We sell a variety of laboratory testing services, nationally, to medical care professionals, individuals, employers, and government agencies. Each business meets a unique need and also each is accessed in a various way:

Testing for the Federal federal government — We administer testing for, amongst others, the department of Defense and also Veterans management hospitals, as well as testing solutions to assistance federally funded study programs.

Frequently asked Questions about Laboratory test Ordered by a Patient’s healthcare Professional

Unless otherwise noted, the answers come the inquiries below use to tests ordered through healthcare professionals only.

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Requesting lab Tests

Preparing for a lab check and/or visiting a Patient business Center

Lab check Results

Payment & insurance Information

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Requesting rap Tests

have the right to I inquiry my own laboratory tests?

What species of tests does quest Diagnostics perform?

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Preparing for a lab check and/or visiting a Patient service Center

mine doctor has ordered a lab test for me, and does not collect samples in his/her office. Just how do I locate a quest Diagnostics place near me? carry out I have to make an appointment in order to be tested at a quest Diagnostics location? Where have the right to I find the hours of procedure for your patient trial and error locations? perform I should fast prior to being tested at a quest Diagnostics location? part blood tests carry out require fasting prior to having actually your blood drawn. Please contact your health care provider to identify his/her requirements for your details testing.

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Lab check Results

exactly how long does it take to obtain test results? depending on the check performed, many tests space completed and also reported to your ordering medical care provider within about 24 hrs of receiving the sample for testing. Details tests take several days to weeks. Results are sent straight to the ordering healthcare professional. You re welcome ask your health care provider to call you once your check results have actually been received. can I get a copy of my test results? There room several ways to accessibility your lab check results: when you"ve created a MyQuest account, prior to you can start to watch results, you need to verify your identity.
clock the video. You deserve to receive your outcomes online if: her physician has an electronic devices results delivery plan with search Diagnostics, and also Your physician agrees to release your outcomes to you, and also


You may receive your test results directly from her physician. next time your physician orders a rap test, asking your medical professional to show on the requisition that pursuit Diagnostics should likewise send you a copy that the check results. Most tests take in between 1 come 10 days to complete. If you want a copy of ahead test results you can ask your physician to send you a copy.

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Payment and Insurance Information

I have a question around my bill.

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Whom must I contact?

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