Coronavirus-related update: global Orlando is open up with capacity limits and other health and also safety procedures. Inspect Universal Orlando’s arrangement Your Visit page for the most present information.

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If you’re looking for Universal Orlando discounts, this is the best place! global Orlando includes two major theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and archipelago of Adventure, plus a beautiful water park: Volcano Bay. Girlfriend can easily spend 2 or more days experimenting them. Fortunately, there room many, plenty of Universal discounts and special offers, which adjust constantly. ~ above this web page you’ll uncover Universal Orlando ticket discounts, unique deals on universal Orlando hotels, advice around saving money on meals and merchandise at universal Orlando and lots more!

In august 2019, universal Orlando announced that they are structure a new theme park: Universal’s epos Universe.

All uses are topic to change without notice. Constantly call ahead and confirm before driving out of your method to take advantage of a specific offer!

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Universal Orlando Ticket Discounts & Deals

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Regular gate Prices for universal Studios Florida and also Islands of Adventure

Regular ticket prices for universal Orlando critical went up in in march 2021. Annual Pass prices last went up in march 2021.

Universal Orlando sells tickets that differ in price depending upon the details dates you arrangement to visit. Girlfriend must pick your start date and how plenty of days you desire to visit to check out a final price for her tickets.

One-day tickets room valid just on the particular date you select. Multi-day tickets are valid for 3 days much longer than the variety of days that admission, to allow for breaks or visiting various other attractions. In other words, if you acquire a 4-day ticket, you can visit universal on 4 different days within a 7-day range. As soon as you’ve went to the fourth day, or the full 7 calendar days have passed, the ticket is expired and no much longer valid.

You can readjust your ticket to brand-new dates, or add days, any time up to the end of the day on the critical day the ticket is valid. Because that example, if you buy a 2-day ticket, and also on the second day girlfriend visit you decide you’d favor to add one an ext visit to your trip, you can go come a guest services place or ticket home window and add a job to her ticket, by paying the distinction in price in between the ticket you currently have and the ticket you are buying. If friend bought her existing ticket native a discounter prefer Undercover Tourist, they will credit you the full price because that the ticket in the direction of a brand-new one.

Money-Saving Tip: If you space buying multi-day tickets, you may have actually multiple ticket date ranges that will work for your trip, and each that those date ranges could have a different price. For example, let’s speak you want to visit universal on February 9, 10, and also 11, for this reason you require a 3-day ticket. That ticket is good for any kind of 3 days of join within a 6-day range. Friend don’t have actually to get a ticket that starts ~ above the 9th. Friend can acquire one that starts on the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th, since all of them have actually a valid duration that consists of the 9th, 10th and 11th. By check the price of all 4 options, you can choose the one that expenses the least. In ~ times, that deserve to save friend $15 or much more on each ticket!


One Park every Day (Base) ticket – 2 Park (No Volcano Bay)

These tickets room valid for visiting either global Studios Florida or universal Islands of Adventure (but no Volcano Bay) each day. Girlfriend can’t visit more than one park in a single day or journey the hogwarts Express v these tickets.

We provide price ranges for all tickets, representing the lowest and highest prices viewed as of the critical time we confirm park prices. Generally the lowest prices deserve to be uncovered in the fall and early and also late spring, and the greatest prices are for lengthy holiday durations like feather break, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ticket TypeAdult (10+)Child (3-9)
1-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$116.09-$169.34$110.76-$164.01
2-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$248.13-$331.24$237.48-$324.55
3-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$269.43-$357.83$258.78-$347.18
4-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$284.34-$374.61$273.69-$359.96
5-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$297.12-$384.45$286.47-$373.84
Park-To-Park ticket – 2 Park (No Volcano Bay)

Valid because that visiting global Studios Florida and Universal islands of Adventure (but not Volcano Bay) each day. You deserve to visit both parks in a single day, and you can ride the hogwart Express with this ticket.

We give price ranges for all tickets, representing the lowest and also highest prices viewed as of the critical time we confirm park prices. Generally the shortest prices have the right to be discovered in the fall and also early and also late spring, and the greatest prices space for lengthy holiday periods like spring break, Thanksgiving and also Christmas.

