You have moments once you research the calendar in front of your office desk and also question what you did through all those days unable to do by. Your body feeling sluggish and also you think your ago might it is in permanently arched from hunching end a computer. Girlfriend spend an ext time commuting to earn a living 보다 you carry out actually living.

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Oh, great friend, please permit us change this dire situation prior to it’s also late!

Welcome come the “graduated” ski bum life, the one the affords year-round adventure v a nod to your responsible side. Whether you invested time chasing eye as a freshly graduated college college student or you uncover yourself wishing you had actually taken that ski bum opportunity while you had the chance, girlfriend can get it now and keep it because that good.

The ideal news? while racking increase days at few of the continent’s finest ski hills, friend won’t have to offer up household life, financial security or the various other non-ski activities you love (yes, we’re actually recognizing the there room three other seasons to it is in enjoyed).

Here, in alphabet order, room North America’s optimal 10 hill towns that carry out equally good skiing and good year-round living, as chosen by current “graduated” ski bums:


PHOTO: Alta Ski Area

1. Alta, Utah

Home of: Alta Ski Area and also neighbor to Snowbird.

Perfect for: Becoming among the locals (Queue “Cheers” template song)

Like living at altitude? Alta ranks among some of the greatest cities in north America, with an elevation of almost 9,000 feet (and some sections walking well beyond that). It’s home to among North America’s faster ski areas which set up its an initial chair, a single-seater, in 1939, at which time you might buy a single ride for simply twenty-five cents. The town’s resort is now world-famous yet still retains a very “local” feel.

Is Alta her future home? discover out if you a fit.


PHOTO: Banff Lake Louise tourism / Paul Zizka Photography

2. Banff, Alberta

Home of: Lake Louise Ski Resort, mount Norquay, Sunshine Village

Perfect for: Those who desire to live in a postcard setting (literally)

After a series of hot springs were found nearby, Canada, seek to boost visibility ~ above its brand-new transcontinental railway, developed the country’s an initial national park, “Rocky mountain Park.”

Touted together an global spa retreat, the name later faded into history but the town’s glory never did. Situated inside the currently most-popular of Canadian nationwide Parks, the town of Banff functions some of the continent’s most stunning scenery because that skiing and living.

Is Banff the place for you? discover out more.


PHOTO: Durango mountain Resort/Sven Brunso

3. Durango, Colorado

Home of: Durango hill Resort (“Purgatory” come the locals), Ski Hesperus

Perfect for: The adventure family

Durango doesn’t just case rights to Colorado’s abundant San Juan Mountains’ snowfall. It’s likewise host to plenty that off-hill tasks and events. Take, for example, the zany happenings of winter’s Snowdown Festival, jokingly claimed to be created as a cure for cabin fever for the town’s residents. Competitions during the festival incorporate both beard growing and also hot wing-eating contests — just a hints at exactly how not seriously these mountain-living folks take your competitive shenanigans.

Think you’d fit in through Durango’s happy spirit? check out much more to see.


PHOTO: Gina Begin

 4. Killington, Vermont

Home of: Killington hill Resort

Perfect for: Those who want to live the country club lifestyle on a ski bum budget

The oldest town on our list, Killington resides in a an ar that maintains a connection with its background but isn’t versus allowing in a touch the modern. Killington Resort has all the latest and also greatest — with end $35 million in resort enhancements as of 2014, while the city and an ar offer citizens a glimpse into a i delivered era through winter sleigh rides and a charming historic district. Sushi, spas, and extensive hill biking (just to surname a couple of modern features) save things increase to date for those v a hankering because that the new.

Would Killington right the invoice for you? view more.


5. Lake Placid, new York

Home to: Whiteface Mountain

Perfect for: Those who want to pair hefty vertical v a side of culture.

