Let’s face reality, Starbucks menu prices it seems ~ to go up every 6 months. Exactly how some human being feed your caffeine addiction five mornings a week in ~ Starbucks blows mine mind. This is particularly true as soon as you begin doing the mathematics on what that prices annually. Yet I’m happy to say no all expect is shed as there are specific drinks in ~ Starbucks that room actually kinda cheap. Below are 10 Starbucks food selection prices that actually make their coffee somewhat affordable.

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1. Venti Filtered Coffee (Price $2.45)

Coming in at a sizable 20 ounces, a Venti cup of plain ol’ warm coffee is just one of the much better deals on the Starbucks menu.

It’s actually large enough the I frequently turn fifty percent of it right into an iced coffee later on in the day once I need a caffeine pick-me-up.

For the Starbucks price the $2.45, you essentially get two drinks the end of it.

2. 8-Cup French press (Price $5.95)

If you’re enjoy it a cup of coffee with friends, consider ordering the 64 ounce French press and also save a bunch that money.

With a Starbucks price that $5.95, you’ll acquire eight 8-ounce cups which comes out to $0.74 each.

Sweet deal for sure.

(Note: The size and price that the French Press have the right to vary through Starbucks location.)

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3. Totally free Coffee Refill (Price $0)

When you join the totally free Starbucks Rewards program you’ll score the best kind of coffee…the free kind.

To do it happen you merely “use your registered Starbucks map to acquisition a beverage and then present that exact same Starbucks map for a cost-free refill.”

You also must get your cost-free refill top top the same store visit as the original purchase.

Most human being don’t recognize that it works on both warm or iced brewed coffee (and tea).

4. “Short” Brewed Coffee (Price $1.55)

Did you also know Starbucks readily available an 8 ounce brief cup?

If you did, you knew friend could additionally order it and also get a free refill prior to you stepped external via her Rewards card.

This essentially gets your cost down to about $0.75 every cup.

Perhaps the cheapest Starbucks price accessible ANYWHERE.

5. Trenta Shaken Iced Tea (Price $2.95)

Another Starbucks food selection price that’s a an excellent value is the Trenta (31 oz) Shaken Iced Tea.

It’s the only “Trenta” size drink top top the Starbucks food selection priced under $3.

It’s likewise a great drink to split as you’ll conserve money, and get more iced tea, when contrasted to ordering two 12oz Talls.

6. Venti Iced Coffee w/ Light ice cream (Price $2.95)

Many that those who desire the many bang for your buck at Starbucks on regular basis order a Venti iced coffee through “light ice”.

You’ll acquire 24 ounces of iced coffee through very small frozen water acquisition up an are in your cup.

Also, if you’re splitting the Venti v someone, you’ll save end a buck in lieu of notified 2 Talls.

7. Grande Americano (Price $2.65)

If a quick and also cheap caffeine pick-me-up is what girlfriend need, the Grande Americano (225 mg the caffeine) fits the invoice perfectly.

For one affordable $2.65, you’ll get 2 shots the espresso with a warm water pour.

According to the Starbucks site, the result is “this wonderfully wealthy cup v depth and also nuance through a irradiate layer that crema top top top.”

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8. Totally free Birthday Drink (Price $0)

Again, aStarbucks membership has it’s rewards and also this is never an ext evident 보다 on her birthday.

Just current your Rewards card as much as 2 days prior to your b-day, or approximately 1 day after, and also you’ll obtain a complimentary drink or food item.

Keep in mind the your birthday drink includes any sized drink, therefore order the 31 oz Trenta (cold only).

9. Bespeak a Grande in a Venti Cup (Price: Depends)

Or order a high in a Grande cup. Or if you prefer a many the milk in her coffee order a high in a Venti cup.

By act this, friend can add milk or cream without having to intake out any kind of coffee.

Never bespeak a Grande in a tall cup together you’ll finish up v coffee everywhere yourself.

10. Filtered ice Water (Price: Free)

Never buy a party of water from Starbucks when they’ll give you complimentary ice water that’s been triple filtered for her enjoyment.

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All you gotta do is ask because that it.

Ask the Reader: What Starbucks food selection prices carry out you find the most affordable and which do you remain away from?