Ticket TypeAdult (10+)Child (3-9)
1-Day/2-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$174.66-$227.91$169.34-$222.59
2-Day/2-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$312.03-$395.14$301.38-$384.45
3-Day/2-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$333.33-$421.73$322.68-$411.48
4-Day/2-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$353.57-$439.83$342.92-$429.18
5-Day/2-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (No Volcano Bay)$371.67-$459.44$361.02-$448.35
One Park per Day (Base) ticket – 3 Park (Includes Volcano Bay)

Valid for visiting either universal Studios Florida or universal Islands the Adventure or Volcano bay Water Park each day. Girlfriend can’t visit more than one park in a solitary day or journey the hogwart Express through these tickets.

We offer price varieties for all tickets, representing the lowest and also highest prices viewed as of the critical time we checked park prices. Commonly the lowest prices deserve to be discovered in the fall and early and also late spring, and also the greatest prices room for long holiday durations like feather break, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ticket TypeAdult (10+)Child (3-9)
3-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$312.03-$395.14$301.38-$384.45
4-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$337.59-$418.53$326.94-$447.88
5-Day/1-Park (Base) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$361.02-$443.43$350.37-$432.38
Park-To-Park ticket – 3 Park (Includes Volcano Bay)

Valid for visiting universal Studios Florida and Universal islands of Adventure and Volcano only Water Park each day. You have the right to visit all 3 parks in a single day, and you deserve to ride the hogwarts Express with this ticket.

We give price arrays for every tickets, representing the lowest and also highest prices seen as of the last time we checked park prices. Normally the shortest prices have the right to be discovered in the fall and also early and late spring, and the highest possible prices room for long holiday periods like feather break, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ticket TypeAdult (10+)Child (3-9)
2-Day/3-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$354.63-$432.38$343.98-$421.73
3-Day/3-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$375.93-$459.44$365.28-$448.35
4-Day/3-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$406.82-$487.76$396.17-$477.11
5-Day/3-Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket (Includes Volcano Bay)$435.57-$517.58$424.92-$546.93
Volcano Bay only Tickets

A 1-Day Volcano bay Ticket costs $85.20 Adult (10+) or $79.88 son (ages 3-9), tax included. During high waterpark season (summer), the price is $5.33 higher.

If friend are currently buying a 2-day or much longer 2-park global Orlando ticket (either one-park-per-day or park-to-park), switching to a 3-park ticket and adding an extra job is always cheaper than buying a one-day Volcano just ticket, and gives girlfriend extra flexibility.

Annual & Seasonal Passes

Two-Park Passes are valid because that visiting global Studios Florida and Universal islands of Adventure. Three-Park Passes space valid because that visiting universal Studios Florida, universal Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. Prices are the same for all periods (3+).

Annual pass TypeNew PassRenewal
2-Park Seasonal Pass†$372.74$298.19
2-Park Power yearly Pass^$425.99$340.79
2-Park Preferred annual Pass^^$479.24$383.39
2-Park Premier annual Pass^^^$665.61$532.49
3-Park Seasonal Pass†$479.24$383.39
3-Park Power yearly Pass^$543.14$434.51
3-Park Preferred yearly Pass^^$596.39$477.11
3-Park Premier yearly Pass^^^$867.96$694.37

†Seasonal Pass has actually black out days (mainly Christmastime, feather Break and mid-summer for global Studios Florida or global Islands that Adventure). Consists of discounts at on-site resort hotels and discounts on choose theme park & special occasion tickets. No valid for independently ticketed distinct events. Does not incorporate parking or food/merchandise discounts. The 3-Park Seasonal Pass also has black out dates for Volcano just Water Park (mainly feather Break, late spring and summer).

^Power annual Pass has blackout work (mainly Christmastime and Spring rest for global Studios Florida or global Islands that Adventure). Contains discounts in ~ on-site will hotels; 50% off continual daytime self-parking (after your first visit); join to Mardi Gras and also discounts on pick theme park & special occasion tickets. Not valid for separately ticketed distinct events. Does not incorporate food/merchandise discounts. The 3-Park Power yearly Pass additionally has black out dates for Volcano bay Water Park (mainly late spring and summer). There are frequently deals ~ above the Power annual Pass.

