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"The Clinton structure is a charity wherein President and also Secretary Clinton and also their daughter, they take no salary, they obtain no money indigenous it, they take it no an individual benefit indigenous it."


Some Republicans have presented the embattled Clinton foundation as offer one purpose: "lining the pockets that Bill and Hillary Clinton," as GOP Chair Reince Priebus placed it.

Responding to together criticisms, autonomous pundit boy name Rosen said the Clintons "take no personal benefit" indigenous the foundation. She also pointed the end the legit charitable job-related the structure carries out, such together its programs addressing AIDS in Africa and also storm restore in Haiti.

"The Clinton structure is a charity wherein President and also Secretary Clinton and their daughter, they take it no salary, they gain no money from it, they take no personal benefit from it," Rosen said on NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show Aug. 24.

That’s a pretty broad gulf between the assertion that the structure is simply a front because that the Clintons to do oodles of money and claims that they don’t obtain any personal benefit. The made united state wonder: What specifically do the Clintons acquire out of the foundation?

Bill Clinton is at this time a member the the foundation’s board of directors, while Chelsea Clinton is angry chair. Hillary Clinton to be a plank member between leaving the State room in 2013 through the start of her presidential campaign in 2015. In the most recent year because that which tax develops are available, 2014, the structure reported that Chelsea Clinton worked 35 hours per week for the structure and various other related organizations, bill Clinton worked 25 hours per work, and also Hillary Clinton functioned 20 hrs per week.

The Clintons don’t take a value from this work, and they don’t receive any kind of other straight monetary benefit. Various other Clinton foundation leaders take house six-figure salaries, follow to tax documents.


The Clinton foundation is a windy charity that, as we have actually reported, allocates around 80-90 percent the its expenditures to charity programs, while the remainder goes come fundraising and overhead.

(A rapid aside: There’s some confusion over how much the Clinton structure spends on charity programming primarily because the word "foundation" is in the name. Typically, a exclusive foundation’s primary task is grantmaking, giving money to charities that actually do the work. However the Clinton foundation operates together a publicly charity in the they run numerous of their programs themselves. The Clintons likewise have a timeless private foundation, the Clinton household Foundation.)

So the Clintons don’t get compensation native the foundation. However, you deserve to make a case that they have received some indirect an individual benefits.

This is not to speak that any of these benefits space unethical or improper. Experts on nonprofit principles told united state these space pretty standard, and they haven’t viewed anything reported around the Clinton foundation that proves corruption.

Still, it’s worth reviewing the restricted types of benefits that the Clintons carry out get.

Public relations

The most obvious, outward-facing benefit for the Clintons is notoriety and media attention. The organization obtained off the ground in 2001, the year invoice Clinton left the White House. Throughout the periods once he or Hillary were not in or to run for office, the foundation kept the family in the public eye — and much more often for great reasons, fairly than scandalous ones (at least up till the past year or so, as soon as Clinton released her 2016 campaign and the structure faced much more intense scrutiny).

Throughout that existence, the Clinton foundation has obtained attention because that its occupational to make AIDS medication much more accessible in Africa, efforts to combat climate change, establishing a company mentoring program, writing college food guidelines, and also more. Every fall, bill Clinton and his family receive a spate of push as the stars that the annual Clinton an international Initiative, a networking conference for wealthy philanthropic donors. Chelsea Clinton has taken on her function as a public challenge of the organization.

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"It does proceed to draw attention come the work they carry out as family and also individuals throughout the world," stated Ann Skeet, director of leadership ethics at Santa Clara University’s Markkula facility for used Ethics. "At a minimum, it is an excellent public relations."

When the interior Revenue business evaluates charities applying for tax-exempt status, i beg your pardon the structure has, it wants to ensure that the organization is set up to provide a public benefit rather 보다 serve personal financial desires, Skeet said. Yes sir nothing improper about the Clintons taking benefit of your public picture in this role, as long as the goes toward that windy benefit.