It’s not constantly easy to find a place that perfect balances nature with upscale amenities, especially when it involves ski towns. If Lake Placid is comfortable in a pair the ski boots, it’s nearly as at home in high heels — as long as the wearer of those heels deserve to navigate snowy sidewalks like a pro. If not, you’ll acquire the practice in throughout the ski season, which boasted 122 open up days critical year. Ski boots will certainly come in handy while taking a quick hike to what is declared to be the most continuous vertical in every one of the continent: Whiteface’s “The Slides” v 3,430 feet of big mountain fun. A night the end on Lake Placid’s downtown is a worthy reward ~ a couple of laps on those poor boys.

Think Lake Placid could be the location for you? see if it’s your place.


PHOTO: David Gluns

6. Nelson, british Columbia

Home of: Whitewater Ski Resort

Perfect For: People that love Portland and skiing 

Know wherein Steve Martin’s Roxanne was filmed? Well, the course, Nelson (you room in the Nelson ar of this piece, after all…). However maybe ski films are much more your thing? A perform of segments filmed in Nelson top the list, including: J.P. Auclair’s street segment in All.I.Can, The art of Flight, and also Sweetgrass Production’s exceptionally cold naked segment in “Valhalla.” The latter, should offer you a little bit of an idea around the anything-goes vibe in this Canadian town.

Off-beat culture and hardcore mountain sports go hand-in-hand here—if you gain bored in Nelson, you’re doing life wrong.

Is Nelson her forever home? examine it out and also see.


PHOTO: Gina Begin

7. North Conway, brand-new Hampshire

Home of: Attitash, black Mountain, Bretton Woods, Cranmore, King Pine, Wildcat Mountain, Tuckerman Ravine

Perfect for: The gnarliest of east-coast skiers

Can’t decide on one favourite ski area? A bit schizo once it comes to off-season sports? Head here and also be together indecisive as you like.

North Conway is the base for several of the east coast’s most intense wilderness experiences. If you destruction history, you’ll find no finish to fascinating historic outdoor stories and also personalities. If you geezer out over the natural sciences, Mt. Washington and its long-standing observatory will store you entertained indefinitely. Those who sophisticated themselves together photographers will certainly be noted with a plethora of scenes to record as each season turns.

Up for putting down root in north Conway? find out more.


PHOTO: Revelstoke mountain Resort/Ian Houghton

8. Revelstoke, brother Columbia

Home of: Revelstoke hill Resort

Perfect for: kicking earlier with mountain-crushing friends

We’re not certain you have the right to find much more snow 보다 in this area. In the winter that 1971-72, much more than 80 feet — 80 FEET! — of snow fell on the surrounding Mount Copeland, making it the Canadian document holder for the snowiest winter, ever. It might have been a freak winter, but this place is recognized for significant depths each season.

Enjoy it every on the ski resort’s 9.5 mile long ski trail, or try out the eye via cat, helicopter or backcountry — the resort is the just one in the people to offer it all from a single base. Thaw yourself out come summer by visiting two regional national parks: mount Revelstoke and Canada’s Glacier national Park.

Think you’ve uncovered your utopia? Read an ext on Revelstoke.


PHOTO: Mont-Sainte-Anne

9. St-Ferreol-les-Neiges, Quebec

Home of: Mont Sainte Anne

Perfect For: French immersion and also nature’s diversions

Steeped in uncommonly wild, rugged natural beauty (especially when comparing come what many think of when considering its east coastline location), this quiet, French-speaking city doesn’t do lot boasting of itself but locals speak proudly on that behalf.

Skiers space treated v an expansive check out of the St. Laurence River together they rip under trails indigenous the summit if summer sports enthusiasts have actually outdoor playgrounds the come v a UNESCO stamp of approval. City life is just far sufficient away to save this spot unique, however close enough for a daily commute.

Want much more on this eastern gem? examine out what we’ve gathered indigenous locals.


PHOTO: Brian Schott

10. Whitefish, Montana

Home of: Whitefish hill Resort

Perfect for: living where the West still way “wild”

Just as you think you’ve unable to do as far north as you possibly can before crossing right into Canada, you hit Whitefish. For such a small place, this town is happening. It’s got refined rusticity written everywhere it and keeps nearby ties v both that is historical and present-day western culture.

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Need confirmation that the worthy of her skis? National geographical named it one of the 25 best ski communities in the world.