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What is a Fat Camp?

A “fat camp” is the common name for an all-inclusive weight loss summer camp because that kids, teens, and young adults. Youngsters who might be struggling v obesity, body picture issues, or me esteem involves due to your weight may advantage from a weight loss camp. This camps job-related through a specialized program of diet, exercise, and also education.

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Most camps market a one- or two-week session, but campers might prefer to continue to be for lot of weeks in ~ a time. Part weight loss camps may offer sessions that span most that the summer.


11 ideal Weight ns Camps for Kids and Teens in 2021

There are many weight loss camps because that kids and teens to select from. Every camp has actually its own pros and also cons, and also has actually cataloged them all. Read reviews, pricing, and also details of the ideal kids fat camps in the unified States.

Families and also students are encouraged to testimonial the full list the kids and also teen camps listed below to discover the best one for her child.

1. Camp new Heights

Camp new Heights is a weight loss camp for kids and also teens ages 9 come 17 situated on the campus of the college of California, Santa Barbara. The camp promotes their camper-to-staff ratio of 3-5 campers per each counselor.


Campers at brand-new Heights deserve to participate in between one and three 2-week sessions end the course of the summer between late June and early August, 2020.

The regime at Camp new Heights combine individualized services with group tasks to help children lose weight, do friends, and grow both physically and mentally. Each camper chooses 5 weekly activities: three group tasks (including team sports and running) and also two elective process (including crafting, dance, golf, and more).

Fitness activities are merged with 3 calorie-limited meals per day, with the menu designed by one on-site nutritionist. Before each meal, the nutritionist describes the benefits of the meal, and also strategies for using the learnings indigenous the summer camp to continuing to be healthy back home.

The many unique element of Camp brand-new Heights is their individualized program based upon their short camper-to-counselor ratio. Parents and also campers in search of an affordable, individualized weight loss camp because that kids and also teens may wish to consider Camp brand-new Heights.

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Read more about Camp brand-new Heights pricing, details, and 2021 camp schedule top top

2. Camp jump Start

Camp Jump start is a weight loss camp for pre-teens and teens situated near Imperial, Missouri, not far from St. Louis. Jump begin was began by a nurse in 2003, Jean Huelsing, who still lives and also works in ~ the camp today.


The 4- or 8-week program at Jump begin was design to it is in a “whole wellness camp”, focusing on emotional and social health and also physical wellbeing. The camp disclosure their task schedule, giving campers a day-to-day schedule focused around their interests, with standard options like pool and hiking and unique offerings such as a climbing wall and stress monitoring techniques.

Camp Jump begin is open to campers periods 9 to 17, with specialized activities because that each period group. Kids, youth, teens, or households looking because that a weight loss summer camp through a wide variety of activities, or one through a central Midwest location, must review the offerings that Camp run Start.

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Read an ext about Camp Jump start pricing, details, and also 2021 camp schedule on

3. Camp Pocono Trails

Pocono Trails is a weight loss camp for kids and also teens periods 7 to 17 situated near Reeders, Pennsylvania. Simply 90 minute from Philadelphia and new York City, Camp Pocono Trails is a popular location for student in the northeast to lose weight and get healthy.


The routine at Camp Pocono Trails offers 5 fitness tasks per day, whereby students choose from water sports, athletics, calisthenics, trace hiking, and special outings. The exercise regime is combined with healthy and balanced meals of about 1,600 calories every day, resulting in a net-negative caloric intake and also average 3-5 pound load loss every week.

The sessions in ~ Camp Pocono Trails variety from as couple of as 11 days every the way up come 7 weeks. Campers are encouraged to uncover the session alternative of the suitable length for your health and also weight lose goals. Kids and also families looking for a weight loss camp in the northeast US v a wide variety of tasks should read more about Camp Pocono Trails.

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Read an ext about Camp Pocono Trails pricing, details, and 2021 camp schedule on

4. Pocono Trails internet Habit Reversal Program

The net Habit Reversal program at Camp Pocono Trails is designed to assist kids learn to construct a healthy and balanced relationship v technology. That is a distinctive camp because that kids and teens break video game, internet, computer, and also phone addictions the plague kids in this modern world.


This program is design with lots of outdoor activities designed come teach youngsters ways to have actually fun in means besides technology. The core of programming comes through Behavior readjust Groups, moderated sessions designed to help kids discover the worth of a schedule, the services of self-regulation, and also how to i found it their concealed talents.

Located at the Reeders, Pennsylvania place of Camp Pocono Trails, the net Habit Reversal regime operates every summer through sessions ranging from 11 days come 7 weeks. Parents looking for a camp option focused less on weight loss and more around help kids construct a healthier connection with an innovation should inspect out the Pocono Trails web Habit Reversal Program.

