From beaches to rollercoasters, Florida has it all, and has actually put together a list of the cheapest airports to fly right into in the Sunshine State.

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With every little thing from watercraft tours v the meandering water channels of the Everglades and wildlife spotting beneath the tropic canopies of the Ocala national Forest, to hedonistic party nights in ft Lauderdale, sunning ~ above Daytona Beach and roller-coaster riding in Orlando"s booming parks top top the menu for travelers to the Sunshine State this year, it"s as vital as ever to shot and bolster that holiday safety budget before arrival. That"s specifically why"s expert flight team have put together this perform of the five cheapest airports to fly to in Florida, using the recent stats sourced indigenous right across the web to uncover the most wallet-friendly southerly spots for beginning your vacation. Enjoy...

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5. Miami (Miami global Airport)


A focus hub for American Airlines, a base allude for connecting long­-haulers come destinations right throughout the globe, and also one of the few ports qualified of hosting the gargantuan Airbus A380 jets, Miami worldwide remains one seriously big player ~ above the U.S. Aviation scene. Because that travelers spring to obtain down come the warm of Florida this year, it"s additionally a fairly cheap option compared with a number of other arrival points in the region, boasting an typical ticket price of just $222 because that all residential flights poignant down on its runways.

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4. Orlando (Orlando worldwide Airport)

*"s statistics have displayed that upwards that a whopping 4.3 million civilization are at this time searching for trip connections into the runways that Orlando global each month, make this one unquestionably one of the most well-known gateways come the Sunshine State as a whole. And why not? The Magic Kingdom beckons through its unbridled fun, universal Studios awaits through the enchanting Wizarding human being of take care of Potter, and also the airport is one of the cheapest because that arrivals in the region too, boasting an average trip price of just $218 ring trip!

3. West Palm beach (Palm Beach international Airport)


Hosting a modest five million passengers and also 153,000 take­offs and landings every year, this gateway come the shimmering Atlantic sands that burst v jet setter homes, well­-to­-do mansions and swaying palm tree midway down Florida"s east shore is definitely not the biggest airport in the region. That is, however, the joint­-second cheapest arrival allude for travelers hitting the Sunshine State, with elafilador.netn ticket prices on routes right into town comes in at approximately just $213 round trip!

2. Tampa (Tampa worldwide Airport)


With the acclaimed Lowry Park Zoo, Busch Gardens and some heart­-thumping NFL gamings courtesy of the Tampa bay Buccaneers top top the line­up of attractions in Tampa, travelers will desire to save as numerous dollars as possible on your journeys into town. That"s why it"s specifically helpful the the city"s global airport in Hillsborough ar is the joint­-second cheapest gateway to the Sunshine State overall—touting average flight prices in the region of simply $213 round trip.

1. Ft Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood international Airport)


Handling upwards of 20 million passengers per year and also currently enjoy it arrivals native every corner of the unified States, oodles the Caribbean Islands, many Canadian cities and plenty the far-­flung destinations in Europe, Asia and South America, the ft Lauderdale–Hollywood worldwide Airport remains one of the biggest in the Sunshine State. Yet the superlatives don"t stop there either, because"s stats have likewise revealed the this one is the cheapest arrival suggest in Florida overall, touting one average trip price of just $203 round trip!

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