‘Kitchen Nightmares’ is a reality television series that aired indigenous 2007 to 2014. In the show, Gordon Ramsay spends a week through a restaurant walking downhill and also attempts to save the business. That is based upon the British series of the same name. Joseph Cerniglia to be a participant in the very first season the the series. However, his untimely death came as a shock to the fans. You should be curious come know an ext about Cerniglia and how that died. So below is everything we know!

Who to be Joseph Cerniglia native Kitchen Nightmares?

Joseph Cerniglia to be the owner of one Italian restaurant dubbed Campania in fair Lawn, new Jersey. Cerniglia showed up on the display not long after the bought the business. Yet much to his disappointment, that was currently going under, and also he had lost $120,000 in eighteen months. At the time of filming, the restaurant to be in hefty debt, and also $80,000 had to be paid to the purveyors. That is when the restaurant owner and also father of 3 turned come Ramsay because that help. ~ getting help from the celebrity chef, things at Campania became more streamlined, and the company started to pick up.

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After Cerniglia’s appearance on the show, he won the neighborhood competition referred to as Ultimate chef Bergen County. He ranked amongst the top five chefs in brand-new Jersey, as per the within Jersey magazine. Human being who met him organized him in high regard because that his warmth and also down-to-earth attitude. He to be passionate around food and was one active part of the sluggish Food Movement. He encouraged local businesses and also loved using farm-fresh produce for cooking. The is survived by his wife Melissa, and their three sons, Evan, Michael, and Nicholas.

How walk Joseph Cerniglia Die?

On the afternoon of September 24, 2010, authorities received a 911 call about a human being who jumped turn off the George Washington Bridge. Quickly after that, Joseph Cerniglia’s body was found in the Hudson River; he was 39 years old at the time. The reality television personality’s death was later on ruled as suicide as every the reports indigenous the new York clinical Examiner’s Office. Return the reason of fatality was drowning, there were blunt impact injuries uncovered on his body. These to be supposedly congruent v his autumn from the bridge.

Although Cerniglia’s business turned approximately for good after intervention from Gordon Ramsay, his family members acknowledged the condolences in a article from his facebook account. They additionally requested people for donations rather of flowers; the request was made for the advantage of Cerniglia’s wife and also kids.

A couple of months before Cerniglia’s death, reports emerged stating the he was arrested because that allegedly being under the affect of narcotics. Top top July 15, 2010, a human made a 911 contact claiming the the restaurant owner had actually snorted cocaine. Follow to sources, he needed prompt medical assistance because he was shaking and sweating profusely. It to be reported the Cerniglia was taken to Hackensack University clinical Center and also subsequently arrested.

Furthermore, the seemed like Cerniglia’s an individual life was far from smooth. His household members reported the he had been separated indigenous Melissa for rather some time, but no legal documents were filed. The self-taught chef was supposedly in a relationship with a pastry chef dubbed Jessica Marotta. However, that is uncertain if he and Marotta began their relationship prior to or ~ his separation from Melissa. Cerniglia’s death shook up Marotta, who even shared a heartfelt article on Facebook.

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Cerniglia’s fatality by suicide also led to a many fingers gift pointed at Gordon Ramsay and also the reality series. However, the restaurant owner’s family members clarified the his death had nothing to v the celebrity chef. Cerniglia’s sister evidenced that Cerniglia favored Ramsay, and also featuring on the present helped his business. She also claimed that Ramsay’s actions was exaggerated on the show and also that he was undoubtedly a wonderful person. Cerniglia’s brother-in-law Kevin wynn said, “In no method did Gordon have anything to carry out with Joe’s death. As soon as we to be filming, I uncovered him to it is in nothing yet a gentleman, and I have the utmost respect for him.” that added, “Joe’s family (is) utterly ravaged by this, yet they do not organize Gordon responsible in ~ all.’

In a declare responding to Cerniglia’s death, Gordon Ramsay said, “I to be fortunate to spend time through Joe throughout the very first season that ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ Joe to be a brilliant chef, and also our thoughts go the end to his family, friends, and staff.” return the precise reason for Cerniglia’s suicide is still no known, the professionals have talked about the link between sharing one’s life on fact television and its affect on mental health.