Accommodations fill easily on Fire Island and only a couple of towns offer hotel and also inn options. The accommodations room charming however don’t intend a plethora the planned tasks or five-star ratings. This diverted island is all about defining your very own fun at the beach.Picking the best hotel ~ above Fire Island starts v picking the ar that suits your lifestyle. Countless Fire Island travellers are searching for either many hotels in the gay resort location of The Pines and also Grove or the much more family oriented and also straight singles areas of s Beach. These areas also offer the mass of the island’s nightlife and hotel accommodations.


This secluded spot at the end of Cayuga Walk offers a great location as it sits on the sand dune overlooking the ocean. The accommodations space modest and vary in cabins, studios, and also guest suites. Simply steps from the ocean, this complex boasts a pool, patio, and also bar and grill. Singles flock right here on but on the weekend to take advantage of the ocean Bay Park party scene.

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The Blue Waters Hotel is big enough yet intimate sufficient for every our guest to get the personal attention friend would suppose from Fire Island’s distinctive boutique hotel. All rooms have flat display screen TV’s v DVD, cable, waiting conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

642 Bayberry Walk, ocean Beach, NY 11770, USA

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The Clegg family has remained in the Fire Island hotel service because 1946. The Clegg’s Hotel was constructed to resemble a sailor’s rooming house. The accommodations space modest and also styled after ~ a europe boarding house. Studios market water or garden views and private baths, whereas solitary rooms skipping the garden and share baths.


At this 1921 colonial-style inn, just breezes and also marina see characterize that classic Fire Island feel. Rooms, furnished in a an easy country style, are airy, and also overlook the good South Bay. The real appeal come this hotel is the Hideaway Restaurant and also Houser’s Bar ~ above the complex. Guest looking to reap a simpler means of life value their continue to be at Houser’s Hotel.


This plush boutique resort boasts two locations centered in the town of s Beach. Famous for the luxurious accommodations, the rooms in ~ the Palms are bright and also meticulously tended to. They are furnished v the finest amenities including: flat display screen TV, Wi-Fi, ipod accessibility, and a refrigerator. The customer service is friendly and incredibly efficient.

168 cottage Walk, s Beach, NY 11770, USA

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Cozy and romantic, this nation home by the sea is decorated with home window flower baskets. The picnic tables top top the patio encourage guest to ease up and bask in the sunlight at this in-town bed and breakfast. Rooms are clean and comfortable and tempered v that northeast coast flavor.

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468 Dehnhoff Walk, s Beach, NY 11770, USA

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Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY Summer Rental. Actions from beautiful s beaches, shops, restaurants, night life, ferries and all the resources City that Fire Island needs to offer.