I"d like to check if a Instagram username is obtainable the "proper" way. At this time what im doing is opened the wanted username their instagram page and also check if the statuscode is 404. But this presensts a concern because, if the previous owner of the surname was prohibition the account won"t exist but, you additionally can"t use the name. I found a old post on here around it except the means they used to execute it doesn"t job-related anymore(Check if a user is banned or account doesn't in reality exist. Instagram, c#).

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So is there a means I can reliably inspect if a Instagram username is taken? (with or without the Instagram api)


Without password you can constantly use https://www.thekeygram.com/find-instagram-user-id/

With code you have the right to use: https://www.instagram.com/username/?__a=1

If you see an north object (as in just ), the user does not exist.If you see data of any kind of kind (more than simply ), then that user go exist.



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