"It to be the only tool I had actually at the time, so ns believed," Sheen said of transforming to alcohol ~ receiving his HIV diagnosis 4 years ago



Sheen dubbed his recent stint in rehab a “relief” in part one of an interview airing Monday top top The Dr. Oz Show, in i m sorry Oz asked Sheen how many times over the year’s he’s attempted to quit drinking.

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“About 2,000,” Sheen, 50, joked during a an individual conversation following at his home and also around his neighborhood. “There was a stretch where I didn’t drink because that 11 years. No cocaine, no booze because that 11 years. Therefore I recognize that I have actually that in me.”

“It was to suffocate the anxiety and also what my life was going to end up being with this condition and also getting therefore numb ns didn’t think around it,” Sheen called Oz. “It was the just tool I had at the time, for this reason I thought that would certainly quell a many that angst. A many that fear. And also it only made the worse.”

Sheen additionally spoke out around his commitment come finding a cure because that HIV, saying the in five years as soon as his younger kids are able to Google his name, they will watch that he has actually done good work.

“They’re going to watch that dad is a true hero. The he aided a lot of elafilador.net and also continues to aid elafilador.net that can’t help themselves,” Sheen said.

The actor offered Oz an inside look at his treatment regimen, mirroring him his pill box and also revealing the he affectionately calls the group of 3 pills he takes day-to-day “Seal Team Six.”

“When ns take them ns say, ‘Okay guys, walk to work. Go death some negative guys,’ ” Sheen said.

At the finish of the episode, Oz inquiry Sheen to select three words to define how he supplied to be and also three words to describe how he is now.

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“Hammered, fractured, crazy,” Sheen stated of his old self, including that his brand-new self is “focused, sober, hopeful.”

Part 2 of Sheen’s The physician Oz Show interview airs Tuesday (check local listings), with Oz promising a shocking revelation indigenous Sheen regarding his fight with HIV.

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