Do you an intricate yourself other of a wine aficionado? an at-home sommelier? Well, we put our pallets come the test v a wine taste test. 

You could be the type of wine drinker who goes top top vineyard tours. Or, hey, you can be the form who prefers come drink boxed wine while binge-watching "Scandal" on your sofa. Either way, we have the right to probably every agree top top at least two things: wine is good, and any empirical test that entails drinking that in the name of research is precious doing.

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Let’s brush up on a couple of tenets of alcohol tasting. Keep this in mind as you walk from glass to glass — you can just prove come be much more of a DIY sommelier than you also suspected.

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Step one, look in ~ the wine prior to you. Is that opaque? How’s the viscosity? Is the color vibrant? sometimes you can tell the quality of a wine just by inspecting that visually.

Step two, odor it. Yep, it is in one of those people. Regardless of how expensive (or not) a alcohol is, the odor could clue girlfriend in to even if it is you’re going come love the or want to leaving it.

Finally, step three, taste it! This is obviously the best part of building your wine palate.

For this experiment, us tested “upscale” and inexpensive version of sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet. Yet feel cost-free to add in any other varieties your wine-loving heart wants. Friend can constantly cut down the expense by getting a group of friends together for this blind test. Just remember come drink responsibly.

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When all is said and also done, you’ll likely walk away a little (or a lotta) alcohol drunk — but, more to the point of this experiment, you’ll realize the you can’t constantly judge a party of wine by its price tag.

We additionally taste-tested healthy candy options to identify which ones space actually good. Clock the video below!

cheap vs expensive wine taste test