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Welcome come Pennsylvania accessibility To Criminal history

The job unit will certainly no longer mail out any PATCH inspect that is requested on the web site. It will be the duty of the requestor to print out the No document or record response.

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PATCH Helpdesk 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972)All requests for Notarized duplicates of a Criminal Record check MUST BE submitted by mail.
(Volunteers only)
PATCH was freshly updated to assistance the brand-new SameSite attribute.Safari and also embedded browsers on MacOS 10.14 and also all browsers on iOS 12 space not compatible v PATCH and your request will not it is in processed. This bug has been fixed on more recent versions of iOS and also MacOS. Please see the complete list of incompatible SameSite clients here.
Do not use the Safari web browser when requesting a patch check. The Safari web internet browser is not supported by PATCH and the request will certainly not it is in completed.
(Only offered by pre-approved organizations)
Why does PATCH exist?Its function is to much better enable the publicto acquire criminal history record checks. The repository to be created and is preserved in accordance with Pennsylvania"sCriminal history Information Act consisted of in thing 91 of title 18, crimes Code. This Act also directs the Police (PSP) come disseminate criminal background data come criminal justice agencies, non-criminal justice agencies andindividuals ~ above request. Criminal justice agencies can accessibility all of one individual"s criminal history record information(CHRI). Requests do by noncriminal justice agencies and also individuals are subject to modify criteria had in the law.

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DispositionsDispositions on most criminal situations can it is in accessed by reviewing court docket sheets located at the Pennsylvania Judiciary web portal site: the "HELP" link on this web page will administer information regarding how to access the windy docket sheets. However, publicly docket sheet info should not be provided in location of a criminal history background check, which deserve to only be noted by the Pennsylvania Police.Browser RequirementsThe recommended web browsers for this website are Microsoft Internet traveler 9.x-11.x,Microsoft Edge, Firefox variation 60 or newer, or Chrome variation 66 or newer using a 32 little bit or 64 little browser. Every other web browsers or version (such as Safari and Opera) space not supported
.Web browsers have to accept cookies and also have scripting enabled. Ensure the pop-up blockers room disabled.PATCH Helpdesk 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972)Pennsylvania PoliceTerrorism/Fugitive reminder Line Home | document Check| assist | Privacy Policy| PA Police house Page