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Charlotte County

Charlotte ar Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

The department of regulation Enforcement (FDLE) provides crime statistics for every counties in the state. In its latest publication, Charlotte County videotaped 361 violent crimes and also 2,093 building crimes in 2018. Compared to 2014, these figures represent a 139% upsurge in violent crime rate and a 35.5% rise in the residential property crime rate. A break down of 2018 crime figures shows that the county recorded 2 murders, 32 rapes, 19 robberies, 308 aggravated assaults, 255 burglaries, 1,724 larcenies, and 114 motor automobile thefts.

The most recent five-year crime tendency for the county shows that the only crime to record a decrease rate is burglary (15%). In the exact same period, murder count went from zero in 2014 to 2 in 2018 when the aggravated attack (30.6%), rape (113.3%), rob (90%), larceny (44.7%), and motor vehicle theft (111.1%) rates fell in the five-year period.

Criminal Records

The Criminal Justice info Services (CJIS) division of FDLE gives criminal background checks because that Charlotte County. Residents deserve to request name-based or fingerprint-based check. The department accepts requests because that background checks virtual or through mail and also charges $24 per check. To carry out a name-based criminal record inspect for Charlotte County, visit the Computerized Criminal background on the web portal. Keep in mind that requests because that certified criminal history checks space only welcomed by mail. To inquiry a criminal background record by mail, carry out the subject's surname (and any known aliases), day of birth, race, and also sex. Enclose a check or money order for the fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope together with the subject's details. Front the letter to: department of law EnforcementAttn: Criminal history ServicesP.O. Crate 1489Tallahassee, FL 32302(850) 410-8161

Police reports for Charlotte ar are detailed by the county’s primary legislation enforcement agency, the Charlotte county Sheriff’s Office. To achieve a copy that a police report, call the Sheriff’s Office Custodian of Public documents online or in writing using the following call information:

Information on sex offenders residing in Charlotte County can be accessed via the FDLE Sex Offender Registry. To discover sex offenders living nearby, visit the sexual Offenders and Predators search page and query the database by the street deal with or zip code. The find returns a list of every registered sex offenders/predators within a 5-mile radius the the noted address. Individuals can additionally search the database with the names of well-known registered sex offenders.

Charlotte county Jail is the central booking and intake place for all regulation enforcement agencies operation in Charlotte County. The ar Jail is located at:

26601 airplane RoadPunta Gorda,FL 33982(941) 833-6300

The jail uses TouchPay services for friends and also family spring to fund inmate accounts. To make this deposit visit the TouchPay website or speak to (866) 232-1899. When prompted because that the facility locator number, carry out this code: 233901. Travellers can additionally make credit/debit map deposits in ~ the TouchPay kiosk in the video clip visitation lobby that the county jail. Alternatively, funds can be deposited into an inmate’s account online making use of ePay or Telepay by phone call the toll-free number (866) 232-1899. Family and friends may likewise choose to procure commissary gift packages virtual for inmates via icaregifts.

Court Records

Charlotte County courts are part of the 20th judicial Circuit of The county’s primary court of trial is the Circuit Court i beg your pardon handles every felony cases and also civil conflicts involving end $15,000. The other court in the ar is the county Court v jurisdiction over misdemeanors and civil conflicts with cases less 보다 $15,000. Both courts organize sessions at the same places in the county. These areas are:

Charlotte county Justice Center350 east Marion AvenuePunta Gorda, FL 33950(941) 505-4716

Murdock management Building18500 Murdock CirclePort Charlotte, FL 33948(941) 743-1400

The Charlotte county Clerk that Circuit Court maintains every court records in the county. The public can search v these court documents online or at the office of the Clerk. To search virtual for obtainable court documents, visit the court record search page of the Clerk’s office website. Requests because that certified copies of the court records deserve to only be made in human at the Clerk’s office. Certified copies cost $2 per file while the fee because that photocopies is $1 per page.

Vital Records

Charlotte ar divorce certificate from June 6, 1927, come the present, are noted by the bureau of vital Statistics the the room of wellness at $5 per copy. To request a copy the a divorce record, finish this application kind and mail it to:

Bureau of an essential StatisticsVital documents SectionP.O. Crate 210Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Enclose a inspect or money order because that the fee and a copy the a precious ID. The request might attract second $2 every year search fee if the is submitted there is no the year that divorce. Because that requests that call for rush processing, the bureau charges secondary $10 expedited fee. Once making an emergency order, include the additional fee and also indicate ‘RUSH’ on the mail.

