The for sure is built on the structure of an ext than 1,200 predecessor institutions that have actually come together through the year to type today"s company.

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We map our root to 1799 in new York City, and also our numerous well-known heritage firms incorporate J.P. Morgan & Co., The follow Manhattan Bank, financial institution One, Manufacturers Hanover trust Co., chemistry Bank, The first National financial institution of Chicago, National bank of Detroit, The be afflicted with Stearns companies Inc., Robert Fleming Holdings, Cazenove Group and the service acquired in the Washington shared transaction. Every of this firms, in the time, was carefully tied to advancements in finance and the development of the U.S. And worldwide economies.

Explore the timeline below and also visit our video clip library to learn an ext about the firm’s history.


1799The Manhattan company is founded

The Manhattan Company, JPMorgan Chase"s earliest predecessor institution, is hired by the new York State legislative branch to it is provided "pure and wholesome" drinking water to the city"s growing population. Among its founders are Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

A provision in the charter permits The Manhattan agency to use its surplus resources for banking operations. Within 5 months, The bank of The Manhattan firm opens for business, ending up being the second commercial financial institution in brand-new York City after ~ Hamilton’s bank of new York. V his banking monopoly broken, Hamilton severs his association through the water company.

1804 The Hamilton – Burr duel

Manhattan firm founder Aaron Burr challenges his an individual and politics adversary, Alexander Hamilton, to a duel. The 2 men meet at dawn ~ above July 11th in Weehawken, brand-new Jersey, throughout the Hudson flow from new York City. Hamilton is mortally wounded and dies the next morning.

The pistols selected by Hamilton for the duel were owned by his brother-in-law, john B. Church. In 1930 The financial institution of The Manhattan agency purchases castle from one of Church"s descendants.



1807First philanthropic endeavor

The Manhattan agency grants brand-new York City’s volunteer fire companies cost-free access come its network of water pipes to fight fires, contributing to the community’s public safety.


The brand-new York Manufacturing agency is incorporated

The new York production Company, the earliest predecessor in Manufacturers Hanover’s family members tree, is developed to develop tools and also parts because that the textile industry. The that company charter permits it to conduct a bank operation, comparable to The Manhattan Company"s example, and it establishes Phenix financial institution in 1817.



1817The bank of The Manhattan agency funds the Erie Canal

The financial institution of The Manhattan firm is a vital lender because that the building and construction of the Erie Canal, which opens in 1825 linking the Hudson flow to the great Lakes. Later on in the century the financial institution provides accumulation to support interest payments on Erie Canal bonds and to enlarge and modernize the canal.

1823The new York chemistry Manufacturing company opens

New York City merchants organize the brand-new York chemistry Manufacturing company to create chemicals, medicines, paints and also dyes. The company"s charter prohibits banking activities but a year later on the firm secures one amendment permitting it to develop a bank subsidiary referred to as The chemical Bank.

1839 bank of business opens

The bank of commerce opens in brand-new York City. This institution, which merges through the Guaranty Trust company of new York in 1929, is the faster predecessor top top the J.P. Morgan family members tree.

1853 The brand-new York Clearing house brings effectiveness to banking

The new York Clearing house is organized, with several JPMC precursors as charter members, to systematize the day-to-day settling the checks drawn on other local banks. Previously, messengers go from financial institution to bank to profession checks for cash, a time-consuming and also risky process. Central clearing greatly reduces the variety of transactions and also risk amongst member banks. Much more than $20 million is cleared on its first day of operation.

1853 Abraham Lincoln i do not care a customer

Springfield Marine and also Fire Insurance company opens in 1851 to insure shipping vessels and goods, however it likewise provides a selection of bank services. Illinois lawyer Abraham Lincoln opens up a financial institution account there two years later on with one initial deposit that $310. Lincoln keeps his account in Springfield with his presidential years until his assassination. The firm later on evolves into Marine Corporation, a bank One predecessor.

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1854 Junius Morgan begins business in London

Junius S. Morgan, patriarch that the Morgan banking family, move to London and also joins the private banking firm George Peabody & Co. It i do not care the top marketer of American securities in England and Europe, raising funding for the an initial transatlantic telegraph cable in 1858 among other important deals. The for sure is restyled J. S. Morgan & Co. In 1864 and continues as a vital connection in the J.P. Morgan international banking network with the end of the century.

1857 The panic of 1857

A jae won panic reasons 18 brand-new York City banks to near on a solitary day and ushers in a severe financial depression. Most financial institutions suspend “specie payments” yet Chemical financial institution continues come redeem banknotes in yellow coin, help to stabilize the gaue won markets and also earning the the nickname “Old Bullion.”