King Mswati III the eSwatini, Africa’s last absolute monarch, is facing growing demands for democracy and rule the law. EPA-EFE/Yeshiel Panchia July 11, 2021

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Africans want consensual democracy – why is that reality so tough toaccept?

Nic Cheeseman, University that Birmingham and also Sishuwa Sishuwa, University of Cape Town

over there is much more support for democracy among African human being than is frequently recognised. Yet this can be undermined by choice rigging and also is lower in countries like Lesotho, Mozambique and South Africa.

People’s movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) pendant at a campaign rally. The party has actually run the country due to the fact that independence in 1975. photo by Osvaldo Silva / AFP) via Getty Images. July 5, 2021

Angola’s peculiar electoral mechanism needs reforms. How it could bedone

Albano Agostinho Troco, University of the Witwatersrand

Angola requirements a mixed electoral system. This would promote accountability through the direct election of representatives from constituencies.

The 3 branches that U.S. Federal government often uncover themselves in tension. White House, Eric Kiser; Capitol, man Xavier; supreme Court, Architect the the Capitol February 4, 2021

Why disputes between Congress and also the White residence so often end up incourt

sarah Burns, Rochester academy of Technology

once presidents have actually tried to attend to pressing issues through executive action, members of congress are quick to asking the court to action in.

Marines in ~ Camp Post, Afghanistan, Sept. 11, 2020, ~ above the 19th anniversary of the terror strikes that started the U.S. Battle there. Andrew Renneisen/Getty images November 18, 2020

Trump’s purge that defense agencies comes at a vulnerable time for us nationalsecurity

Arie Perliger, University the Massachusetts Lowell

investigations of the 9/11 strikes show that a short, unstable transition between two presidents have the right to weaken us security. Trump’s scan staff transforms compound the risk, specialists say.

conference holds the strength to propose and also approve the federal budget. Patsy Lynch/ MediaPunch /IPX December 13, 2019

Why congress would store working throughout a governmentshutdown

Zachary Price, University the California, Hastings

also if other parts of the federal federal government shut down, Congress could – and also would have to – save working. A legal scholar defines why and also how the is possible.

U.S. Pressures are tho in Syria, yet their duty has readjusted substantially in current weeks. AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad October 30, 2019

Could Congress turning back Trump’s decision to pull troops the end ofSyria?

buy it Burns, Rochester academy of Technology

due to the fact that the 1940s, Congress has largely permit the president make decisions, while members of the House and also Senate endorse or guilty of those actions native the sidelines.
Michael Cohen’s guilty plea has actually raised questions about the legitimacy the Trump’s presidency. REUTERS/Jonathan serious respectable 30, 2018

Cohen plea should emphasis attention ~ above the fail of the united state constitutional system

chris Edelson, American University school of public Affairs

congress is claimed to be a check on presidential power, yet party politics has actually muted Republican criticism of Trump. Restoring balance way making a radical change.

Trump’s challenge to the united state legal system must it is in takenseriously

Emma Long, University of east Anglia

Donald trump card is much from the very first president come politicise the judiciary, but the way he’s going around it is uniquely dangerous.

Trump and Brexit have triggered 2 deep constitution crises

David Eastwood, University of Birmingham

the quite feasible that no the us nor the UK will ever before return to normal when it involves political and also constitutional balance.
The failure of an elderly ministers of federal government to observe simple protocols that respect because that the person Rights Commission and its president, Gillian Triggs, offers the nation a signal the the institutions of democracy are dispensable. AAP/Lukas Coch February 16, 2015

Respect live independence statutory bodies as main todemocracy

daniel Celermajer, University the Sydney

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In his incautious remarks around the Australian human being Rights Commission’s (AHRC) report into youngsters in detention, element Minister Tony Abbott has displayed a disregard for basic institutions that democracy that…
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