“What space the cheapest areas to paris to in Europe?” This is a concern I acquire a lot, and also one the I’ve excellent a fair amount of research study on over the years. I’ve saw 25 countries in Europe, constantly striving to uncover the finest flight transaction on sites choose Skyscanner, Hopper, and Google Flights. It every comes down to the airport, the airline, and the time the year. Allow me explain:

The price the roundtrip flights to Europe will vary depending on when you’d choose to visit (high vs. Low season), the airline you take, and also where you paris (to/from). For this article, i have analyzed the average price that roundtrip ticket throughout the year for destinations with constant flight courses to and from the US. By taking an median throughout the year, i’ve filtered the end the variability in seasonal trip prices.

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Other considerations once finding cheap areas to fly into Europe

To discover the cheapest locations to fly to in Europe, i also minimal my find to significant airports in the US. Sure, tiny airports may have actually cheap fares to Europe from time to time, but much more likely 보다 not, you will do it be connecting in ~ a bigger US airport (i.e., Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC, or Philadelphia) prior to making your method across the pond.

As such, it’s more practical to use data from larger US airports, which handle the vast majority of european flights. Smaller sized airports have fewer day-to-day flights, a greater variability in prices, and less finish data. So, it no make sense to include them when examining the cheapest places to fly into Europe from the US.

Note that prices can vary immensely between different U.S. Cities. For example, a trip to Iceland will certainly cost much more if you’re traveling from the west coastline vs. East coast. If she looking come visit Europe native a an additional airport like in Louisville, KY, you may have to connect somewhere and also pay a small more. The price of a roundtrip fare might be different, but generally, the cheapest destinations to paris to in Europe need to remain the same, nevertheless of wherein you’re flying from.

From the Mediterranean come the Baltic Sea, below are the 14 cheapest places to fly to in Europe in 2021!

Frankfurt is a bustling financial facility in Europe with cheap flights indigenous the US and other countries.

Paris, France

Paris is among the cheapest European cities to paris to native the US, including Chicago, Philadelphia, LAX, Seattle, Dallas, NYC, and also more. France’s resources is home to 3 airports, with many non-stop flights going come Charles de Gaulle Airport. Some reasonably priced airlines encompass United, American Airlines, and also Air France, each offering straight flights to Paris from significant US cities. Expect to pay together low as $300-$500 top top connecting flights through other major airlines.

Paris is a top bucket list-worthy location in Europe, home to top sights favor the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and also Louvre Museum. You can spend a week here and barely scratch the surface, therefore be certain to give yourself many of time to check out one of europe’s prettiest cities!

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Milan, Italy is among the cheapest locations to paris to in all of Europe

From time come time, American travelers can find amazing trip deals come Milan. Huge cities prefer NYC have day-to-day non-stop flights come Milan via American Airlines, Delta, and Alitalia. Even in smaller cities, like Burlington VT and Louisville KY, the not uncommon to uncover cheap flights transparent the year. The best deals that room currently easily accessible in 2021 range from $400-$800 roundtrip. Together is the situation with most European destinations, the cheapest time to paris to Milan is in the winter (January and February).

Milan is taken into consideration the fashion capital of the world, as it’s house to numerous high-end designer and also luxury stores. However a expedition to Milan isn’t finish without a visit come its grandiose gothic cathedral, the Duomo di Milano, and also its sprawling restaurant scene. The neighboring Lombardy an ar also merits a visit.

While numerous destinations in Italy space filled with historic charm, Milan uses a much more contemporary, cosmopolitan vibe. This definitely makes it amongst the most unique places to visit in Europe!

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Istanbul, Turkey

Wedged in between Europe and also Asia, Istanbul is one of the cheapest European urban to paris to any type of time the year. This is made feasible by Turkish Airlines, the largest airline carrier in the world, which solutions 315+ destinations.

Expect to pay somewhere between $470 and $840 ~ above roundtrip fares from the US. Sometimes, you can acquire an even far better deal by doing a layover in Istanbul en path to an additional destination. Turkish Airlines supplies a stopover program where you have the right to receive free hotels and also a city tour throughout a long layover.

Istanbul is one of the most incredible cities I’ve ever before visited, and I’d recommend it come anyone that loves history, shopping, and food. Explore the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar, and you’ll check out why it’s among the most distinctive destinations to visit in Europe!

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Cork, Ireland

This is a funny one. Cork isn’t your typical world-class city, but surprisingly, you’ll find some amazing flight deals below from pick US destinations. Every as soon as in a while, as I’m perusing cheap flights to Europe, i’m inclined to take it one…though i haven’t to be yet!

Fun fact: Cork is the 2nd largest city in Ireland and also is thought about the foodie capital of the country!

Discovering the cheapest locations to fly to in Europe

Though the cities over are almost always the cheapest destinations to acquire to in Europe, girlfriend will find other good deals from time to time. I’ve uncovered incredibly cheap fares to secondary and tertiary destinations in Europe, and also I attribute this to the adhering to tips:

Tips because that finding the cheapest ar to fly into Europe

– book your flights at the very least 3 month in advance. The best flight deals are posted way ahead of time. Sure, you deserve to occasionally uncover last-minute deals, however I wouldn’t financial institution on that. Together the day of the trip draws near and seats fill up, airlines tend to hike increase the prices. Be sure to browse 3+ month in advance, and also you’re all yet guaranteed the lowest price on airfare.

– compare multiple search engines. I always start my flight search through Skyscanner, but then examine a couple of other sites consisting of Hopper and also Google Flights prior to pulling the trigger. Most of the time, Skyscanner comes in in ~ the cheapest, however sometimes among the latter choices offers a flight deal come Europe that ns can’t refuse.

– sign up for airline newsletters. there are lots of sites out there that display discounted trip fares, consisting of Scott’s Cheap Flights. Sign up for this newsletter, and others, which you can find in my other article: height travel hacks for flying.

– it is in flexible v your dates. offer yourself a tiny bit of wiggle room top top the dates, and also you’ll have the ability to unlock the cheapest fares. Try to avoid major holidays prefer Christmas, and choose midweek end weekends. I’ve found that the spring and fall are remarkable for paris to Europe, wherein you have the right to luck the end on the weather and save a bundle in the process.

– Fly throughout off times.

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Late-night and early-morning flights space king if you desire to cheap the out when you’re paris to Europe. I like taking late flights, anyway, because it gets me right into Europe through mid-to late-morning. That way, I deserve to hit the ground running and not shed a travel day.

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