Cheech and Chong were counter comedians that created plenty of comedy albums and also then starred in the 1978 film "Up in Smoke.” The main subject of the film was marijuana smuggling in the unified States.

years later, production designer Steve Kimmel was unaware that functioning on a Hollywood documentary top top “Cheech and Chong” would an outcome in recreating a notable auto from the movie — The Love Machine. Follow to Kimmel, however, the Chevrolet Impala to be featured in around 20% that the film.

once someone look at Steve’s 1964 Chevrolet Impala super Sport, they’ll have actually either among two reactions. Some world will be surprised through its obsolete nature and wonder what might be done to customize the vehicle, while others will certainly smile and applaud Kimmel because that nailing the recreation of the Love an equipment from Cheech and Chong’s “Up In Smoke.”

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So, what happened to the original? and where’s the replica?

Here’s whatever we know about the existing whereabouts of The Love device replica.

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The Love device Is earlier and far better Than Before

Up In acting Impala Via: 17QQ
While functioning on the documentary, Kimmel sought to uncover the whereabouts of the original car. After a pair of inquiries, he still couldn"t discover how the vehicle disappeared. Later on, he presumed that after the movie’s production involved a standstill, it was either sold, possibly crushed, or also driven come the ground and also disposed that in a junkyard.

What a sad ending for the Love Machine. Other than the story doesn’t prevent there. After ~ Kimmel diligently tried to find the original car and came increase empty, he accepted and also vowed to produce a replica that the 1964 Chevrolet Impala at sight Sport. Not just any typical replica, however one that nitpicks would find nothing come criticize.

Up In exhilaration Impala Via: 17QQ
He had actually to find and also purchase a 1964 Impala supervisor Sport, not just an plain Impala with a SuperSport symbol. He even envisioned Cheech and also Chong seafaring in it, and the car had to be just right.

~ he situated the ’64 Impala supervisor Sport, which was the right canvas because that what that was about to make, Kimmel purchase it. The change was slow and steady. Because that instance, it take it him a while to locate the best body colors, since colors native the 1978 movie were various in every scene.

Kimmel offered his year of endure to visualize how the car would look. He was amazed by the number of parts he forced that can be discovered on the internet. Though, his friend relentlessly dubbed him about other components he discovered that enabled him to recreate the vehicle seamlessly. The California key is quiet online and also the distinctive vinyl graphic. Kimmel talked his Hollywood associate into doing the interior.

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Up In smoke Impala Via: Hagerty
Kimmel had actually to architecture the vehicle’s eight-inch chain-link steering wheel replica. However why did Cheech and also Chong have an eight-inch steering wheel in the car? They’ll probably tell girlfriend it’s because they would drive v handcuffs on. If you take a closer look in ~ the comedy film, you’ll an alert that the an essential chain is a solitary handcuff. Therefore, Kimmel had actually to design it similar to that.

However, one of Kimmel"s biggest situations was to figure out what the rectangular-shaped aspect on the dash was.

also though he believed it was a tiny television screen, he to be confident the was difficult in the 1970s. Even after he re-watched the movie and examined photos, he still wasn’t sure.

It took Kimmel around six months to recreate his impala replica with the aid of his irreversible friend Jeff Hamrick, who Kimmel termed a meticulous man as he likewise was. The automobile has a 327-cubic-inch V-8 under the hood and also a Powerglide transmission, not a four-speed transmission, together we’re made to think in the film.

Up In acting Impala Via: KPCC
according to Kimmel, the initial Chevrolet Impala wasn"t a four-speed, although human being were do to think so since Chong made the moving sounds in a single scene.

Kimmel put much of his effort and also time into recreating the impala replica since it made that reminisce top top the meaningful things that affected his life. According to Kimmel, the Love machine is quickly detectible and draws a the majority of attention everywhere he goes. Although the documentary was never ever completed, Kimmel ended up v unforgettable memories native his creation.

After several months, great pictures and Rhino documents requested to use the automobile to encourage the 40th anniversary of up in smoke boxed DVD/CD/Vinyl set in April 2018. The idea was for Cheech and Chong to journey the automobile to Sunset Boulevard, Park in prior of Adler"s Roxy, and also then action out the the car and also hold a push conference v the media assembled out front.


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