A current social media write-up following the grandfather Potato Head dispute has prompted fears that Paw Patrol and the character, Chase, have been cancelled.

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Paw Patrol has been one of the most popular youngsters TV mirrors on the planet due to the fact that it an initial arrived ~ above our display screens in 2013.

The pup-based series follows a choice of important worker dogs, indigenous a paramedic pup come a building worker canine together they assist the people of Adventure Bay alongside their best friend and human, 10-year-old Ryder.

Recently, however, the lover kids’ display has been involved in social media controversy, most notably adhering to the black color Lives issue movement in 2020 and an ext recently after mr Potato Head’s gender-neutral rebranding.

A social media post after the latter has sparked fears that Paw Patrol and the character, Chase, have been cancelled.

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Paw Patrol’s cancelled controversy

In the summer that 2020, adhering to the death of George Floyd and also the arising Black Lives issue movement, a variety of films, TV shows and brands took centre-stage in a debate about inappropriate portrayals of characters or stereotypes.

This contained the portrayal the police police officers in films and TV shows, few of which to be cancelled, in a debate about police brutality.

As a police dog, the Paw Patrol personality of Chase became a target that cancellation calls on society media yet it must be stated that numerous of the articles demanding chase’s removal indigenous Paw Patrol came in jest.

Apart indigenous the dark portrayal from one story in the satirical publication, The Onion, the show is harmless and also if anything, teaches youngsters how the police and rescue services have to act and sets a an excellent example because that kids.

In a recent social media post following the rebranding of mr Potato Head, the Chase dispute has reignited ~ the Paw Patrol character to be featured in a perform of ‘cancelled’ characters and brands indigenous the past year.

Our Cancelled personalities welcome a brand-new hero today. Pour out some Syrup because that Mr. Potato Head – he conserved our lives, we space eternally grateful.