The Pacific Northwest has actually a distinctive character in and also of itself. In this part of the country, the laid-back vibes the California fulfill the grungy feel impressed on by Seattle-based bands such as Nirvana and also Pearl Jam and also mingle through the classy West coastline elite.

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Washington State uses an expansive selection of destinations because that love bird looking to acquire away and reconnect.

Check the end our list of the top 15 clues in Washington because that your next romantic getaway.

1. Roche port Resort


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Roche port Resort

Off the coast of the continent U.S., mountain Juan islands promise an intimate endure for you and also your love one.

Fly to the Roche harbor Resort straight from Seattle top top the Kenmore Air airplane service. These six-passenger floatplanes carry out you through a scenic and adventurous twist on your average journey. In fact, if you desire to take advantage of the see from the aircraft also more, consider the “San Juan islands Ride-Along” tour. This two-hour experience includes two or more takeoffs and landings transparent the majestic mountain Juan Islands for you to really soak increase the sights.

Once you carry out make it come the resort, pure oasis awaits you. Snag a waterfront lodge whereby you’ll have the ability to peer the end onto the port from your room. And during the day, make sure you take benefit of every the neighboring activities: whale watching, kayaking, hiking, and also more.

2. Marcus Whitman Hotel


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Marcus Whitman Hotel

Dash into timeless elegance in ~ this deluxe hotel established in 1928. This gem lies in the heart of Walla Walla, a city considered “The Pacific Northwest’s Best-Kept Secret,” and also named after ~ the native American phrase for “many waters.”

The Marcus Whitman exudes class with its historical paintings, farm-to-table cuisine, upscale furnishings, and also prime place in Washington’s alcohol country.

Participate in a alcohol tasting on-site in ~ the Whitman in among six to exclude, tasting rooms. Not just do you acquire to sip on world-famous wine here, yet you additionally have the alternative to pair every glass v a key of delicious food. Because that example, through the Semillon white alcohol that has tasting notes of mango, pineapple, and honeydew, you and also your loved one can sample the Diver fill Seared Scallops.

3. Kalaloch Lodge


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Kalaloch Lodge

Located high ~ above a bluff overlooking the waters of Olympic national Park, the Kalaloch Lodge in Washington uses guests a soothing retreat away from reality. Kalaloch, definition “good ar to land” in the language the the Quinault indians who developed the region, was the initial name of this coastal area, and also remains installation to this day.

Unwind in this blissful oasis, the only lodge follow me the 73-mile stretch the Olympic nationwide Park. Here, you and also your love one deserve to watch the sun set over the water from her suite. And depending on just how much privacy you craving, you have the right to pick between the main lodge, the individual cabins, or just a good ol’ campsite.

Explore the mighty Pacific ocean with your significant other when you continue to be at the Kalaloch. Among other beach activities, make certain you inspect out tide pooling. This waters comprise an pet sanctuary, wherein all the maritime life is protected. Friend can as such get increase close and an individual with sea stars, rock crabs, wolf eels, pricklebacks, barnacles, sea snails, and any various other creature explain this large of s as its home!

4. The Woodmark


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The Woodmark

You understand what day it is? it’s Treat Yo’self Day in ~ the Woodmark! This deluxe hotel and spa is all set to welcome you and also your companion for one extra unique getaway weekend. The winner of several awards, including the AAA four Diamond, 2015 Condé Nast Traveler, 2015 TripAdvisor hall of Fame, and also 2015 U.S. News finest Hotel awards, you know you’re in good hands in ~ the Woodmark.

Located ~ above Lake Washington, the Woodmark provides high-end accommodations an unified with natural beauty and tranquility. For extra romance, publication an appointment at the spa and let your troubles to wash away. The Woodmark offers an innovative treatments, such together the cacao Champagne Facial. This distinctive experience combine “the magic of cocoa enzyme exfoliation” with the “deeply purifying and also healing effect” the champagne. You had me in ~ chocolate.

5. Fairhaven village Inn


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Fairhaven town Inn

When you’re trying to find a weekend getaway with your sweetheart in a strange town, watch no more than Fairhaven town Inn. In the tiny historic city at the tippy-top and Western sheet of the joined States, you and your love one space sure to find the peace and quiet girlfriend need.

Located halfway between Vancouver and also Seattle, this relaxed oasis is perfect for city dwellers looking to escape. Stroll through the cobblestone roadways of the historic district right outside the Inn, whereby you’ll uncover charming architecture, boutique shopping, and picturesque cafés.

Venturing a small bit more out (still in ~ a mile), you will do it come across many craft breweries, the Lake Padden Park for outdoor activities, historic cultural centers, and also more.

6. Bacon Mansion


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Bacon Mansion

Right in the heart of the culture capital of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, the Bacon Mansion welcomes you with comfort and charm. This historical bed & breakfast days all the means back to 1909, opening its gates into a various time period where decision chandeliers and hardwood floors abound.

Settle into this classic Tudor-style mansion v your loved one for a classy getaway in the city. Located in Seattle’s quintessential district of Capitol Hill, the Bacon gives you easy accessibility to every the shopping and restaurants nearby. And when you’re prepared to cuddle up, the Bacon Mansion provides guests through cozy accommodations to track the rest of the world out.

7. Mountain home Lodge


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Mountain home Lodge

Fulfill your winter wonderland fantasy at the Mountain house Lodge. This idyllic lodge is every little thing you hope for in a romantic getaway to the mountains.