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5. Camp Shane Arizona

Camp Shane Arizona is a camp design for guys aged 7-19 and girls age 7-17 in Mayer, Arizona, housed in ~ the Orme Boarding School. The main focus of this camp is to make weight loss for overweight children and teens manageable, fun, and sustainable end the food of your two- to six-week stay.


The regimen at Camp Shane Arizona is separated into three two-week sessions, of which parents may choose to send their boy to one, two, or every three. Throughout these sessions, children and teens take part in both indoor and outdoor activities, partake in nutritional cuisine all set by on-site chefs and also guided by a dietitian, and also enjoy activities such together arts and also crafts, society events, theatre performances, and more.

Parents, children, and teens looking for a weight loss camp in the southwest us may consider the regimen at Camp Shane Arizona. Fans of the Camp Shane design of summer camps may additionally wish to discover all Camp Shane locations on

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6. Camp Shane California

For the 2020 summer session, Camp Shane’s California is located in Redlands, California, on the university of Redlands Campus. The California weight loss camp is designed because that children, teens, and also young adults, wherein the goal is to aid campers lose weight in a fun, for sure environment.


Camp Shane California supplies campers a opportunity to make new friends and lasting lifestyle changes while shedding weight. The university of Redlands campus supplies campers a modern, waiting conditioned setting with skilled sports fields and also a 20-lane swim pool. The camp ar is around 60 minute from main Los Angeles, and also open during the summer for two- to six-week sessions.

Campers and their families who are looking for a kids weight lose camp in California with a focus on physics fitness may want to take into consideration Camp Shane California. Travellers from roughly the United says may additionally be interested in all 5 Camp Shane locations.

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7. Camp Shane Florida

Camp Shane Florida is located in Melbourne, FL in ~ the Florida institute of an innovation in the southeastern component of the state. This weight loss camp is geared in the direction of kids, teens, and young ladies (up to age 25).


Camp Shane Florida supplies summer weight-loss program that encompass a regular camp experience in addition to nutritional education and also behavioral therapy. The camp offers healthy meals the are part controlled. Exercise facilities incorporate grass play fields, an aquatic center, several gyms and fitness studios, walking paths, and also a river the is fit because that kayaking.

Kids, parents, and young adults trying to find a fun-centered load loss experience in the south-east United states should think about the Florida place of Camp Shane. In addition, campers interested in the Shane experience in other locations may discover the 5 Camp Shane locations on

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8. Camp Shane Connecticut (New York Area)

Camp Shane Connecticut Area (New York) is for boys aged 7-19 and girls aged 7-17 in Pomfret, CT, ~ above the campus the the exclusive Rectory institution of Pomfret. The main emphasis of this camp is to do weight loss for overweight children and teens manageable, fun, and sustainable during their three- come nine-week stay.


The program at Camp Shane Connecticut is divided into three three-week sessions, of which parents may select to send their child or teen to one, two, or all three. During these sessions, campers take part in both indoor and also outdoor activities, partake in nutritional cuisine prepared by on-site chefs and also guided through a registered dietitian, and enjoy activities such together arts and crafts, social events, theater performances, and also more.

Camp Shane Connecticut is located in between Hartford and Providence, and also within driving street of both Boston and brand-new York City. Parents and also campers looking for a brand-new England weight loss camp with three- come nine-week options should review further around Camp Shane Connecticut. If girlfriend desire the Camp Shane experience but want to explore other components of the country, view all 5 Camp Shane areas on

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9. Camp Shane Wisconsin

Camp Shane Wisconsin is a fitness summer camp because that kids and also teens situated at Carthage college in Kenosha, Wisconsin, ~ above the banks of Lake Michigan. Camp Shane Wisconsin offers two- come six-week program alternatives for campers feather to shed weight and also get healthy.


The camp provides fitness activities, nutrition classes, and also cognitive behavior therapy to aid campers shed weight when still having actually fun. Camp Shane Wisconsin hopes to arm guests v the devices they require to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle and keep the load off once they leaving camp in ~ the end of the program.

One distinct factor that Camp Shane Wisconsin is the modern, state-of-the-art framework afforded by their location at Carthage College. In addition, the Kenosha, Wisconsin place is the only weight lose camp for youngsters located in the Midwest. Parents, teens, and also kids who may be centrally situated or interested in the modern campus would benefit from reviewing Camp Shane Wisconsin. Or compare all Camp Shane areas on

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10. Camp Pennbrook

Camp Pennbrook is a girls-only weight loss and also fitness camp in Newtown, Pennsylvania. The regime is available for girls ages 8 come 21, and also students might stay for a minimum of two weeks or best of seven weeks throughout the summer months.


