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Click here to check out ALL troubles on Length-and-distanceQuestion 95191: Chelsea left the White House and also traveled in the direction of the funding at an average speed that 34 km/h. Jasmine left in ~ the same time and also traveled in opposing direction with an avg rate of 65 km/h. Find the number of hours Jasmine requirements to travel prior to they space 59.4 km apart. I acquired T = .91 hrs Is this correct? found 4 remedies by checkley71, edjones, ionesco, bucky:Answer by checkley71(8403) (Show Source): You have the right to put this equipment on your website! 34T+65T=59.499T=59.4T=59.4/99T=.6 hours THEY will certainly BE 59.4 km APART.PROOF34*.6+65*.6=59.420.4+39=59.459.4=59.4 answer by edjones(8007) (Show Source): You have the right to put this systems on your website! No.Since they are going in opposite direction you include the speeds.d=tv distance =time * velocityd=59.4 v=34+65=9959.4=99tdivide 99 right into both sides. T=59.4/99=.6 hrs.6 hrs=.6*60=36 minutesEdJones price by ionesco(12)
(Show Source): You can put this systems on her website! i hope this is the answer:d=59.4d=d1+d2 wherein d1=v1*t=34*t and d2=v2*t=65*tthen 59.4=34*t + 65*t then t=59.4/(34+65) answer by bucky(2189) (Show Source): You deserve to put this equipment on your website! Let"s view if your answer is correct. In 0.91 hrs how much does Chelsea walk if she is drivingat 34 km/hr. Use the formula D = r*T wherein r is 34 km/hr and T is 0.91. The street Chelsea travels is D = r*T = 34*0.91 = 30.94 km..Meanwhile Jasmine is going in the opposite direction in ~ a rate of 65 km/hr. So in 0.91 hrsshe go D = r*T = 65*0.91 = 59.15 km..So in 0.91 hours the distance between the two motorists is the amount of the distances that eachhas traveled. They are separated by 30.94 + 59.15 = 90.09 km. Something shows up to it is in wrongwith her solution due to the fact that they space separated by 90.09 km, and also they are only supposedto it is in separated by 59.4 km..Let"s occupational the problem. .Since we space trying to discover the time, let"s usage the street equation for each that thetwo drivers..In T hrs the street that Chelsea go is offered by D = 34 * T.And in the same T hrs the distance that Jasmine goes is given by D = 65*T.But if we add these two distances they are an alleged to complete 59.4 km.

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So if we add thetwo best sides of this equations for street the sum should equal 59.4 km..When we include the two ideal sides and collection the sum equal come 59.4 us get:.34*T + 65*T = 59.4.If we add the 2 terms top top the left side we get 34T + 65T = 99T and the equation then becomes:.99T = 59.4.Now we can solve for T by splitting both sides by 99 come get:.T = 59.4/99 = 0.6 hours.We have solution of T = 0.6 hours.Let"s inspect it..In 0.6 hours at 34 kilometres per hour Chelsea walk 34*0.6 = 20.4 km.And in 0.6 hours at 65 kilometres per hour Jasmine walk 65*0.6 = 39.0 km.If you include these two ranges together you obtain a total of 59.4 km, just like the problemsaid it have to be..Hope this help you to know the trouble a little better and that you space able to find your error.