Dick Proenneke in ~ his cabin in 1985.NPS picture taken by Richard Proenneke and also donated by Raymond Proenneke

How to Live turn off Grid…With No Money? desire to move off grid? Here’s exactly how to perform it now. You don’t need to save money because that years because that a down payment. You have the right to move off grid ideal now. How? Easy. Sell whatever you own and also pay cash because that a little piece the land and also MOVE! “Whoa! Wait a minute! slow-moving down over there fella.” ns hear friend saying. “I can’t carry out that, I have a job, and bills, and also kids in school, and a auto payment, and…”

Sorry but those space all excuses. Correct they’re also reasons, however people who say those kinds of points are only using those “reasons” together excuses not to make the move off grid.

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What those people are really saying is they desire to be comfortable and also living off grid isn’t a priority for them. They have the right to make their list of sorry as lengthy as they want. I’ve heard it all. I’ve do them myself at one time or another. Let’s confront it. If you desire to live off the grid, unless you’re disabled and/or top top a fixed revenue there’s yes, really no valid excuse to not to do the move to live turn off the grid.

You can uncover 1-5 acres just around in any type of state in the USA for a an extremely affordable price. You deserve to raise $10k or $20k or so to make the move. Girlfriend don’t need fancy or big, friend only need just sufficient land to live on. 1-5 acre is plenty. And also in some locations you can get up to 40 acres or so for less than the price of a new car this days. If girlfriend have kids it makes it a small more challenging but that is very possible to live off grid and also raise kids too. “What around the children school or mine job?” i hear civilization asking. “What around food?”. Let’s attend to all those things.

THE things YOU must GO off GRID

Technically speaking you only require 5 things to live in civilized contemporary society.

ShelterFoodUtilities – (includes water, gas, solar power, internet)HealthcareEducation

That’s it. OK. Therefore let’s look at at each of this things and also figure out the cheapest least expensive and easiest way to administer them on your off grid homestead.


You need shelter. Whereby will friend sleep in ~ night, continue to be warm and also out of the weather? You could get a take trip trailer or camper, or develop a tiny home if you had the money. If you have actually reasonable construction an abilities my tip would be to construct a small one room cabin. Or, if you’ve acquired a little money girlfriend can acquire one the those small portable buildings and also live in that till you get your key cabin built. Then turn the portable building into a shed, workshop or guest cabin.

How come Live off Grid through No Money

These cabins range from about $8k to $20k depending upon size. The one pictured over is about $10k and also measures 12×24 feet providing you around 288 square feet including the porch. This one is from a site called EZ Portable Buildings and this details unit costs $10k. They have actually the option to purchase for cash or you can Rent to Own and also they’ll deliver to her property. In my opinion if friend don’t should go everywhere or it is in mobile as soon as you get to you residential property this is a great way to walk as long as you have an income. And see, therein lies the problem. If you relocate to a remote property you need to worry about where you’re going to job-related to do a life to salary the bills.

“But wait! I believed we were trying to execute this without having a mortgage payment.”

We are. This is simply an choice you may or may not have thought of.

Here’s my point. Friend can develop a cabin prefer the one over for pretty cheap, for much less than half the price of paying sleeve price. This saves you money in the lengthy run if girlfriend have about $2.5k in cash come buy the materials and have the tools and skills to construct it. Over there are locations online you can uncover cabin plans for free!

Like here! This short article on Instructables is good and the price to build this little cabin is around $2200 because that the materials.

PRO TIP: come find complimentary cabin plans that are ACTUALLY cost-free and no some download site that dues you to download the plans execute a search on Google for “free cabin to plan PDF download” in quotes. This narrows the ar to only PDF downloads so friend don’t need to weed with all the web page that want your email resolve and climate tries to sell you high-quality cabin plans. 

How to construct a 12×20 Cabin on a Budget

off net cabin top top a budget

I understand I hear much more excuses coming. Yet what around local structure codes and permits and also blah lol blah. Review my article around How to find off grid land which offers you some an excellent tips on locating land with no building codes and few restrictions which should give you an ext options to develop without gift overly regulation by the regional government.

Let’s move on come the next item ~ above the list.

FOOD – thrive YOUR own FOOD

Off net Garden & Farm

We all should eat. If you’re going to relocate off grid currently then you need enough food to feeding you entirety family for around 3 months. Why 3 months? due to the fact that you’ll be growing your own food and that take away 2-3 months to acquire going, 3 month on the exterior including the greenhouse build. I m sorry is part of offering food.

