The average yearly cost of auto insurance in Cleveland is $798, i m sorry is much less than the state average. The cheapest widely available insurer is GEICO, at an mean of $528 annually. analyzed the cheapest alternatives in terms of coverage level and driving history. Because that those trying to find a cost-quality balance, also recommended the best companies in Cleveland.

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The insurers through the most affordable median rates because that a full coverage policy in Cleveland are:

USAA: $489 yearly (only obtainable to current and also former armed forces members)GEICO: $528 yearly

USAA supplies the ideal auto insurance prices in Cleveland. However, their firm just serves armed forces personnel and also their families. For the basic public, the many affordable provider is GEICO with plans that space on median 113% cheaper 보다 the many expensive insurer in the city, MetLife.

For this study, gathered average insurance rates in Cleveland because that a sample 40-year-old masculine driver through a complete coverage policy, including liability insurance allowance and comprehensive and collision insurance.

Cleveland has affordable yearly auto insurance on average contrasted to state and national averages. The average rate because that auto insurance allowance in Cleveland is $798, i m sorry is 0.6% much less than the state average and 44% lower than the national average.

To assist drivers find a agency that provides the appropriate balance of costs and also quality, ranked the best companies in Cleveland. Based on’s research, the best automobile insurance companies in the city for most vehicle drivers are:

Erie: score 95 the end of 100Hartford: score 88 out of 100

USAA obtained the highest possible score in Cleveland by's rating system. However, because USAA is only obtainable to armed forces members, veterans and also their families, it is not noted as ideal overall.

To calculation these last scores out of 100, used several criteria, consisting of J.D. Strength user satisfaction, affordability and also financial stability ratings.

A range of factors are thought about by suppliers to determine automobile insurance quotes in Cleveland. These factors include your age, gender, credit transaction score, marital status and also more. With GEICO, an 18-year-old masculine in Cleveland might pay double as much as a 40-year-old masculine in Cleveland will. Always consult v multiple insurance companies so you can compare rates to for sure you're gaining affordable coverage that meets your needs.

In Cleveland and elsewhere, one major factor that impacts the expense of a automobile insurance plan is the coverage level girlfriend choose. In Cleveland, because that instance, a state minimum policy prices an typical of $479 per year. A complete coverage plan with greater liability borders costs $798 ~ above average. The is a $319 difference.

$25,000 per person, $50,000 every accident and $25,000 for residential property damage. A much more protective level is 100/300/100.

GEICO’s packages in Cleveland offer chauffeurs their choice of coverage options. The full-coverage policy is $161 an ext than a liability-only policy. GEICO's state legal responsibility coverage prices an typical of $300 in Cleveland. Your 50/100/50 complete coverage costs Cleveland residents, top top average, $490.

Average automobile Insurance Premiums: Liability-Only vs. Complete Coverage

Liability Only

Driving violations will certainly likely increase the cost of auto insurance. In Cleveland, American household customers with a DUI finish up payment an median of $32 more than chauffeurs with a clear driving history.

Your ZIP code also affects the expense of her auto insurance allowance premium. Areas that record more accidents, vehicle thefts, and other car-related dangers are seen as riskier to insure by auto insurance allowance companies. In Cleveland, the most affordable an ar in state of car insurance prices is the 44130 neighborhood. In the ZIP code area, residents will salary $196 less on average compared to the city’s most expensive region, 44102.

In addition to individual driver needs and also history, location-specific factorslike the percentage of uninsured motorists and also the price of fatal mishaps also add to car insurancerates in Cleveland. How Cleveland ranks contrasted to the 300 most populous urban in the joined States have the right to have a far-reaching impact on premium costs.

Methodology and Assumptions’s typical premium rates for Cleveland are based on 100/300/100 considerable collision coverage v a $1,000 deductible because that a 40-year-old male driver. The median driver profiled cd driver a 2010 Toyota Camry LE and has no tickets or mishaps on your record. Additional premiums are included based top top coverage type, location and driving record. Learn an ext about’s data and also methodology here.

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