A Pathfinder upgraded edition. In eight talks from 1959 come 1964, the Argentine-born revolutionary obstacles youth the Cuba and also the civilization to study, to work, to become disciplined. To sign up with the front lines the struggles, small and large. To politicize their organizations and themselves. To become a various kind of person being together they strive in addition to working world of every lands to change the world. And, follow me this course, come revel in the spontaneity and also joy of gift young.Introduction by Mary-Alice Waters, 12-page photo section and other photos, glossary, index. Now with enlarged type.

Also accessible in: Greek; Spanish

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"Revivified to an extent that also the best biographies seldom achieve... obstacles his audience come study, work, and also to sign up with the former lines that struggles. His public, the youth that Cuba, is likewise the people at large.... ny sizable library serving Spanish-speaking young adult should include Criticas evaluation of the Spanish edition

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