The all-inclusive offerings at Camp Pennbrook encompass accommodations in ~ the George prepare school, healthy and also nutritious meals, counseling, exercise activities, and off-campus ar trips. Fitness tasks take place at the gym and also fitness centers on campus, an indoor swimming pool, and multiple sporting courts and fields. Camp Pennbrook supplies summer camp packages as brief as 14 days or as long as 49 days.

Are you searching for a girls-only load loss camp for you yourself or your child? If so, Camp Pennbrook’s supportive program and modern-day indoor infrastructure should be considered.

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Read much more about Camp Pennbrook pricing, details, and also 2021 camp schedule top top

11. Rites that Passage

Rites of passage Wilderness treatment is an intensive, 6-week long weight lose camp because that kids and teens in Shelton, Washington. The well-being camp at Rites of i combines considerable outdoor activities with holistic nutrition, to aid participants boost their in its entirety health while losing weight as a side effect.


Rites of passage is open to campers ages 11 to 17, and includes constant outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, and also more. Fitness activities are combined with holistic, organic meals plan by a registered dietician.

The regimen boasts that the detoxifying effect of removed sugar and fat intake from the body will assist campers’ metabolism normally speed up, through weight loss together a optimistic side effect. Diet and exercise are an unified with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions, to aid improve decision-making approximately health and also nutrition and assist students mentally and physically.

Unlike most summer fat camps, Rites of passage is open virtually year-round, accepting brand-new campers indigenous January come November. Campers and parents searching for an intense, outdoor load loss program with numerous flexible scheduling options should review the offerings in ~ Rites of i Wilderness Therapy.

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Fat Camp Pricing & Costs

Fat camps might cost in between $1,000 to $3,000 per week, relying on the camp. Weight loss camps room all-inclusive, an interpretation that all meals, lodging, and tasks are contained in the regimen price. Some extras (such together off-camp trips) may or may not price extra, so parents will want to evaluation these details prior to sending their boy to a youngsters camp. Typically, the much more weeks you remain at a weight loss camp, the lower the price-per-week will be.

Fat Camp FAQ

Are Fat Camps Real?

Weight loss camps because that kids and teens, often referred to as “fat camps”, are an extremely real. Staying healthy and also fit can be difficult, and sometimes kids need a new environment for the education, nutrition, fitness, and motivation to live in ~ a healthy and balanced weight. Don’t it is in fooled through movies and television; load loss summer camps space friendly and supportive settings for youngsters of all backgrounds.

Do Fat Camps Work?

Yes! Fat camps work-related to aid kids lose weight and keep the off with a mix of fitness, nutrition, and education. They have actually proven come be effective not just for losing weight throughout the weeks in ~ camp, but additionally for help the weight stay off upon return home.

What’s the usual Day at a Fat Camp?

Every day will consist that a mix of low-calorie meals, funny exercise activities and games, and also classes design to aid campers learn an abilities to help them keep a healthy lifestyle upon return home. While children may be wake up to be far from residence for multiple weeks, these camps and their proficient staffers understand how to combat homesickness and keep kids busy.

How much do i Eat in ~ a Fat Camp?

Most camps provide campers three real meals per day. Meals space specially designed by chefs, doctors, and also nutritionists come ensure the a low-calorie diet can still give kids enough healthy power to stay energetic during your stay. The combination of healthy meals and heavy exercise ensure a net-negative calorie intake and also steady, maintainable weight loss.

How lot do I exercise at a Fat Camp?

Weight ns camps for kids and teens space not designed come be boot camps; campers will certainly be working out, however not overworked. Camps look for to make practice fun v activities, sporting events, competitions, and also games. Kids may not even know castle are exercising when attending one of these camps.

When have the right to I walk to a Fat Camp?

Most load loss camps because that kids and teens are available during the summer months once students room not in ~ school. Programs typically run because that one- or two-week sessions, however some camps allow participants to remain for lot of sessions in a row. The longer campers continue to be in a program, the much more weight they are most likely to lose.

Selecting a weight Loss Camp

With so plenty of options, you may not recognize where come start when picking a “fat camp” for yourself or your family. Review camp choices on the website, and also keep in psychic these questions in particular:

What component of the nation do I want to be in?What dates does the program run, and also am I obtainable at those times?Would I favor a specialty camp (such together girls-only or wilderness-themed), or a more general one?Beyond diet and also exercise, just how will the camp support me or my son mentally and emotionally?

Read camp reviews on, and also check the end our blog for more advice top top fitness, health, load loss, and also travel for kids, teens, and also adults.

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Kids & teenager Weight loss Camp Directory

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