The long and also winding road. Cheryl Burke has been vocal about her highs and lows while dealing with her sobriety, beginning in 2018 as soon as she battered drinking.

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The Dancing v the Stars agree revealed she was two years sober in September 2020, pointing to big life changes, including her engagement come Matthew Lawrence and also her father’s death as the catalyst for change.

The same year, Burke to be partnered through AJ McLean, whose very own journey come sobriety has lasted practically 20 years, ~ above Dancing through the Stars. The Backstreet guys musician opened up up around his partner’s technique to getting clean in an exclude, blog because that Us Weekly in October 2020.

“She is a very, an extremely interesting human being. She has been with a lot in her life and also has come out the various other side gleaming,” the wrote. “Her sobriety is exceptional to me, especially in this company that we’re both in, the difficult. It’s complicated to get sober, No. 1. It’s also more an overwhelming to stay sober and also hats turn off to her for staying sober for currently over 2 years. I see her remaining sober, hopefully, for the rest of she life. That a at some point at a time thing, or together she says, one step at a time.”

Eight month later, Burke acquired real about her battle with continuing to be sober during an episode of her and also McLean’s “Pretty Messed Up” podcast. She explained during the June 2021 episode that she felt choose drinking “a lot of lately.” The former Dancing with the Stars: Junior mentor told her cohost and their friend Rene Elizondo Jr.

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that she’s become “codependent” top top the men and their openness.

“I look front to this conversations of sobriety, that AJ talking around your ups and downs in life, if the been rough at times, and also you Rene, being that voice of God,” she said. “For some reason, i was thinking, ‘what if this was anywhere one day?’ and also I had actually so much anxiety.”

Burke noted that she “only genuine sober friend that space in program,” admitting the she “starts to question” her commitment to sobriety once she’s not roughly them. She ultimately asked Elizondo Jr. To be her sponsor, taking another step toward remaining accountable for she actions. The dancer also explained why she chose to talk around her fear of relapsing top top air, revealing, “I have to say it, otherwise I will drink.”

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