The new Safe Confinement (NSC) is an enormous steel arch designed to cover the damaged atom reactor and prevent further radioactive material leaking into the environment whilst the reactor framework is do safe. The is the people largest mobile steel structure.

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Objectives of the NSC:

Make the damaged ChNPP Unit 4 environmentally for sure (i.e. Contain the radioactive materials at the website to prevent any further hazard to the public, site personnel and the environment).

Reduce corrosion and also weathering of the currently shelter and the Unit 4 reactor building.

Mitigate the consequences of a potential fallen of either the existing shelter or the Unit 4 reactor building, particularly in terms of containing the radioactive dust that would be developed by together a collapse.

Enable safe deconstruction of unstable frameworks (such together the roof that the present shelter) by providing remotely operated devices for your deconstruction.

The word “confinement” is provided rather 보다 “containment” to emphasise the difference in between the “containment” of radiation gases that is the primary purpose of most reactor containment buildings, and the “confinement” the solid radioactive waste that is the main purpose that the NSC.

New for sure Confinement, July 14 2016 (

International competition

In 1992, the Ukraine federal government held an global competition for proposals to replace the currently sarcophagus. The the 394 entries 19 entries were examined in detail, with only the British submission proposing a sliding arch approach. There to be no as whole winner with the French submission coming 2nd and the UK and German proposals joint 3rd.

Subsequently, a pan-European examine (the TACIS programme) re-examined the suggest of the top three finalists and also the study selected the sliding arch proposal as the ideal solution.

The contract for the design and construction job was awarded to the Novarka consortium led through the French construction companies Bouygues and also Vinci in 2007.

The consortium functioned with both local and also international contractors. For instance, the arch was made the structural elements designed and also built in Italy. The cranes were manufactured in the US. The arch cladding contractor to be from Turkey, and lifting and also sliding to work were brought out through a netherlands company.

Why a slide arch?

The benefits of a slide arch include:

Off-site building keeps radiation exposure for construction workers to a minimum.An arch fits snugly over the damaged reactor (minus the chimney).An arch is easier to slide 보다 a square box.

The NSC was created 300 metres west that unit four prior to being slid right into place. Weighing an ext than the Eiffel Tower the arch-shaped steel structure has actually an internal height of 92.5 metres, sufficient to home the Statue the Liberty, and an internal expectations of 245 metres.

The size of the arch were figured out by the should operate equipment inside come decommission the initial sarcophagus extending the reactor. The end of the framework will it is in sealed through vertical wall surfaces assembled around, however not supported by, the existing frameworks of the reactor building.

Its framework is a substantial lattice building of tubular stole members, sustained by 2 longitudinal concrete beams.

The NSC’s sophisticated ventilation system aims to for sure the longevity the the arch. The air between the inner and outer walls, over 1M.m3, has been dried and also subjected to mild pressure to minimise the threat of corrosion.

Its foundations contain end 20,000m3 that concrete, indistinguishable to over 3200 van load and the arch is extended in 86,000 m2 that exterior cladding, an area the dimension of 12 football pitches.

Another impressive function are the two huge cranes that will certainly be attached come the underside the the shelter roof.

Known as leg cranes, after the 96m lengthy moving bridges that straddle six parallel tracks mounted to the ceiling, these enormous machines will be remotely operated and also capable that lifting 50 tonnes.

The cranes will have actually three various carriages obtainable to them: a so-called standard carriage which attributes a hook on a cable that can be increased or lower by a solitary drum; a for sure carriage, which offers two drums, and also will be offered to relocate people approximately the sanctuary inside a shielded box; and a custom-made tensile truss system well-known as the mobile device platform.

The mobile device platform will be qualified of moving exactly in any type of direction in ~ the shelter and into locations off-limits come people. The will host a selection of robotic tools such together grippers, drills, crushers, and saws.

To date the Chernobyl sanctuary Fund, collection up in 1997 to aid Ukraine in make the site of the current shelter end Chernobyl’s ruined reactor 4 stable and environmentally safe, has received more than € 1.5 exchange rate from 45 donors.


Transforming Chernobyl – new Safe Confinement diagram courtesy that European bank for Reconstruction and also Development.


Inside the new Safe Confinement Arch, December 2016 (

Site safety

An integrated monitoring system is in ar which monitor radiation level but also seismic task and the structure of the old shelter.

During peak building periods end 1,200 workers, of 27 nationalities, were on site. Come ensure that workers are safe from excessive exposure come radiation strict dose borders are in operation. Workers bring two dosimeters, one showing real-time exposure and also the 2nd recording info for the worker’s dose log.

Dose prices in the main arch building area room 0.0075 mSv/hr. For comparison an median dental x-ray is 0.014 mSv.


Radiation levels – The benefits of constructing the new Safe Confinement before sliding right into place space clear (


The NSC was originally intended come be perfect in 2005, but the project has actually experienced numerous delays. In 2009 development was made through stabilisation of the currently sarcophagus, which was then considered stable sufficient for an additional 15 years. In February 2010 the completion day of the NSC was pushed back to 2013, then consequently summer 2015. The approximated completion day is now fall 2017.

1997 November – task beginsThe Chernobyl shelter fund isset up. The financing controlled by the European financial institution for repair and development (EBRD).

2004 in march – conceptual Design passes expert examinationThe theoretical Design is questioned at publicly hearings held in Slavutych, as well as within Ukrainian scientific circles, and also it overcome a an extensive state professional examination. Following the outcomes of this discussions the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine grant the principle as a basis for further style work by its stimulate №443-r date July 5, 2004.

2007 – Contract for design and construction awardedThe contract because that the design and construction job was awarded come the Novarka consortium led by the French construction companies Bouygues and Vinci.

2008 to 2011 – website preparedThe construction area, situated 300m far to minimise exposure to radiation, is cleaned and cleared. This requires removing soil with significant radioactive contamination. During the first stage, temporary framework were commissioned: 3 concrete plants, new high-voltage line because that concrete plants, construction laboratory, offices, repair shops, warehouses, medical units and canteens to be installed.

2010 April – building beginsWork start on excavating and laying the concrete beams offered to on slide the structure into position.

2012, February 13 – Arch assembly officially beginsArch assembly starts once the very first batches of basic metal structures are ceded to site.

2012, November 24 – The very first lift of the east side arch is lugged outThe east side Arch, weighing 5,300 tonnes, is successfully jacked up and is now 53 metres tall. A 2nd lift took place on June 13, 2013 with the structure now weighing 9,100 tonnes.

2013, October 11 – The weight of the arch moved to that is foundations.

2014, April 26 – The very first lift that the west next of the Arch is lugged out.

2015, July 24 – The west and east sides of the Arch are brought together.

The western and also eastern part of the arch room joined (Image: ChNPP)

2015, October 4 – The east and also west sides of the Arch are currently joined through all the bolts in place.

2015, December 7 – The load of the very first crane moved to the west bridge of the crane beams.

2015, December – Drone footage of the brand-new Safe Confinement released

November 2016 – The new Safe Confinement is moved into place.

The arch was relocated 327m utilizing a skidding device consisting of 224 hydraulic jacks that moved the arch 60cm through each stroke. The operation lasted around 40 hours, spread out over a period of 5 days.

2017 – work continues

Work to download air chop seals in between the arch and also the sarcophagus and also test the tools that will be offered for dismantlement will certainly take ar in 2017.

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Final phase

The last phase of construction of the NSC entails the deconstruction that the rough structures linked with the initial Object shelter or sarcophagus.