Cheech & Chong disclose Who They’d cast in up in acting Sequel Comedy legends Cheech and Chong disclose who castle would choose to see actors in a theoretical sequel to their classic stoner movie Up in Smoke.

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Comedy legends Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have revealed who they would favor to see cast in a sequel to their classic stoner film Up in Smoke. Long before there was Seth Rogen and James Franco or Jay and also Silent Bob, there to be Cheech and Chong. The standard counterculture comedy duo started their movie careers through 1978"s Up in Smoke, which go on come gross $44 million at the box office in spite of being derided through critics. In the years because the film"s release, it has actually gone on to end up being a classic of what would later on become an entire genre, the stoner comedy.

Cheech and also Chong"s subsequent movies proved popular through the early "80s, v their original run ending in 1985"s Get the end of my Room. The duo later went back for 2013"s Cheech and also Chong"s man Movie!, which adapted many that their classic bits for a brand-new audience. Over the years there has been speak of a sequel come Up in Smoke, the movie that began it all, yet thus much nothing has materialized.

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As because that that feasible Up in Smoke sequel, Cheech and also Chong themselves were asked about the idea during an figure on The IMDb Show (appropriately released on 4/20). The comedy duo questioned who lock would like to check out step into the lead roles and also they had some very interesting and slightly unpredictable casting choices. Both men agree the Kevin Hart would be a good choice for among the leads. Then Chong chimed in that Dwayne Johnson should also appear in the film, which brought about Cheech to quip, "Boy are you walk to acquire some letters."

Dwayne Johnson and also Kevin Hart of course have currently shared the screen much more than once, starring together in the smash fight Jumanji: Welcome come the Jungle, and the action comedy main Intelligence prior to that. Needless to say, Up in exhilaration 2 would certainly be a really different sort of project for the two actors. For his part, Hart has the comedic background come make sense in a stoner comedy, yet his thing is much more about being hyper 보다 laid back. Together for Johnson, stoner comedy feels favor a genre that"s a small out of reach both in regards to his personality and the common tone the his movies.

It"s frankly difficult to imagine the family-friendly Johnson smoking cigarettes pretend weed and also acting stoned in ~ this point in his career. Perhaps if he yes, really felt the need for a adjust of pace, that might think about taking Cheech and also Chong up on their proposal. It might theoretically be funny to view Johnson try to play the brand that subversive comedy, but at the exact same time, his totality larger-than-life persona sort of runs counter to every little thing stoner comedy was standing for. Johnson is all about going out and also saving the world. A stoner would certainly never have the energy to pull off that sort of activity.

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As of now, a sequel to Up in Smoke is an ext or less of a pipe dream, yet maybe at some point it will come to pass.