^^Preferred annual Pass gives admission every day to global Studios Florida or universal Islands of Adventure for 365 days. No valid for separately ticketed distinct events. Contains early park admission on select days for global Studios Florida or universal Islands the Adventure; free self-parking (after your an initial visit); food and merchandise discounts; discounts at on-site resort hotels; admission to Mardi Gras and also discounts on choose theme park & special occasion tickets. The 3-Park Preferred yearly Pass likewise has black color out days for Volcano bay Water Park (mainly summer).

^^^Premier yearly Pass gives admission every work to universal Studios Florida or universal Islands of Adventure because that 365 days, plus endless Universal Express to add after 4:00 pm and also early park admission at universal Studios Florida or global Islands the Adventure only. Not valid for independently ticketed distinct events. Includes free valet parking or element self-parking (after your very first visit); one ticket come Halloween fear Nights, admission to Mardi Gras; discounts on pick theme park & special occasion tickets; food and also merchandise discounts and also discounts at on-site will hotels. The 3-Park Premier annual Pass also gives admission for 365 days come Volcano only Water Park. 

Discount ticket from Undercover Tourist

More often than not, we find that the best overall discount on multi-day global Orlando tickets is indigenous Undercover Tourist, a extremely reliable ticket broker that sells substantially discounted universal tickets (and other Florida attraction tickets). Undercover tourist sells real tickets that you deserve to take right to the door (not vouchers you have to trade in once you arrive) and also its price include taxes and free shipping, therefore be certain to account for that as soon as comparing prices. If you’d like to know more, take a look at at why us recommend Undercover Tourist.

Have part time before you need your tickets? Undercover Tourist offers its ideal deals ~ above tickets solely for news subscribers. These unique prices are not obtainable to the basic public and are not published below on Castle are listed ONLY v a “secret” link in the monthly newsletter. They likewise run special limited-time sales on a few tickets (often consisting of Universal Orlando) in a hot Deals newsletter as soon as per month, so if you desire to view those distinct sales you’ll desire to subscribe to the warm Deals alerts as well.

Advance acquisition Tickets – universal Website, Phone bespeak or Hotel Desk

Save $21.30 (tax included) off the gate prices the multi-day tickets as soon as you buy online in ~ the global Orlando website, end the phone, or in human at a universal Hotel ticket desk. When purchasing online, you can print castle yourself, use kiosk pickup (go to the park and get them the end of a machine), or use ticket-booth pickup. All of those choices avoid shipping charges.

Prices displayed on Universal’s site do not encompass 6.5% tax, i m sorry is added further follow me in the transaction. As soon as you obtain to the last price, it’s constantly a much better deal to buy tickets from Undercover Tourist, which displays its real prices increase front, v all taxes and also shipping included.

Power annual Pass Deals

This deeply discounted annual Pass has blackout work (mainly Christmastime and also Spring break at global Studios Florida and archipelago of Adventures and late spring and most that summer in ~ Volcano Bay for the 3-park passes). That does not encompass parking or food/merchandise discounts.

Annual Passholder Ticket Discounts

Holders of global Premier, Preferred and also Power annual Passes gain 15% off the gate price that multi-day tickets once purchasing in ~ the former gate. Seasonal Passholder acquire 10% off the gate price of multi-day tickets at the front gate. For most tickets this is much less than the constant advance-purchase discount for buying online, and usually lot worse than the Undercover tourist discount. Over there is no discount because that 1-day tickets.

AAA/CAA Ticket Discounts at the Gate

All AAA (American auto Association) and also CAA (Canadian automobile Association) members have the right to save $4 top top a 2-Day/2-Park ticket and $5 off a 3-Day/2-Park ticket as soon as purchasing tickets at the gate. Valid for as much as six world per membership card. This is much less than the consistent advance-purchase discount for buying online, and also much worse 보다 the Undercover traveler discount.

