In this document photo, the Dropkick Murphys execute at Chevy Court throughout the 2019 brand-new York State Fair. Charlie Miller



The NYS fair announced areas for this year concert lineup, which will certainly take place on two various stages as part of the Chevrolet Music Festival. Chevrolet sponsors all concerts at the good New York State Fair.

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Chevy Court will certainly now organize the smaller concerts during the Fair, while bigger shows will take ar on the Chevy Park stage in the brand-new York suffer area. All concerts were previously collection to take location on the Chevy Park stage (formerly recognized as the new York experience stage) as soon as Covid-19 constraints were tighter, however now both venues are easily accessible with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement that the Fair have the right to operate at 100% capacity through all buildings and also facilities easily accessible for use.

According come the Fair, the brand-new York suffer concert area (on the west finish of the fairgrounds) has actually a greater capacity add to the choice for bigger modern shows to bring huge banks of lamp and video walls.

“We’re plan the biggest and best same in ours 180-year background and investing much more than ever before in the greatest complimentary music lineup at any kind of fair in America. Moving our greatest shows come the 15-acre Chevy Park stage means more human being than ever will be able to enjoy this concerts and have many of room to feel safe and comfortable and also to dance if the heart moves them,” fair Director trojan Waffner said.

Chevy Park concerts will certainly take place at 2 p.m. And 8 p.m. Daily. Chevy Court concerts will take ar at 2 p.m. And also 7 p.m. Daily. An ext than 30 concerts have been announced to date, v at the very least 50 national acts supposed this year, plus neighborhood and local artists.

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