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Transgender activist Chaz Bono made a graceful departure from the ballroom Tuesday night, yet didn’t hide his anger as soon as it concerned the judges’ critiques that his dancing, calling comment comparing him to an pet “disrespectful.”

“I acquired a many references from him  about things that would show the fact that i’m overweight, girlfriend know, a roundness. Ns was referred to as a basketball, a penguin, one Ewok, and I simply didn’t evaluate it,” Bono stated today on “ an excellent Morning America.” “If you want to critique mine dancing and give me part constructive advice so ns can try to enhance the next time the I’m there, that would be great. But I don’t really know exactly how to be much less penguish, and so I type of took offense to that.”

Tonioli compared Bono to a penguin ~ his Broadway-inspired “Phantom the the Opera” this week, and previously come a “little Ewok” dancing v Princess Leia.

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Bono stated on “GMA” the he believed he was penalized through the judges because that being one overweight man versus one overweight mrs on the show. His experienced partner, Lacey Schwimmer, took worry with the judges’ inconsistency and also agreed that the animal comparisons were merely “unnecessary.”

“It’s difficult to take this compete seriously once the judges space so inconsistent,” she claimed on “GMA,” “At the very same time, we went out there and did what we necessary to do and did the well and had a great time act it.”


Bono, 42, was the low scorer the the load with 19 points the end of a possible 30 because that his He and World Cup star expect Solo had actually both remained in jeopardy, yet Bono received the lowest in combined audience and also judges’ votes.

Bono and also Schwimmer aren’t the only contenders who have actually taken concern with the judges’ criticism.

Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, whose dance through Solo elafilador.nett bad reviews from judge Len elafilador.netodman, lashed the end at the judges Monday night, causing an uproar for informing elafilador.netodman to “get out” the the business and also for calling “DWTS” “his show.

Chmerkovskiy, who showed up on “GMA” today, was standing by his comments about the judges, informing Robin Roberts the he has “nothing to apologize for.” check out the full story here.

Bono diplomatically weighed in on the controversy, saying, “Everybody has the right to speak your mind.”

Six stars continue to be in the competition, consisting of Chmerkovskiy’s partner, expect Solo, gibbs David Arquette, reality-TV personality plunder Kardashian, actor J.R. Martinez, former talk-show hold Ricki Lake and also TV organize Nancy Grace.

Who does Bono think is the best dancer?

“J.R., all the way,” Bono said and also Schwimmer echoed.

“I love everybody on the cast. … for me, it can’t be about personalities since I love everyone. So I have to pick that I think is the best dancer and also for me it’s always, native the beginning of the competition, to be J.R.,” the said.

For Bono, his “Dancing through the Stars” journey has been a duration of an individual growth and bonding through his renowned mom, Cher, who rooted for her son and also rallied her pendant on Twitter transparent the competition.

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“This to be something mine mom and also I might really have typical ground on due to the fact that this is something that she knows what that feels like to walk out and perform in front of one audience,” Bono said.

“This experience really exceeded any expectations that i had and was something the will most likely forever impact my life. It gave me a to trust in myself that ns didn’t have before and also a physics awareness, and a understanding that I can do more than I thought I could, and also I obtain through a lot.”

To watch Chaz Bono’s trip on the show, head over to for the video highlights