North Carolina officials have fired 3 employees and disciplined others in the death of a patient who was neglected for more than 22 hrs at a state-operated psychological hospital.

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The employee at Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro to be fired over the fatality of Steven H. Sabock, 50, the Roanoke Rapids, who had a bipolar disorder and died April 29 after ~ choking ~ above medication and also hitting his head.

Surveillance video clip shows employees playing cards and watching television and ignoring Sabock together he slumped in a chair.

State officials said 10 various other employees were disciplined. One received a five-day suspension, 4 others to be suspended for 3 days and also five obtained written warnings, the News & Observer the Raleigh reported Thursday.

Employees in ~ the hospital space being trained and were relocated out the the ward where the fatality occurred.

Widow Susan Sabock that Winchester, Va., claimed she could only clock a couple of minutes that the video clip that was released by the state department of Health and also Human Services.

"It"s very hard for me come watch, yet of what I"ve seen, it"s the most disgusting thing I can imagine," Susan Sabock said. "It"s favor we"re in a negative dream and also we just can"t obtain up. Just how is this hospital still open? I just don"t understand.

A report ready by the hospital education director said employees checked Sabock"s critical signs, but the video shows castle didn"t.

The state clinical examiner concluded the Sabock passed away of a pre-existing love condition. The autopsy report stated the patient"s brain had a mild buildup of liquid that have the right to indicate injury.

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Federal regulators withdrew Medicare and Medicaid capital worth around $800,000 a month after ~ the death.

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