Start by choosing between one the two exclusive cabins surrounding by 20 acre of nature. Both retreats function luxurious accommodations, a river rock Jacuzzi, and a river rock fireplace. The cabins also promote additional intimacy through a two-person dual-headed shower and totally free wine. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Oh wait…it does. The lodge’s chief prepares a gourmet breakfast, and hearty having lunch buffet, and also 4-course gourmet dinner everyday for guests. Gain ready to escape right into luxury and romance.

8. Chevy follow Beach Cabins


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Chevy chase Beach Cabins

Along the water of one of numerous of Washington’s north peninsulas, the Chevy follow Beach Cabins sell a beautiful escape because that love birds. This stunning mansion was developed in the late 1800s by California gold-seekers. Over the years, it has actually been completely refurbished together a will offering historical charm with modern luxuries.

Gaze out onto the majestic discovery Bay and the foothills that the Olympic hills when you continue to be at the Chevy Chase. Most cabins space perched top top cliffs over the bay and also give friend beautiful neighboring views. And once you venture outside her guest room, girlfriend can fully take benefit of the Cabins’ personal beach. Fill a picnic, swim through the waves, develop a campfire, and also enjoy the sunshine. The Chevy chase Cabins space perfect for a summer getaway in Washington.

9. West Beach resort – Orcas Island


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West coast Resort

How deserve to you stand up to visiting a place dubbed Orcas Island? Pamper yourself and also your partner with a beachfront oasis wherein you deserve to watch the sun collection from your very own private cabin.

Disconnect indigenous the stresses of everyday life and also escape through your unique someone to this location that has a beach fire pit, a deck totally equipped for barbequing, and a hot bathtub right exterior your former door. Gain your morning coffee ~ above your very own porch, wherein it’s usual to spot Orca whales in their organic habitat.

During the day, take into consideration all the tasks that the an ar has come offer: fishing, crabbing, clamming, kayaking, canoeing, whale watching, boating, and also more.

10. Campbell’s Resort


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Campbell’s Resort

This resort may more than 100 years old, yet you’d never guess its age by looking in ~ it. Completely updated with modern-day finishes to boost comfort, Campbell’s resort boasts 170 luxury waterfront guest rooms come ensure romantic on your following getaway.

With lot of romantic packages to select from in ~ Campbell’s, you can turn any type of getaway right into an extra-special getaway with your partner. With “Romance on the Lake,” you can wow your far-reaching other through a party of champagne, delectable chocolates, a rose petal turndown, and lotions and massage oils to connect. Or probably you’d be interested in the “Date Night” Package, consisting of dinner at Campbell’s waterfront restaurant.

11. Semiahmoo Resort


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Semiahmoo Resort

Washingtonians sure carry out love your retreats top top the water. At the Semiahmoo Resort, leaving behind the rat gyeongju for a holidays of golf, outdoor activities, and majestic ocean views.

This resort uses a full-service spa and a 7,000-yard golf course because that guests looking come unwind. If you’re searching for even more amenities, check out the Semiahmoo’s 4 tennis courts (two indoor and also two outdoor), the end pool, warm tub, and sauna. This resort absolutely caters come travelers wanting come stretch the end a small bit in the fresh, crisp, open air.

12. Adrift Hotel and also Spa


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Adrift Hotel and Spa

The Adrift Hotel in lengthy Beach, Washington, features a modern, eclectic, urban-industrial vibe that characterizes much of Seattle, in addition to undertones obtained from the local peninsula landscape.

Each guest room is adorned in exquisitely chic décor for the ultimate level of comfort and also elegance. And when hunger strikes, look no additional than the hotel’s very own restaurant, Pickled Fish. Together the surname suggests, this restaurant caters come the neighborhood palate v a refined twist. Try the Rockefeller appetizer of new oysters, pancetta, arugula, and also absinthe. And also make sure you avidly evaluate the ar seafood during your main course again. The Pickled Fish features dishes such together Wild Salmon, complete with chives, chipotle, and also tequila.

13. Bishop victorian Hotel


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Bishop victorian Hotel

Relish the background of Washington as soon as you remain at the Bishop victorian Hotel in harbor Townsend. This three-story relic stop a timeless charm for couples to rekindle their flame.

As you get in the hotel, you’ll notice antique furniture, brick walls, and also cozy fireplaces beckoning guest to come in, relax, and also connect. Vamp increase the romance v Bishop’s “Dine and Unwind” Package. This upgrade has two nights at the hotel, a party of champagne, dinner for 2 at a adjacent restaurant, two tickets in ~ the historic Rose Theater, dessert in ~ the neighborhood ice cream parlor, and breakfast because that two ceded to her suite every morning.

14. Green Cat Guesthouse


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Green Cat BB

Relax in this quaint B&B nestled in the rural beauty of Olympic nationwide Park. This bed & breakfast yes, really goes the extra mile. They will certainly stock your fridge through fresh fruit, homemade granola, locally produced cheese, yogurt, and also locally captured smoked salmon.

Once you’ve regained some energy in her rejuvenating getaway, check out all the there right outside the doors that the green Cat: three wineries, two breweries, five art galleries, 5 local villages, two golf courses, and also more.

15. Davenport Hotel


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Davenport Hotel

In eastern Washington, a lesser-known city through the surname of Spokane attributes a world-class, deluxe hotel referred to as Davenport. This historic hotel dates earlier to 1914 and also has been a leader in sophistication ever before since.

Known together “Washington’s grandest hotel,” the historical Davenport boasts a pool, spacious marble showers, luxurious soaking tubs, initial oil-on-canvas paintings, hand-carved, mahogany furniture, HD flat-screen televisions, warm tub, and also more.

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This hotel is so regal, in fact, the they have actually a special deal where you can test drive a Lexus during your stay. If you acquisition the Lexus, the Davenport assures your following stay with them on the house. Now those are some high-end customers.