Eighteen-year old chase Smith is dying. It is why he just married the love that his life. “Oh mine gosh, they room so remarkable together,” claims his mom, Kelli Smith.

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Chase married Sadie Mills, additionally 18, in a small ceremony in the U-shaped driveway of her family’s Indianapolis residence late critical month. They picked that spot due to the fact that that’s wherein Chase parked as soon as he choose Sadie up because that their very first date. It’s also where the pair shared their an initial kiss.

That an initial kiss was just a few months ago. The teenagers actually met critical year in ~ a swim meet but didn’t officially affix until this February in ~ the same yearly swim meet. And when lock did, Kelli says, the was just plain expected to be. “They’re not like typical 18-year-olds. They’re not all ooey-gooey, it’s just a natural fit through them — they room the same person just in boy and also girl form. This is really a when in a lifetime love.”

And that’s not just a romantic notion. It’s rather literally the truth. Due to the fact that doctors have told follow he has just 3 to five months left come live. A country ranked swimmer in ~ the age of 12, he was an initial diagnosed v Ewing sarcoma a month after he commemorated his 13th birthday. “He had actually just obtained a cabinet phone. Us were just allowing him to walk off v friends without us. He to be just gaining his freedom when suddenly we had to be through him all the time at physician visits and at the hospital,” Kelli remembers the that first bout v cancer.


Chase Smith, who has actually Ewing sarcoma, was offered a few months to live. Therefore he and also Sadie — the love the his life, and also with the assistance of their family members — gained married in April.

“With Ewing sarcoma the survival rate is reduced in fifty percent if it comes back, and then again every time that recurs. Ns knew after the third relapse what us were confronted with,” Kelli says. “I knew we weren’t walking to save him forever for this reason I simply started thinking, I desire him to walk to prom and also feel cost-free and full of life. I desire him to have actually a an initial love, a wedding, a first child.”

So she didn’t panic as most moms could when her teenage son told her he want to marry Sadie, the competitive diver that had easily fallen for. The made the decision simply days ~ doctors gave him your grim prognosis, do a point to ask her dad’s permission.

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“Both are exceptionally driven in their corresponding sports … very goal-oriented … an extremely headstrong. Yet they patience each various other down and keep each various other grounded — they’re simply so good together.”

Family and friends threw together a wedding in just 4 days. Sadie is a model, and also when she reached out come a photographer she sometimes works with, they connected her come the owner the a regional bridal store. Closed since of the pandemic, the owner opened just for Sadie and also her bridal party to choose a dress — cost-free of charge. Something comparable happened v the tuxedos. And the flowers, the music, the tent and also the food. Every donated. All in just 4 days. “It was beautiful. It was just perfect,” Kelli says.