She has remained in some large movies, however what she is more than likely most well-known for room her movie transformations.

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Charlie Theron has actually received both an Academy Award and a golden Globe Award, in addition to being among the highest-paid actresses in 2019. She was also named among the 100 most influential world in the world in 2016, by Time magazine. When she is pretty much a family members name now, she did a many work to obtain to whereby she is today.

She began acting once she was just two decades old, and also Charlize has actually made numerous movies in Hollywood. Some of her most recognizable movies space Mighty Joe Young, Monster, and also Mad Max: rage Road. She has been in some huge movies, yet what she is more than likely most known for room her movie transformations.

right here are 16 surprising points Charlize Theron has done come prepare for movie roles.


16 Tattooed she Face

charlize theron in monster via
In 2003, Charlize Theron underwent a huge transformation for the movie, Monster, where she played serial killer, Aileen Wuornos. Not many people have skin together flawless together Charlize. In bespeak to do her skin look at older and also give the texture, she had layers the tattoo ink inserted on her skin.


15 gained A root Canal

charlize theron in atom blonde via
In 2017’s Atomic Blonde, Charlize theatre an undercover MI6 agent. The role required a lot of training time to discover fighting techniques. Right before heading to Budapest to begin shooting, she finished up cracking two teeth if in training. That was in reality so bad that she essential surgery to eliminate them!


14 shave Her Head

charlize theron shave head foolish max via
Charlize Theron shave her head for Mad Max: fury Road, and believe the or not, that was her idea! She said Entertainment Tonight, "I just had this moment where i was like, "I have to shave my head!’ The following day us did it. I can"t also imagine law it any type of other way."

13 finish Face Prosthetics

charlize theron in bombshell via
since Charlize was depicting Megyn Kelly in the movie, Bombshell, and Kelly is a real person who is well-known, the was crucial for Charlize to nail the look. After acquisition a mold of she face, they developed prosthetics for she eyelids, nose tip, nose plug, chin and also jaw. That took her three hrs to obtain ready every day.


12 got 50 Pounds

charlize theron obtained weight in tully via
It can not seem choose a large deal to have to gain weight, yet for her duty in Tully, Charlize had actually to get 50 pounds in just three months! She talked about how the first couple weeks were fun because she was able to eat every little thing she wanted. Yet to gain sufficient weight, she had to eat a bowl of macaroni and also cheese in ~ 2 a.m.!

11 Hours and Hours of Research

charlize theron in white outfit via
us all hear about the month of training numerous actors put in when they room doing activity movies. Yet there’s additionally a ton the research before going right into any type of movie. Charlize has actually played one assassin, a serial killer, and a police detective. Each duty meant hours and hours that research, to acquire the character simply right.


10 Learned Martial Arts

charlize theron fighting in atom blonde via
when Atomic Blonde came out, every everyone could talk around were the extraordinary fight scenes, which to be proof the how tough Charlize Theron trained come get every little thing perfect. Because that two and a half months before shooting also started, she to be doing 4 hours of martial arts training per day.

9 Trained In extreme Weather

charlize theron in A Million ways to die in the West via
A Million means to dice in the West to be filmed in the brand-new Mexico and also Utah deserts, which have too much weather at every times that the year. Charlize said Vogue, "We had actually a many wind, we had rain, we had actually hail, we had freezing, we had actually really hot, we had actually dusty… it to be really fairly biblical!"


8 Thinned and also Fried her Hair

charlize theron in movie monster via
Charlize was committed come her function as Aileen Wuornos in Monster and was willing to perform anything to get it right. She virtually ruined she hair, as she underwent therapies to thin it, i m sorry fried her gorgeous locks. She likewise has come wear dentures and shave she eyebrows!

7 Herniated A Disk

charlize theron in Aeon flux via
as soon as playing an assassin in Aeon Flux, Charlize to be again required to put in months of physics training. One session was particularly dangerous, together she slipped if doing a back handspring and also landed on she neck - this resulted in a herniated disk. Although she realized that it might have been much worse!

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6 developed Depression

charlize theron in tully via
A side result of acquiring 50 pounds in together a short time because that the film, Tully, is that Charlize emerged depression. She admitted that she to be not lot fun to be roughly for this movie however said the her revolution was important because wanted to feeling what she character would have felt as a mother.

5 worked 12 Hour shifts In The Mines

charlize theron in North Country via
North Country is based upon the true story of Josey Aimes and also her goal to finish sexual harassment in an iron mine. To completely get into the mental of the character, Charlize functioned 12-hour shifts in the mine. Just FYI, mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world!


4 Crashed number of Mini Coopers

charlize theron in the italian job via
when training because that her role in The Italian Job, a work again, please again of the 1969 classic, Charlize went to driving school and also would journey for hours every single day. She finished up crashing a car and also taking under a camera at the very same time. But she admitted that the cast laughed constantly and it was a ton of fun.

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3 Overcame A significant Aversion to Dust

charlize theron in mad max via
It’s noticeable that Charlize is offered to action stunts and vigorous training, for this reason she wasn’t phased by that requirement when shooting Mad Max: rage Road. Back it to be extremely complicated for her to acquire used to being extended in dust due to the fact that she has actually a solid aversion! but she decreased cleaning wipes when readily available them - she it is provided through!


2 pulled A Stomach Muscle

charlize theron eye white and also the huntsman via
once playing the angry Queen in Snow White and also the Huntsman, Charlize got so right into character that she actually injured tearing a stomach muscle from screaming for this reason much! although Charlize admitted the it was fun to pat an evil character and also that she enjoy appreciated screaming in ~ people.

1 Watched hrs Of truth Television

charlize theron in young adult via
In Young Adult, Charlize Theron dram an unwelcome character that is do the efforts to rest up the marriage of her high school boyfriend. Her character is both beautiful and shallow. Come prepare because that the role, the director sent her the first seasons the The Hills, my Super Sweet 16, and Laguna Beach.

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Sources: LA Times, NY Times

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