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Twitter/InstagramSavannah Sprague is the cheerleader recorded on video beating down a "bully" who tested her come a fight. The viral video was posted to Twitter by she sister, Sierra Sprague.

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A video clip captured the minute a high institution cheerleader beat under a “bully” who tested her come a fight and then sucker-punched her, sparking a wild brawl that lasted numerous seconds. The video of the cheerleader, established as Savannah Sprague, and also an unidentified girl fighting to be posted come Twitter through Sprague’s sister, Sierra Sprague, on September 8.

“So my tiny sister gained in a fight tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever before been more proud,” Sierra Sprague tweeted. “With she phone in her hand & everything lmao it is MY MF SISTER lets GOOOOOOO.” The incident developed in Concord, California.

You have the right to watch the viral video, which has been viewed an ext than 8 million time on Twitter, below or by click here:

so my tiny sister obtained in a fight tonight and also i don’t think i’ve ever before been an ext proud ?? through her phone in she hand & everything lmao thats MY MF SISTER allows GOOOOOOO

— sierra sprague (

In the video, the girl can be heard questioning Savannah, who was wearing she cheerleading uniform and sitting with other members of her team, “do you want to fight?” Savannah responds, “nobody desires to fight. Nobody speak on you guys. Nobody talks around you guys.” The other girl then viewpoints Savannah and also Savannah can be heard saying, “get her finger the end of my face,” together she points in ~ her.

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The various other girl climate asks Savannah what she is going to do, and also Savannah responds, “I’m no going come fight, because I don’t desire to hit you.” after the other girl pushes her, Savannah speak her, “don’t f*cking touch me.” The other girl climate swings and hits Savannah, causing the cheerleader come lunge back at her and hit her several times. The video clip then mirrors the two girls hitting every other and also wrestling because that several seconds while other students cheer lock on. The video ends through students reaction to the fight, including one that looks into the camera and says, “I love city hall rumbles.”

A much longer version that the video shows more of the fight, through some explain the “unedited” video clip shows the the other girl also landed some shots:

The other teen has actually not been identified. She post the “unedited” video on Twitter on her account,
babyjaxoo, and retweeted several civilization supporting her. “Looking at this video it was a tie now. If it wasn’t ole girl sister wouldn’t have went the end her means not to post the whole thing,” one person tweeted. One more wrote, “That cheerleader did no beat her ass . If noþeles it was a same fight . I’m only commenting cuz I’m ailing of seeing the video clip and her bragging she whooped ass favor sis didn’t acquire wit her towards the end.” and also a third said, “Didn’t take it no together ?? space we the town hall the exact same fight nobody won they both had great moments wake up skinny girl was winning however she should’ve continue to be up cuz she obtained f*cked increase on the ground for this reason TIE hit again.”

But others claimed the video clip still verified the cheerleader winning.

“She like triple her size and also fighting someone that didn’t wanna hit so yes the big girl still took a L,” one human being wrote. An additional said, “the girl in the yellow still lost.” Sierra Sprague created to the various other girl, ” wouldn’t it is in bragging with that “?” you got rocked by who who’s 150 pounds less than you with ONE HAND after girlfriend sucker punched them ? no hair pulling choose you did, right hands. Expropriate the L.”

Sierra Sprague, a 19-year-old YouTuber, added on Twitter, “let somebody else put a hand ~ above her and also you gonna acquire rocked by me too.”

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sierrasprague) on Sep 1, 2018 at 5:07pm PDT

Sprague and also her sisters couldn’t be got to for comment through The various other girl in the video clip also didn’t respond to a request for comment. Sprague is a student at Clayton sink Charter High School, and also is a cheerleader because that the Ugly Eagles, according to the new York Post. College district officials and the cheerleading team’s coach haven’t commented about the fight. Sierra Sprague tweeted about her sister, “she’s quiet on the team and in no trouble.”

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