Dancing through The Stars: Chelsea Kane's dating History, Job, best Dance & various other Facts The fans have been wondering what Dancing with The Stars season 12 contestant Chelsea Kane has actually been up to because her time top top the show.

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The fans have been wonder what Dancing with The Stars season 12 contestant Chelsea Kane has actually been up to due to the fact that her time top top the to dance competition. Originally known as Chelsea Staub, she readjusted her name about the time the she appeared on DWTS. During the season, Chelsea to be partnered with skilled dancer mark Ballas. Together an actress, she"s found continuous work over the years but still manages come live a rather quiet life.

Overall, DWTS 12 star Chelsea Kane is an actress known for her various roles in movies and on TV mirrors - particularly projects that air on the Disney Channel. The note, Chelsea was on The Wizards the Waverly PlaceJonas, and Fish Hooks. She was likewise featured in the 2008 TV movie Minutemen. It was through that resume the Chelsea uncovered her way to ABC"s Dancing with The Stars in 2011.

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After her stint on DWTS season 12 on ABC, Chelsea Kane eventually graduated from the Disney Channel to relocating to Freeform. The is of note that all three networks space owned by the Walt Disney Company. On Freeform, Chelsea got among the main roles on the sitcom Baby Daddy. She starred alongside Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Tahj Mowry, and Derek Theler. In the role of Riley Perrin, Chelsea showed up on the display during its whole run, i m sorry lasted indigenous 2012 to 2017. In 2020, the actress appeared on the Netflix series The expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. Unfortunately, the display was canceled after just one season. However, Netflix will certainly be releasing a Christmas distinct this year for the show.

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Chelsea Kane"s dating life has likewise been a object of conversation in the past. Ago when she starred as Stella Malone ~ above Jonas, it to be rumored she and Joe Jonas to be a couple. But the rumors didn"t revolve out come be true, together the two were just close friends. With that said, before Chelsea landed this role, she had actually been dating Minutemen co-star Steven McQueen. The couple dated on and off because that a couple of years. Later in life, Chelsea dated Baby Daddy co-star Derek Theler for around a year. Also though they"re no much longer together, they tho seem to be friends. Another job that Chelsea was affiliated with was One Tree Hill, which is wherein she met Stephen Colletti. The 2 dated for around 2 years.

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It"s been rather a couple of years due to the fact that Chelsea showed up on Dancing with The Stars, however the fans still remember just how well she performed on the show. In any type of case, it"s an excellent to recognize that she"s been doing fine in life.