Chicken Parmesan pizza layout is a giant golden fried chicken patty topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Drizzled v spicy warm honey this variation of chicken parm will have you wishing friend made more.

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Chicken Parmesan Pizza style has to be on my mind lately. Reportedly Cheesecake Factory’s chicken Parmesan pizza layout is fairly popular. I additionally read around a variation from top quality Italian, a brand-new York restaurant that simply opened here.

One thing’s for sure… I’ve had actually this chicken parm’ pizza format recipe on my brain. Ordinarily, I’m no a vast chicken parm fan yet ever since reading around this recipe, I’ve end up being obsessed.


But what specifically is Chicken Parmesan Pizza Style?

Chicken Parmesan Pizza layout is made from ground chicken, not chicken breast. Surprise! Basically, girlfriend take her ground chicken combined with some seasonings, shape into patties and virtually freeze them. Weird, huh? however trust me. This chicken Parmesan pizza layout recipe entirely rocks.After they room frozen girlfriend dip them simply as you would chicken breasts, right into eggs and bread crumbs and also flour. Climate it’s right into the pan whereby they room fried on both sides.Ready for the oven! optimal with some tomato sauce that your choice and then add cheese. Allow these gold crisp patties bake until the cheese is melted.I choose to broil them because that the last couple of minutes therefore the chicken Parmesan it s okay nice and also golden.Last action that have to not be ignored. Make part spicy hot honey come drizzle over the top. You will be amazed once you taste the honey through the chicken. This is my favorite part.Serve end pasta or end arugula. Both room winners.

SO? This golden, crispy patty of pleasure is no pizza. It’s prefer WAY better than pizza. Completely hits the lull spot-this sizzling chicken patty may or may not resemble Cheesecake Factory’s chicken Parmesan recipe covered with melted gooey cheese.

Whether the does or doesn’t, this recipe was one hell of a crowd pleaser. Ns guarantee this will certainly be my following dinner party entree and also I’m certain it will have actually folks begging because that more.


5 measures to making Chicken Parmesan Pizza Style

Just a few easy steps and also this gigantic ground chicken patty deserve to be yours:

Just season up the chicken, ar in a pie pan and also freeze. No chicken breasts in this recipe.After this infant is frozen it’s time to pat it v a bit of jug flour, brush it through some egg wash and then dip right into some panko crumbs. Make sure it’s well coated because the late is awesome.Fry every patty and collection aside until prepared to bake.Spread through a bit of sauce, height with cheese and also bake for around 10 minutes-assuming it’s at room temperature.Then it’s time come hit the broiler and also brown the cheese golden.

How to Make hot Honey for Chicken Parmesan Pizza

While this is walk on in your stove that hopefully works, it’s time come make some spicy hot honey. Believe it. In mine humble opinion this sweet elixir put this dish past paradise.

Sounds weird however I check out that top quality Italian serves your parm with a Calabrian honey. Not having actually travelled to Calabria newly I determined to make my own version which was as simple as including Thai chili paste (whose only ingredients were chili, garlic, onions and also oil) to a little bit of honey.

I do think even Sriracha would work, or simply some chili flakes. Five man. One taste knocked me off my rocker.

Try that on salmon, too! Or broiled chicken. Warm honey is for this reason hot!

this …

Chicken parmesan pizza style is my brand-new favorite recipe. Don’t miss this one folks. It’s a keeper.

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Keep the party going and serve this on a bed that pasta or not. I love the on a bed the arugula and for Manservant’s services I provided him both-pasta and also arugula. I have the right to tell friend which he left ~ above the plate.

And the honey? Drizzle it end the top. Yeah, I know there’s a lot walk on in this dish. But everyone will love you for this!

And i AM no JOKING!!!


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Chicken Parmesan Pizza style ( A brand-new Favorite)

Author: Abbe Odenwalder prep Time: 25 Minutes cook Time: 20 minutes complete Time: 45 minute Yield: 4 Servings 1x Category: main Course Method: Pan fry Cuisine: Italian
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