Chelsea Handler had actually a cheeky proposition because that 50 Cent (Picture:Getty)

Chelsea Handler has said she to be ‘serious’ around having sex through her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent elafilador.netmplying with their clash over the us election. 

It all kicked off after 50 Cent declared his support for president Donald trump in irradiate of Joe Biden’s propose plans elafilador.netme hike taxes because that those earning end $400,000 (£305,000). 

He has because backtracked after ~ Chelsea publicly criticised him and the elafilador.netmedian was so keen because that him to assistance the Democrats that she readily available to ‘seal the deal’ through the rapper. 

Recalling their clash, the talk show host called Naomi Campbell on her No Filter series: ‘I spoke to him on the phone and also he, due to the fact that I observed that tweet that he wrote about supporting Donald Trump and I knew… I understand 50 obviously, due to the fact that I slept through him for 2 months. 

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‘But I understand that he’s not that type of guy. Due to the fact that he just screws around on society media and he’s not always serious, for this reason I got to out to him.’ 

She elafilador.netntinued: ‘After it played out publicly for lengthy enough, i said, “Please reach out to me, like, please speak to me. I carry out want to talk to you about this. I simply want elafilador.netme make certain that, friend know, whatever, the you are kidding”. 

‘Like, how might you assistance this guy? look what he’s done to people, just how much harm he’s caused.’ 

50 Cent ultimately had a readjust of heart and insisted the was just joking approximately as he generally does on social media. 

Addressing her proposition, Chelsea elafilador.netntinued: ‘So we had actually a nice elafilador.netnversation the various other night for like 20 minutes, 25 minutes, and we talked around it, and also you understand he asked me if i was serious around promising that sex and also I said, “Sure, why now? you know, I’m ready to have sex with people”.’ 

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50 Cent had actually previously called his followers: ‘Yeah, i don’t want to it is in 20cent. 62% is a very, very,bad idea. I don’t choose it ! explain 62% elafilador.netme me.