AAA/CAA advance Purchase Ticket Discounts

Each AAA (American car Association) and CAA (Canadian automobile Association) an ar has different Universal offers. Some have actually deals the are obtainable to all united state and/or Canadian members; some have deals accessible only to local members; a few (particularly in the West) don’t offer any kind of Universal Orlando transaction at all. The price vary tremendously from region to region and change all the time, so call your regional AAA office come check.Other AAA/CAA advancement purchase options:

Warehouse society Ticket Discounts

The member warehouse store Costco occasionally has good deals on global tickets, for this reason it’s always worth check at your regional store, an especially if you live in the Midwest and Eastern US. At time Costco provides discounted tickets on the website and also you don’t even have to be a Costco member to buy v the site. (Non-members pay a 5% surcharge, however.) there is a shipping charge, i beg your pardon varies.

Florida/Georgia resides Ticket Discounts

Universal frequently has special ticket promotions and offers because that Florida (and sometimes Georgia) residents.

Military Ticket Discounts

Universal Orlando has actually special ticket for military personnel. Energetic duty and also retired army personnel should likewise check through their regional MWR/ITT office or v Shades of green at Walt Disney human being for discounted ticket prices.

2021 Military liberty Pass

The 2-Park Military freedom Pass prices $199.99 per adult ticket + tax, and also includes join to universal Studios Florida and also Universal’s islands of Adventure. Precious in both parks ~ above the very same day.The 3-Park Military freedom Pass costs $234.99 per adult ticket + tax, and also includes join to universal Studios Florida, Universal’s archipelago of Adventure and also Universal’s Volcano only (open seasonally). Precious in all 3 parks on the exact same day.

The Military liberty Pass is only available for acquisition at your authorized armed forces Ticket and Travel Office. You may purchase up to 6 passes. Friend must present a valid military ID at time the purchase, when activating the pass at a universal Pass Sales window, and when start the layout parks.

These passes have to be activated prior to you can go into the parks. To activate her pass, go to any kind of Universal happen Sales home window and present a precious ID. The army member or spouse should be present when the passes are activated and use one of the tickets.

Questions about the Military liberty Pass?

University of central Florida – universal Ticket Discounts

Students, faculty and also staff at university of central Florida have the right to purchase 1-Day/1-Park, 2-Day/2-Park and 1-Day Park-to-Park universal Orlando ticket at a substantially reduced rate. There is a limit of 2 tickets per 30 days. Tickets deserve to be purchased v the SGA Ticket facility located top top the an initial floor that the student Union. Be certain to buy in development because they perform sell out at times. Thanks come Amanda for info.

Using award Points for free Tickets

Many various credit card rewards, hotel points and other awards programs allow you come redeem an compensation in the type of global Orlando tickets. Below are the people that have actually been reported to us:

The Chase can be fried Rewards program has Universal Orlando tickets as an compensation option. Thanks to attracted H for info.You deserve to sometimes redeem Regal Crown Club credits for universal Orlando tickets. Thanks come David A because that info.Readers report that Canadians have the right to redeem Air Miles for select Universal Orlando tickets. Thanks come Dawn N because that info.

On-Site Hotels: Tips, Discounts & Deals

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Universal On-Site many hotels Overview

The official Universal Orlando hotels are all activate by Loews Hotels. The three deluxe resorts (Portofino, tough Rock and Royal Pacific) room all AAA four Diamond award winners.