If you desire to move off grid currently you MUST have a method to eat, and that means growing your own food. Every one of it. Native the bacon to the vegetables, you have to raise and also grow your own food.

The an initial thing you develop after you build your cabin (or park you travel trailer) is your greenhouse. Don’t problem it’s easy! and it’s cheap!

This 12×32 foot hoop-house greenhouse can be built for around $400 according to this site.

How to construct an inexpensive Hoop-Style Greenhouse

off network greenhouse hoophouse

Now you have actually a cabin because that shelter and also a greenhouse for growing food. What’s next?

Chicken Coop.

How To build a Chicken Coop (complete action by step guide)

how to construct a chicken coop off grid chicken coop

A chicken coop favor this deserve to be developed on the cheap for roughly a few hundred in materials. If you’re resourceful friend can find discarded building and construction materials and also recycle them into your chicken coop and it will expense much less, perhaps even free.

PRO TIP: placed wheels ~ above this coop and you rotate it right into a Chicken Tractor!

So you have the shelter and food taken treatment of now for the bigger issues. Water, septic, and also power. You need to have power, and also if you’re anything like me you require internet. I mean we’re no primitive here, we like our creature comforts. (I recognize this irritates the purists however they’ll acquire over the LOL).


We have to have off grid utilities, water, power, gas and…internet if you need it…which girlfriend will.


If you’re smart you choose a residential property with a water fine on the land. Land? us haven’t talked about that yet. Don’t worry, we’ll obtain to that in a couple of minutes. Choose I said, if friend picked the end a an excellent property it has actually a well, no city water. You don’t want to pay the high hookup fees and the cost associated with it every month. If friend can’t discover a building with a fine then to draw you own water and store that in a tank. (make certain you treat/filter it)

You can obtain a big plastic water tank for a few hundred dollars come a pair thousand dollars and also store water in that until you acquire your well drilled. The fine can price you a many money if girlfriend live in ~ a greater elevation and depending on exactly how rocky the soil is and also how deep the water table is. This is why the ideal property will already have a well and also septic on it. If not that’s a substantial expense that can run into the 10s of hundreds of dollars.

So to protect against the cost, uncover a home with a well and also septic currently installed. This properties are less complicated to discover than you can think. A many of civilization buy property, start building and also life stuff happens and also they can’t finish it or lose interest in building their own place.

The very first thing they download is a well and also septic. That’s good for you. These properties space out there you just need to do your homework to find them. The finest thing is these home owners space usually pretty motivated to sell since they’ve acquired all this money tied increase in the property and also it’s costing the taxes and also mortgage payments and also they simply want out.

It’s a good way to get a good deal if you know exactly how to negotiate. One more reason you desire to discover a home with water and septic already installed besides the expense savings because that you is that now you don’t need to be hassled by the regional government about sanitation due to the fact that all the has currently been done.

If you’re not into that kind of point then haul her water and use a composting toilet.

Propane Gas is one option but only if you absolutely require it. Propane is not a renewable source and it prices money to refill your tank. If you desire gas that’s going to cost you a few thousand dollars.


Now we’re getting civilized through electricity and also internet. Gotta have actually solar power and a means to surf the net right? obtain yourself a tiny solar power system v battery backup (and tiny win turbine).

The battery will store your excess energy for use as soon as the sun is no shining. Girlfriend can obtain a an excellent 1500W solar energy system v batteries for a few thousand dollars on Amazon or one of the myriad solar strength websites the end there. Don’t overpay for your system. Max because that a small system should be approximately $3k consisting of batteries.

You don’t need a large solar system to acquire by at first. Especially if you have actually the batteries too. Also install a tiny wind turbine. It will certainly supplement and also compliment your system and charge the batteries at night if there’s a quite breeze. You can gain a 400W wind turbine for around $200-$300.

400W wind turbine

Here’s what appears to it is in a great 1400W solar power/wind power mechanism for about $2k on Amazon. (note: there’s no reviews, yet this is just an instance of what you can do if you shop around).


