we are devoted to giving the the safest environment and highest level that service feasible in an initiative to improve the quality of life for every citizens the Charlotte County. The is our goal, v innovative leadership and also a partnership through those whom us serve, to enforce every laws, deter criminal activity, protect life and also property and also maintain order.


On respectable 16, 2021 the Charlotte ar Jail has again earn accreditation native the national Commission top top Correctional Health care by demonstrating compliance through NCCHC"s requirements for health and wellness Services in Jails. Accreditation recognizes the Charlotte ar Jail"s dedication come compliance v the most respected standards in correctional health care.

The Charlotte county Jail underwent a rigorous on-site survey in January 2021. An skilled physician and other experts in correctional health treatment surveyed the facility because that compliance with requirements on consistent quality improvement, safety, infection control, chronic care, personnel and training, medical and mental health and wellness care, health and wellness records, and legal issues. The Charlotte county Jail was very first accredited in 2004 and has maintained its appointment to meeting the requirements defined in NCCHC"s requirements for 17 years.

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The Charlotte county Jail is situated at 26601 Airport roadway in southern Charlotte County and also is draft to house 1,074 inmates. The facility opened up in February that 2001 and also is a direct supervision jail.

We have a legal obligation to carry out inmates with appropriate health care, and also we will do our project with innovation, excellence and also efficiency on instead of of the taxpayers. Ns salute the supervisors, officers and also health treatment staff for their difficult work and knowledge the health care delivery in a for sure environment during a Pandemic.

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NCCHC has surveyed and accredited jails, prisons and juvenile detention and confinement framework for 40 years. The NCCHC standards supplied in accreditation are occurred with input native the nation"s experts in correctional wellness care.

"In achieve NCCHC accreditation, the Charlotte ar Jail has actually demonstrated its commitment to meeting constitutional needs for health care delivery because that incarcerated individuals," said national Commission CEO Deborah Ross, CCHP. "Accreditation is a voluntary process and us commend the Charlotte ar Jail for efficiently undertaking this an obstacle to carry out quality wellness care and also instill to trust in the neighborhood it serves."

Be strong, be safe, and also never quit. Sheriff invoice Prummell

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The 1990 murder of Deep Creek resident, Sharon Gill, has actually been solved. The killer, Roland "Rollie" Davis Sr. 67, is currently on fatality row in the Chillicothe Correctional academy in Ohio. Davis murdered one elderly mrs in Ohio in 2000.During the examination of this case, the Charlotte ar Sheriff"s Cold situation Team obtained sworn testimony place Davis in ~ the Gill home prior to she murder working on a landscape crew.In 2020, the Florida room of law Enforcement Biology ar in Tampa identified three DNA file from an object in the Gill home that attach Davis come the murder of Sharon Gill.The Cold instance Team is right now working through 20th judicial Circuit State Attorney, Amira Fox and also her Cold situation Homicide Unit to testimonial the case, make a officially charging decision, and prepare the instance for prosecution.We space asking anyone that knew Davis or any kind of of his girlfriend and/or associates to contact the Cold case Team.Gandy Read much more If you have actually information the can assist solve this crime: girlfriend can speak to 941-575-5361 8:00 to be to 5:00PM Monday v Friday and ask because that Cold Case. After hours and weekends please leave a blog post using the very same number. We will return the call as quickly as possible.

Christine Flahive as we method the anniversary that the disappearance of Christine Muriel Flahive, the Charlotte county Sheriff"s Office is asking for the public"s aid in resolving this case. Comes forward with any information, no issue how tiny it might seem, could prove to be valuable. Read an ext If you have information the can aid solve this crime: Christine Flahive has now been absent for 24 years. The Charlotte ar Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with info related to this situation to come forward. Throughout regular service hours, contact 941-575-5361. ~ hours, call 941-639-2101.