Portofino just Hotel has actually an elegant seaside Italian theme and is the most luxurious of the hotels. It supplies the most amenities, consisting of a spa, and much more restaurants. The is the furthest deluxe will from the major parks, i m sorry means the longest go or boat trip. That said, you deserve to walk native the watercraft dock to the parks in 10-12 minutes of brisk walking, or it’s around a 6-7 minute watercraft ride. It has 750 rooms, consisting of 45 suites.Hard absent Hotel is designed come look favor a standard California mission-style hotel indigenous the outside. Inside are the usual absent star memorabilia and also signed pictures connected with the tough Rock cafe brand. The music is loud and also continuous, but the amenities and also food are fairly good. That is the closest walking distance from universal Studios Florida (about 4-5 minute walk). It has actually 650 rooms, consisting of 29 suites.Royal Pacific Resort is a tropical paradise with a southern Seas template (primarily Balinese and also Indonesian). It has actually lovely grounds, including a lagoon-style pool with a white sand beach. While this is typically the least-expensive that the Universal deluxe resorts, the is in our opinion the many attractive of the resorts, with our favorite on-site lounge (Jake’s American Bar). That is also the closestly walking street to global Islands of Adventure (about 4-5 minute walk). It has 1000 rooms, consisting of 51 suites.Sapphire falls Resort is a contemporary resort v some pretty Caribbean-themed touch here and also there, lush landscaping and, that course, beloved waterfalls. A big lagoon swimming pool area has actually a sand beach, water slides, a kid’s water pat zone and rockwork the is reminiscent of one old Spanish fortress. There’s a rum bar v a massive wall surface of vintage rums to try and Caribbean cocktails, add to the Amatista Cookhouse, which serves Caribbean-influenced food prefer jerk chicken and also conch chowder. The amenities are approximately comparable come Disney’s moderate resorts, return with internal corridors and rooms that are much more like a contemporary business hotel.Cabana Bay coast Resort is a value-oriented hotel, featuring a hip, vintage look, through 900 family suites and 900 typical guest rooms. The family members suites are exceptionally nicely designed, v a three-way break-up bathroom (toilet in one room, sink/shower in another, and a different sink outside). Us were impressed by the nostalgic mid-century contemporary décor (think space-age 1960’s/Jetsons). The resort has actually much more extensive amenities 보다 Disney’s value resorts, consisting of a lazy river, two key pools, a water slide, and a bowling alley.Aventura Resort is a worth tower hotel through a contemporary, clean feel. There space standard guest rooms, and 13 son suites the sleep 5 and have a special interior area because that the kids, because that a complete of 600 rooms. Prices are comparable to Cabana Bay beach Resort. Amenities incorporate a pool, a splash zone and a online reality video game room. There’s a rooftop bar and also grill (Bar 17 Bistro), a modern food room (Urban Pantry). In-room tablets allow guests come order pizza yielded to their room and to manage rooms’ features like the TV and also room temperature controls.Endless Summer Resort has two worth hotels: Surfside Inn & Suites and Dockside Inn & Suites. Surfside, with 750 rooms, has beachy, surfing-themed décor. Dockside, with 2050 rooms, has more of a beach retreat feel. More than fifty percent of the rooms in both hotels space 2-bedroom suites. These suites attribute two different bedrooms, a kitchenette and dining area, and also a bathroom v a separate shower and also vanity. The 2-bedroom suites sleep up to 6 people. Surfside amenities incorporate a pool, and a food court. Dockside has actually 2 pools, a splash pad and a casual dining restaurant (which also has grab and also go items). Both have actually pizza delivery and also a video game room. 

See listed below for services of staying at the on-site universal hotels.

Room-Only versus Package

Universal uses bundled vacation Packages that incorporate a continue to be at among their on-site hotels, park tickets, and also an optional dining plan. A hotel remain by itself, without tickets or dining, is referred to as a “room-only” reservation. Most of the moment there is no genuine discount because that buying whatever together together a package, though typically if there are any type of current room discounts they’ll apply to packages together well, and sometimes Universal uses very an excellent deals on package bookings. As soon as Universal has actually a unique package deal, it will certainly be listed below.

When global is not offering a distinct package deal, you’ll usually conserve the most by placing your very own package together from the finest deals in each category: book a room-only (non-package) hotel reservation, buy your tickets from a discount vendor such together Undercover Tourist, and also use our advice to save money on food. It does take some time and energy to placed together the piece yourself, for this reason it’s really a judgment contact for every person regarding whether the savings are worth it.

Our recommendation for booking global vacation packages is constantly to publication using a good full-service travel agent. You get significantly far better service 보다 from Universal’s own sales people, and also it doesn’t expense you a dime; the prices are precisely the very same as booking directly with Universal.

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Our reference for booking many hotels & tickets separately (i.e. Room-only) is come look for the best available discounts from online take trip agencies for the room (or take advantage of among the other discounts below), and buy tickets from a reputable discount vendor. And you may additionally want to take into consideration looking at off-property hotels close to Universal; the savings deserve to be considerable.