I was chatting with among my cousins the other day. Ns love her to death, she’s the cousin that ns get together with and throw “fun shade” with.

So anyway, together we’re catching up and also of course, laughing, yet then she suggests that ns make a lobster macaroni and cheese because that our Thanksgiving family members get with each other this year.

Now girlfriend know… macaroni and also cheese – this is an important part that a Thanksgiving meal. To nail the perfect macaroni and cheese, you’ve gained to come correct. A an excellent macaroni and cheese ~ above the range or oven, needs to have actually two vital elements. Those would be a smooth, gooey texture and lots the flavor. Nobody favor a bland, dry mac and also cheese.

Before i go scouring with Pinterest for macaroni and also cheese recipes, ns take pause. Wait! I require the best kinds of cheeses to “body” mine dish. Which leads me come my following question, specifically what space the best cheeses for a very delicious macaroni and also cheese dish?

Tips for selecting Cheese

The best types of cheese to choose for her macaroni and also cheese must have a robust, delicious flavor. Her cheese additionally has to melt smoothly come coat the pasta well.

Here space some advice in picking cheese:Select a wide selection of melting cheeses.Use a lot of cheese for a creamier mac and also cheese. Balance solid flavors v light ones – i.e Gouda & Cheddar.Select a mix of smell cheeses and also melting cheeses.

Best Cheese because that Mac and Cheese

White spicy Cheddar

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White sharp cheddar cheese provides for a great base cheese. Not just is this cheese complete of flavor, but its sluggish melting suggest makes because that a smooth sauce. WARNING: usage absolutely NO pre-shredded cheese! The included preservatives in pre-shredded cheese keeps the from melting properly. Buy a block that cheese and shred the yourself. examine out Cuisinearts Boxed Grater.

Smoked Gouda


If you want to provide your macaroni and also cheese a much more upscale taste, walk for the acting Gouda. V its subtle, smoky taste, Gouda has actually meltability and gives your mac and cheese a savory, high finish taste without the odor being over the top.



Brie is a soft cheese do from cow’s milk that melts to kind an very creamy sauce. This is an additional cheese that produces an elevated, an intricate tasting mac and also cheese. If making use of Brie, mental to remove the rind.



Fontina is semi soft cheese that lends one earthy, buttery flavor the mixes fine with other cheeses.

Cream Cheese


Cream cheese is terrific addition come a macaroni and cheese dish. While not made to be a stand alone cheese, including cream cheese to various other cheeses, renders for a rich and also decadent cheese sauce. Due to cream cheese mandated 33% fat ratio, a cheese sauce made with it will seriously coat her pasta. If possible, acquire fresh cream cheese from your neighborhood farmer’s market or specialty cheese store.



Gruyere is a great melting cheese and also has a nutty flavor that rounds out the cheddar smell in her macaroni and cheese. Spicy white cheddar mixes specifically well through Gruyere.


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Havarti is a semi-soft cheese v a smell that ranges from mild to strong. This cheese is usually found with herbs and spices blended in. This cheese has a exceptional meltability that makes it a an excellent addition come homemade macaroni and also cheese.

Macaroni and also Cheese Blends

Understanding what cheese to choose for a creamy mac and cheese can be overwhelming. Yet and however, I’m going to give you a cheat sheet.

Read on because that cheese blends that work-related well with each other to provide you a smooth and also delicious macaroni and cheese:

Gruyère, Fontina, White Cheddar, smoked GoudaSharp Cheddar, Goat Cheese, HavartiSharp Cheddar, GruyèreWhite Cheddar, Cream Cheese Cheddar, Gruyère, GoudaSharp White Cheddar Cheese, Gruyere cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese Pepper Jack, White Cheddar, HavartiSharp Yellow Cheddar, Havarti and also American Brie, Cheddar, Havarti

What cheeses room you utilizing in your macaroni and also cheese recipes? you re welcome drop a keep in mind below, I’d love to check out what friend all room working on!