One Direction star ‘confirms’ reports that alleged partnership with X variable judge by posting photo of lock together

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It’s the perfect coming-of-age story for the pop Idol generation. Liam Payne, the as soon as baby-faced member of One Direction, is reportedly in a “blooming” partnership with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, the singer who, five years ago, satellite on the X element judging panel that catapulted him and his boyband to global stardom.

The romance appears to be the recent instalment that One Direction’s “boys to men” saga, kickstarted by Zayn Malik’s exit from the team last year to do music videos featuring an ext tastefully naked flesh 보다 Simon Cowell ever allowed and very closely followed by the revelation that Louis Tomlinson’s lovechild.

Payne, 22, has actually allegedly been covertly dating Fernandez-Versini (formerly Cole/Tweedy), that is 32 and also soon to be twice-divorced, because December when they reunited on X Factor.

According come the Sun’s extensive coverage, this an enig liaison in between British pop royalty has taken its toll not only on jealousy One Direction pan but likewise the planet. A thorough map compiled through the newspaper traces the an excellent lengths the pair saw to save a “steamy romantic getaway” to a “love island” on Valentine’s day a mystery from the prying eye of the brothers press.

It shows up that your clandestine however pollution-heavy courses to the Maldives (Barbados-New York-Dubai-Maldives for Fernandez-Versini and London-Maldives-Hong Kong–LA for Payne) were all in vain, together a “close pal” was willing to pour out the beans on your cloak-and-dagger getaway to the tabloid press anyway.

“They had actually an exceptional trip and also it yes, really made them think they had actually something one-of-a-kind together,” one unnamed and therefore totally convincing source told the Sun. “Being may be to fully unwind far from the world eye is no something that a member that the best boyband in the world and one that the UK’s biggest layout icons gain to do often.”

Any suggestions that this relationship can just be a happen fling, as Fernandez-Versini distracts herself from that difficult divorce number two, have been put to rest by Payne’s brand-new hand tattoo.

The inked increased artwork on his hand appears to be a love homage to the horticultural illustrations that adorn Fernandez-Versini’s lower back and bottom, proving that Payne is undoubtedly “madly in love” through the singer, together “close pals” have revealed.

The true depth of their feelings because that each various other was also made clear on Saturday night as soon as the pair were reportedly spotted strolling down the petfood aisle that a Guildford Tesco in the late hours.

Having when dated singer Leona Lewis, eight years his senior, in 2012, Payne is no stranger to dating high-profile singers. Yet for Fernandez-Versini, whose critical husband was a smouldering French restaurateur who she is divorcing ~ 19 months, this partnership marks a notable readjust in taste.

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Liam Payne’s profile photo on Instagram. Photograph: Liam Payne"s Instagram/PANonetheless, supplying his showbiz oracle perspective on the romance, sunlight reporter Dan Wootton seems highly confident this is, in fact, true love. “As who who has actually known castle both for years, the actually renders sense,” he wrote.

“They space both genuine folk who never expected to discover international super-stardom and also have struggled to cope with many of the more daunting aspects the fame.”