The bureau of critical Statistics the the department of Health also maintains marriage, birth, and death records for Charlotte County. Marriage records from June 6, 1927, come the current are available at this office. To do a request, download and complete the applications for marital relationship Certificate form. The requirements and fees because that requesting a divorce record likewise apply because that obtaining a marriage record.

Birth and also death records for Charlotte County have the right to be acquired from the neighborhood offices that the room of wellness in the county. Charlotte county birth documents from 1930 to the present and death records from 2009 come the existing are obtainable at these offices. Fatality certificates before 2009 room only accessible at the Bureau's office in Jacksonville. To request the copy that a bear or death certificate, finish the bear or death application form and send it in human being or by letter to either: room of wellness - Charlotte1100 Loveland BoulevardPort Charlotte, FL 33980(941) 624-7200


WIC - Englewood6868 san Casa DriveEnglewood, FL 34224(941) 681-3750

The office at port Charlotte is open up to the public from Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. And also 5:00 p.m. While the Englewood place is only open ~ above Tuesdays indigenous 8:30 a.m. Come 4:30 p.m. The fee because that a birth or fatality record is $12 per copy. Occupants can additionally visit the Charlotte County taxes Collector office to order a copy of bear certificate. For much more information, contact the taxation Collector office at:

Are home Records open up to the general public in Charlotte County?

Under the State the’s Sunshine Law, the public has unrestricted accessibility to inspect and copy all residential or commercial property records documented in Charlotte County. Requesters might submit request for documents or written notices identifying the kind of document request to the Charlotte county Clerk of Circuit Courts.

Where and How to discover Property documents in Charlotte County

The Charlotte county Clerk that Circuit court is responsible for recording and preserving every property-related files for the county. The documents kept through the county clerk consists of deeds, mortgages, windy defender liens and judgments gotten in by the court, taxation liens and also claims versus an estate, instruments of conveyance, agreements, contracts, maps, and also plats the subdivisions and also surveys. Civilization can inquiry Charlotte County home records online, by mail, or in-person. Requesters ordering documents by mail may have to send composed requests for papers or written an alert to the:

Charlotte ar Clerk that Circuit CourtAttention: records RequestJustice Center350 eastern Marion AvenuePunta Gorda, FL 33950

For in-Person requests, world can visit the office that Charlotte ar Clerk the Circuit court every weekday indigenous 8:00 a.m. Come 5:00 p.m. At:

Justice Center:350 eastern Marion AvenuePunta Gorda, FL

Murdock administration Building18500 Murdock CirclePort Charlotte, FL

Requesters can additionally request records by email to RecordsRequest or by phone call (941) 505-4848.

Copies that Charlotte County residential or commercial property records expense $1 per page for instruments from public records within the size variety of 81/2 x14 inches, when larger duplicates cost $5 every page. Over there is also an additional fee that $2 per web page for certification.

How to Look increase Charlotte County residential property Records

The Charlotte county Clerk of the Circuit courts keeps a searchable home portal with existing owners in the ar from 1921 it spins the present. Document searches space usually carry out by pour it until it is full the compelled columns top top the site, including the name of the residential or commercial property owner, name of business, document types, and also Record date. Various other search criteria include Book/page number and also instrument date. Staff support and also assistance is accessible to requesters in ~ the administrative office located at:

Murdock administration Building18500 Murdock CirclePort Charlotte, FL

People deserve to channel inquiries top top Charlotte County home records come the office that the Charlotte county clerk of the circuit court by email to RecordsRequest or by call (941) 637-2335.

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Location that Charlotte county Township home Assessors

Murdock administration Center18500 Murdock CirclePort Charlotte, FL 33948


Charlotte County record Availability

Charlotte County renders its non-confidential records obtainable to the general public in conformity v the Public documents Act. Crime statistics and background checks for the ar are listed by the state regulation enforcement agency. Every court records are preserved by the Circuit Court salesperson and provided for in the name fees. Crucial records for the ar are easily accessible at state and also county levels. Overall, Charlotte County has a high transparency rating. Save time when searching for elusive records for the county by trying an online document finder prefer the find tools available by State Records.