PRO TIP: Make certain you can get internet/cell signal to your property. Why? for making a living. Work-related online. Market your homesteading assets online. Discover something to execute that you can conveniently make and also ship indigenous you homestead to anywhere in the world. Start an virtual storefront because that handmade goods, art, crafts, preserves, soaps, handcrafted items, or even buy and sell online v dropshipping websites like Amazon, Oberlo and also Shopify. You deserve to sell ~ above eBay and also Etsy too. There are numerous options. You can do local work for folks as well to offer yourself extra security money.

Solar power Is The Future the Energy

Solar power is the future. It’s what everyone will be making use of from now on. You require a an excellent quality solar selection installed on your off net cabin to develop your own energy. Couple your solar energy system v a battery backup for power storage and usage once the sun goes down. Go here for a solar strength installation estimate.

EDUCATION (online)

Today you can acquire a college education and learning online. You can additionally homeschool your kids. This take away time that course and also dedication and it could not be for you, yet it’s an option and also it’s there if you require or want it. Modern education has advanced beyond the classroom and also some scool even offer virtual tutoring/help in the for of email. I’m personal waiting until the have some sort of video clip tutor/teacher regimen where I deserve to park my boy in the room with a computer/camera digital for a couple of hours every day while the teacher teaches.

This would be therefore convenient. No an ext having to drive anywhere town to get your son in course or leave work early on to pick them increase from school. They would certainly still acquire to interact with various other students as well. That would be awesome. We’re not fairly there yet with the an innovation but it’s coming. Ns for one can’t wait. Homeschooling is the alternate right now though.


Most nature in the USA, at least the lower 48 states, space within an hour of a decent hospital. If medical treatment is needed it can take a while for you to acquire the treatment you need. However if you’re not also concerned about that, climate a remote home is most likely ok. Several of you guys may need a VA, if that’s the instance there space options. Simply do a search virtual for land in ~ an hour of a known VA and make your decision about where you desire to live.

Last yet not the very least let’s talk about land.


Off net Cabin Land

No mortgage!

I understand this is technically the very first thing you need and also it adds come the perform of 5 points you need, but land type of goes without saying. You need a place to contact home. So, where is that going to be? That counts on how much money you can raise by selling your stuff. If you’re walking to move off grid now then your options are going to be minimal somewhat by what you deserve to buy and that is limited on how much ingredient you need to sell.

Some world may be doubtful to market their personal property yet to this folks i ask you what’s an ext important come you, your stuff or your freedom? stuff is stuff. It’s no important and it’s replaceable. You freedom is not. Your liberty is priceless. Remove your stuff and go turn off grid. If you own your own land you have the flexibility of no mortgage payment, friend can construct your own cabin and also produce your own power. You deserve to live turn off grid with no electric bill, gas bill, water bill, food bill, or mortgage. Your education is cost-free online.

There are only a couple of things you have to pay because that each month. Her cell phone, her internet, taxes and also insurance. Anything above and past those bills is a luxury. You auto payment? Luxury. Salary cash because that a 4×4 pickup truck and also a van. It’s an ext useful and also you won’t have a monthly payment.

You have the right to still have actually Netflix and also your big screen TV. You deserve to still clock the big game if living turn off grid due to the fact that you’re disconnected from the grid and also you do your own power. The just thing you pay because that is internet and also that’s perhaps $100/month.

Need aid finding her land?

Read ours article around How to discover land for living off the grid

Notice the featured picture on this article. Dick Proenneke to be a man who took this concept to one extreme. He constructed his cabin in the woods by hand. It expense him nothing an ext than the money because that the tools. Whatever else he fashioned and also made native scratch. The point is you deserve to do it too whether you realize it or not. If penis can construct this awesome cabin in the remote Alaskan wilderness climate you can develop a nice little cabin with modern technology a lot of cheaper and also easier 보다 you think possible.

Dick Proenneke in ~ his cabin in 1985.NPS photo taken by Richard Proenneke and donated by Raymond Proenneke

This is precious it!

Moving off the grid v NO MONEY is a myth!

It’s a myth since you have to buy land to live on and also all the tools and also equipment and seeds and also everything rather you need to relocate off the grid. Uneven you’re a hill Man (or woman), you’ll need a place to go and that needs money.

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Sell her stuff and buy her land. Pay cash for it. You don’t desire a mortgage. Soil is the most necessary thing. You need access to the land where you deserve to live off the grid, flourish your very own food, and also live the totally free self enough lifestyle the the modern day homesteader.