Chaser and her owner, man Pilley, space well-known global for your groundbreaking research study in dog cognition. Chaser passed away on July 23, 2019, a year after john Pilley.

Chaser the Border Collie—known by numerous as the smartest dog in the world—passed away on July 23rd, 2019 surrounding by love ones in her hometown of Spartanburg, south Carolina.

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Can Dogs know Nouns?

At 15 years old, Chaser had actually a long and also wonderful life, but her story started long prior to she was even born. After losing his lovely dog Yasha, Dr. John Pilley had decided he would never have an additional dog again. But after retiring from his place as Professor Emeritus of Psychology in ~ Wofford university in southern Carolina, he came to be obsessed with Border Collie trials. In his work with Yasha, a Border Collie mix, Dr. Pilley uncovered that dog were not able to learn the independent an interpretation of words, therefore he was surprised to see that this Border Collies appeared to it is in problem-solving.

According to Dr. Pilley’s daughter, Pilley Bianchi, one night he to be sitting roughly the fire with some of these farmers and also told them, “you know science mirrors us that your dog don’t really even know their name? dogs cannot learn appropriate nouns.”

Bianchi claimed the farmers responded: “Is the what science shows us? then tell me why ns can contact out my dog Jeb out of four dogs and also ask him to go get Millie and also Tillie, two sheep out that a hundred, and he have the right to do that every time?” In that moment, Dr. Pilley realized that his techniques were flawed. “He interpreted that he essential to go earlier to the illustration board and also find native that had actually value come the dog. This to be the inspiration for him to start doing research with Chaser,” Bianchi said.

And for this reason on the Christmas prior to Dr. Pilley’s 76th birthday, his wife Sally said him, “you’re gaining a brand-new dog. You’re gaining a border collie native Wayne West.”

Chaser had the ability to identify and retrieve more than 1,000 toys based on noun recognition.

Language is Communication

Bianchi said the household gets hundreds of letters from people that are having actually success in teaching your dog language, while “some world ask, ‘what’s the point of to teach a dog language?’ Well, language is communication. It’s a gateway to greater understanding and is a way for united state to connect with them and also for them to understand us. It substantially enriched Chaser’s life.”

Chaser might be gone, yet her tradition will live on. Spartanburg non-profit Hub City animal Project is placing up a copper statue that Chaser in prior of The Children’s Museum in spring of 2020. Over there is currently one publication out ~ above the well known pair entitled Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog who Knows a thousand Words, and also Bianchi is translate in a second book that includes step-by-step directions on teaching her dog language. She wishes it will certainly be released about the same time the frosting is complete.

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