plenty of fans have the right to remember the days when Denise entertained a tumultuous marital relationship with actor Charlie Sheen. Here"s a look back at their background together.

Before authorized the reality TV scene, Denise developed a name for herself together an actress and was also recognized together the other half of Two and A fifty percent Men star Charlie Sheen. The 2 actors to be married for three years prior to parting ways in 2005. They first met in 2000 while filming the movie Good Advice. But romantic sparks wouldn"t fly in between them till Denise guest-starred ~ above an episode of Spin City the complying with year. By June 2002, Denise and also Charlie made things official and also exchanged their vows. “I dropped in love v who he was once I met him," Denise shared.

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One year after tying the knot, the pair acted alongside each other in Scary Movie 3. They welcomed their first daughter together, Sam, in march 2004. The two were happily in love in ~ the time, v Denise guest-starring together Charlie"s ex in a few episodes the Two and A fifty percent Men. However, Denise filed for divorce the adhering to year if she was six months pregnant v their 2nd daughter, Lola. "We are deeply saddened by the current events and out of ours love and also concern for our daughter Sam, ours unborn child and also each other, we ask that you respect our privacy throughout this challenging time,” their statement released to People read. They invited their daughter over the summer, which assisted them to briefly reconcile.

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Denise Richards and also Charlie Sheen Two and a fifty percent Men
However, by 2006, Denise moved forward with the divorce filing and also accused the Hot Shot star of having an unhealthy addiction to prescription medication the spawned violent the atmosphere swings and compulsive gambling. She likewise accused that of utilizing pornography, and also threatening to death her. Charlie attempted come brush the insurance claims off together "baseless" and "vile." six years later, the former couple was in a happy place and fueled reconciliation rumors after they were viewed on a household vacation v their daughters. But Denise spoke with Huffington Post and claimed they had "become prefer brother and sister," adding castle were "very good friends.”

Three year later, they were on the outs again after Charlie went on a Twitter rant and also accused Denise of gift the “worst mother alive,” among other harsh words. That same year, the troubled star revealed he to be HIV positive. In 2016, Denise sued Charlie for allegedly abandoning a trust they developed for your daughters. She additionally accused the of talk badly around her to their girls. Over the last couple of years, the 2 have continued a rocky co-parenting relationship. Yet things showed up to be all great in may of critical year once she revealed the she and also Aaron had just watched Charlie "the various other day." The actor also defended Denise versus the cases that Brandi threw she way. She choose to remove herself indigenous the franchise, yet the moment will go under in Housewives history.