Helsinki, Tunisia, Tokyo, and also San Juan had some of the ideal deals of the year departing native the U.S.

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While the pandemic retained many mindful travelers close come home, the year to be filled with flight deals because that those that met travel constraints to fly safely. But the cheapest ar to go by airplane was dependent on wherein passengers to be departing from. To uncover the finest airfare price from each U.S. State, flight deals site Scott's Cheap Flights mapped that all out by region.



Overall, the cheapest location to paris from countless states was mountain Juan, Puerto Rico, topping the list for California, Washington, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, north Carolina, Virginia, new Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and also Vermont. Next up was san Jose, Costa Rica, v the finest deals native Idaho, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, south Dakota, brand-new Mexico, and also Wyoming. The U.S. Virgin islands was likewise a renowned destination, with St. Croix comes up for Texas, Florida, and also Illinois, and St. Cutting board for Louisiana and also South Carolina.

In the Midwest, Canada reigned, with Kansas and North Dakota having actually deals come Montreal and also Nebraska to Toronto. Indigenous Alaska and Hawaii, the ideal prices to be to Guatemala City, if the cheapest location to fly from West Virginia was Madrid. Indigenous Mississippi, it was to Sao Paulo; indigenous Alabama, it was Belize City; and also from Arkansas, that was harbor of Spain in Trinidad and also Tobago.


A Delta air Lines Inc. Airplane approaches Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., on Wednesday, April 7, 202

The agency also damaged down the destinations by region. Because that those looking toward Europe, Helsinki was overwhelmingly the cheapest ar to with from 29 states, while transaction to Madrid and Reykjavik were likewise popular. Many states had actually flights to the continent for less than $299 round-trip, despite it was a bit much more in Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming.

For african destinations, geographical proximity come Europe equaled reduced prices, together Tunisia to be the cheapest for flights from 32 states, together with Morocco — mainly to Casablanca, though Marrakesh was cheaper from California and Agadir native Illinois. From Georgia, the ideal deals were to Cairo; from brand-new Jersey, it was to Dakar, Senegal; and also from new Mexico, it to be Nairobi. Most flights come the continent were over $500 round-trip.

Over in Asia, despite Japan's borders being shut, Tokyo deals to be still the most famous — and as low as under $299 round-trip, part for take trip in beforehand 2022. Hong Kong was the cheapest because that Georgia and also Nevada, while Beijing was for Indiana and Washington. Bengaluru, India, meanwhile, had the ideal flight price because that North Dakota, south Dakota, and Kansas, if Taipei, Taiwan, was the cheapest for Hawaii.

The Middle eastern was overcame by transaction to Tbilisi, Georgia — the cheapest in 17 states — followed by Dubai indigenous 12, and also Tel Aviv native eight. However most flights still expense at least $500. In Oceania, Papeete in French Polynesia to be surprisingly the best deal indigenous 27 states. If Australia stays closed, Brisbane and Melbourne price were specifically low for those comes from California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

Honing in top top the Caribbean, mountain Juan was optimal for 27 states, while harbor of Spain was second and St. Croix third. In Latin America, mountain Jose, Costa Rica, was trailed by Guatemala City from nine states, Cancun native eight states, and Belize City from seven states. Because that both regions, deals were greatly well under $299 round-trip, with many in between $100 and also $199.

For Canada, as soon as Americans were welcome in August, the transaction piled up, through Toronto and also Montreal largely being the cheapest location for eastern Coasters, and Vancouver and Calgary for West Coasters. Most prices were less than $299 round-trip.

Domestic travel saw serious savings in 2021, with countless trips as low together $50 round-trip. That course, proximity play a large role, yet those in search of cheap flights found them heading to California, wherein the ideal deals to be to Los Angeles from Utah, Arizona, and California, and nearby Burbank native Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. Many on the East coastline found transaction to Washington, D.C., particularly from Rhode Island, Indiana, Connecticut, and South Carolina, if Newark to be the cheapest place to fly into from Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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For the ideal deals from all 50 states, and the round-trip price averages, visit Scott's Cheap Flights' complete list. Earlier this year, the firm also exit a list of the airlines through cheapest deals in each state.